Friday, June 15, 2012

In Case You Missed It: Heat hold off Thunder as Series Gets Interesting

Well, so far, this years NBA Championship series is actually living up to the hype surrounding it. The build has been all about Kevin Durant vs. LeBron James and after 2 games you can say that neither has disappointed.

The Miami Heat held off the Oklahoma City Thunder late Thursday night, 100-96. The Thunder did erase a 15 point lead in the 2nd half, but couldn't come all the way back.

And no, we aren't getting into the "Did he" or "Didn't He" alleged foul by James on Durant late in the game when the Thunder had a chance to close. It wasn't called thusly---no debate. 

James erased some questions about his ability to finish late in Finals games, he scored 32, Dwyane Wade played more like Dwyane Wade, adding 24 and Chris Bosh was a big factor in the game, grabbing 15 rebounds.

The Thunder struggled early, missing a lot of shot and were often out of control. A lot of that had to do with Russell Westbrook, who was getting into the lane, but was rarely able to make shots while in there.

Already, the experts...or at least the clowns on the 4-letter-word (ESPN) have pretty much given the series to the Heat, and they do now have the home court advantage. But as we all know, advantages are only good until the next game and the next game is Sunday Miami.

We'll see who steps up bigger this time because like we said in the beginning, for the first time in many years, this actually is an NBA Finals that is worth watching.

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