Monday, June 4, 2012

And the Sports screw ups continue: KNBC with the wrong Gagne

Courtesy: theroyalhalf/twitter
The end of Local TV Sports as we know it is quickly reaching its Nadir.

The sheer amount of royal screw ups by News people trying to do Sports because TV News Departments have all but eliminated local sports is mind boggling.

We showed an example earlier today.

Here's another. It comes from KNBC in Los Angeles. And though its not video, it is a box shot for a story that is supposed to be about the return of LA Kings forward Simon Gagne for Game 3 of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Only some genius at KNBC called up a picture of ERIC Gagne, the former relief pitcher for the Dodgers.


We'll spare you the lengthy rant about why Local TV slowly is drifting towards irrelevance. But this should give you a good idea why.

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