Friday, July 20, 2012

Kenny Britt in trouble with the law...again

Kenny Britt
((ht: 104.5 The Zone))

You may be asking yourself "Who is Kenny Britt?". Though if you are a fan of the Tennessee Titans or keep track of athletes under arrest, you are probably very familiar with him.

Britt who is on track to break all records for most times arrested by an NFL Football player, had his latest brush with greatness late Thursday night.

That's when Britt was arrested for DUI at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. (Just over KY border, about 45 minutes from Nashville)

In the car with Britt was cornerback Tommie Campbell and a female soldier at the base according to 104.5 The Zone radio in Nashville.

For what its worth, Britt has been rehabbing from knee surgery and when healthy...or not in legal trouble, has been the Titans best Wide Receiver. And while the Titans say they are "Evaluating" the situation, this may in fact be the last straw.

If you are curious about Britt's track record, we suggest you do a Google search, as for us, it's enough to say from New Jersey to Nashville, his arrest record is rather lengthy. (And yes, we know they aren't felonies--but 'Stupid is as Stupid Does' and it's time to send the guy a message)

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