Monday, June 11, 2012

Jerry Sandusky trial: Day 1 Lots of Information

Jerry Sandusky/File

The much anticipated child molestation trial of former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky got off to a quick and revelatory start Monday.

You'll recall Sandusky is facing more than 50 charges of Molesting young boys over nearly two decades, charges he denies.

The trial began just after 10am when Prosecutors delivered their opening statement painting Sandusky as a serial "Predatory Pedophile". All 10 alleged victims, now men, were detailed by the prosecution as men with a variety of issues stemming from the abuse they suffered at Sandusky's hands as children.

The Centre County Times or details the opening statement RIGHT HERE

Meanwhile, Sandusky's attorney Joe Amendola started off by attempting to portray the victims as being out for money and/or fame. Amendola admitted that the prosecution has an overwhelming amount of evidence but he believes the fact that many of the victims and witnesses have "Changed" some details in their accounts of what happened, makes him believe he can prove his clients innocence.

Folks, this is going to be really interesting to follow. Though not legal experts, we believe that Amendola is grasping the only thing he can to have a chance at winning.

He won't.

While by and large, like most, we have faith in the court system, we pray that the jury will not get caught up by the inability of some to remember exact dates, times and circumstances of something they'd rather forget...which happened many years ago.

How many of you can remember things in precise detail that happened 10-years ago? Particularly if it is something you don't want to?

Yeah, we know..."Innocent until proven guilty", but really, considering the sheer amount of people detailing the same act....done by the same guy, makes it very difficult to believe that this won't turn in the prosecutions favor.

But...the trial is taking place very close to home for almost everyone involved. And we've already seen that it appears Penn State and/or the people around it have gone to great lengths to either ignore or pretend like none of this ever happened.

And no, Happy Valley folks, we aren't trying to paint you with a broad brush, but the impression outsiders get is that "All revolves around mighty Penn State. If they say it, it must be true".

And that ultimately is the reason we are having this trial and this discussion in the first place.

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