Friday, February 24, 2012

Oregon Admits NCAA Investigation

((HT: KATU-TV Portland))

The Albert Lyles-Lache Seastrunk stuff is finally coming to the fore as an own admission of a "failure to monitor."

Now it will be interesting whether or not Oregon self-polices themselves in the USC/Ohio State manner and how much they sit and take when it comes to the NCAA investigation.

Here's the KATU story...

And here's the released information from Oregon to KATU

And, now, we're back to the 90-day appeals process, which puts the timetable at the late May/early June/time to almost start practicing point in the calendar.

Then the NCAA can come up with a decision within a few weeks after that and the school will learn its punishments in time for the first weeks of the regular season.

And Oregon joins the list...

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