Monday, June 18, 2012

Vilma Leaves NFL Meeting Early

((HT: ESPN))

The four NFL players associated with the so-called "Bountygate" had their day with Commissioner Roger Goodell- and one left really early...

Jonathan Vilma only hung around for an hour before stating his case in front of a bunch of microphones...

The other three players, Anthony Hargrove, Scott Fujita, and Will Smith all arrived at the NFL offices with their lawyers as, apparently, Vilma came separately with his attorney. The NFLPA put out a statement on behalf of their players in this case:

"Shame on the National Football League and Commissioner Goodell for being more concerned about 'convicting' us publicly than being honorable and fair to men who have dedicated their professional lives to playing this game with honor."

Yes, the HQ is aware that the Jolly Roger is judge, jury, and executioner in all of this. Some evidence would be nice, but it's his sandbox...

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