Friday, July 13, 2012

Dwight Howard is a Douchebag: Trade Scenario #312

We really haven't weighed in on this and there is no "Concrete" story per say, but it is an opportunity to weigh in on the NBA's biggest (literally) con man.

Dwight Howard wants people to believe that he is a "Great" NBA Basketball player with a big heart who does tons of charitable things.

We will grant that he does a lot of charitable things.

Dwight Howard is quickly becoming the most hated player in the NBA, taking the throne from LeBron James.

And we say that after covering Howard in high school and interviewing him several times, we really thought he was a good dude who wasn't in it for the money and genuinely wanted to be liked.

We were wrong.

Sure, we get that players are entitled to make as much money as they can while they play, we get that. And that isn't an issue here.

The Orlando Magic have said many times they'd be willing to pay Howard, who when motivated can be one of the league's best players.

But he has rebuffed them at every turn and said "I won't play for you". Dwight wants to go to New York. Brooklyn to be specific. But the Nets have decided they can't trade for Howard and have moved on.

So now other suitors are trying to get the EGOMANIAC.

Now worshipping at his alter. The Houston Rockets.

The Rockets, according to Chad Ford of ESPN, are offering 4 players and 3 draft picks for Howard and a trio of expiring Magic contracts. And while we get Houston trying to land a marquee player, they would be renting Howard who says he won't sign a new deal anywhere but Brooklyn. The trade will never happen.

Why is Dwight Howard a Douchebag?

Because he has been stringing Orlando along. Because he has made it virtually impossible for them to trade him even though he says he doesn't want to play there. Because if they can't trade him, the Magic will get nothing when he walks away.

The NBA is now rife with Elite players who only want to play on teams with other Elite players. (See the Heat) And that is a BIG problem. They are enabling whiny, crybabies like Howard.

Is Howard within his rights to leave Orlando? Absolutely. We don't begrudge that. What qualifies him as a DOUCHEBAG is that he is making it virtually impossible for the Magic to trade him. What qualifies him as a DOUCHEBAG is the whining that he is the victim here.

Yeah, you got Stan Van Gundy fired. Nobody made a secret about that. Why did you feel the need to do that if you weren't going to come back and play there? Heck, Van Gundy likely would have been given the ax if you hadn't said a word. But you couldn't help yourself.

Dude, what happened to you? You were a shining example of the good things professional athletes do at one point not to long ago. And you've killed that good will. Your image now is that of the ultimate greedy bastard. And that of a whiny bitch who has been neglected and abused.

Why couldn't you do this honorably? Why can't you just say "I'm not going to return" see if you can work out a trade? You are certainly within your rights to do that. Don't say, "I want to come back to Orlando for my final season even if I'm not playing after my contract is done". If you do come back, you are going to get "Booed" out of your own building.

We just shake our collective heads here. It's unfortunate. For all of the good things that you've done in the past, Dwight, you've ruined your reputation in the span of 6-months.

Good luck in your future, you're going to need it.

Remeber this? Possibly the most awkward interview ever...

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