Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Kurt Busch "Foot-in-Mouth" tour continues


At least this time it wasn't a crazed rant directed at Sports Reporters. And since it wasn't on Network TV, you can almost give the guy a pass.

The video here is an interview with NASCAR driver/big mouth/bully Kurt Busch. Busch is apparently at the "Prelude to a Dream" dirt track charity race. And during a break in the action, where he seemingly had another in his endless parade of "Bad Days", Busch agrees to an interview with reporter Dick Bergeron.

At least he didn't threaten to kick Bergeron's ass, rather he made a somewhat funny reference/analogy to a question about the track and his rough night on it.

Revel in the wittiness as Busch channels his inner child instead of his inner dickhead:

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