Sunday, June 17, 2012

Another Conservative Group May Chase Coyotes Legal Solution

((HT: Phoenix Business Journal/Sunnucks, Sporting News))

Mike Sunnucks is writing that Steve Voeller, president of the Arizona Free Enterprise Club, doesn’t like Glendale’s Coyotes deal (surprise) with Greg Jamison and said his group is considering a referendum on a ballot-to-be-named-later and possibly even recalling the Glendale City Council.

The Enterprise initiative would, probably, be separate from anything the Goldwater Institute may do...

So, now you have more than one group interested in challenging the deal the city of Glendale made with Jamison and the HQ is fairly certain that any challenge that would come from outside Glendale would be challenged by Glendale itself.

See the challenge...???

From Sunnucks:

"The city is in compliance with the laws applicable to the Arena management agreement. This agreement will provide the maximum benefit from the arena to the citizens of Glendale over its term,” said city spokesman Jerry McCoy.

Lisa Halverstadt of the Arizona Republic talked with Bill Daly Friday:

"At this point, the lawsuit has not impacted the process," Daly said, adding that he reserves further judgment until after a Tuesday court hearing on the case.

Daly also said the NHL expects to release its 2012-13 schedule in "the relative near term" and that the schedule will likely assume the Coyotes play in Glendale.

"Both the business and the hockey operations departments have direction with regard to the parameters within which they are expected to operate," Daly said.

More when know more...

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