Friday, August 3, 2012

Paterno Family Files Appeal With NCAA


In a letter obtained by Kevin Horne at Onward State, the Paterno family has officially not yet learned to leave well enough alone...

The family is filing their own appeal with the NCAA...

The HQ has no idea what they think they're going to attempt to accomplish over something that the university that employed their father has already signed off on. The appeal is on the grounds that Joe Paterno is an “involved individual” mentioned in the consent decree and the Freeh Report.

The family is asking for 30 days to write material to back up their assertion.

From the letter itself:

As will become evident in a thorough and impartial review, the NCAA acted hastily and without any regard for due process. Furthermore, the NCAA and Penn State’s Board Chair and President entirely ignored the fact that the Freeh Report, on which these extraordinary penalties are based, is deeply flawed because it is incomplete, rife with unsupported opinions and unquestionably one-sided. The NCAA and Penn State’s leadership, by accepting and adopting the conclusions of the Freeh report, have maligned all of the above without soliciting contrary opinions or challenging a single finding of the Freeh report. Given the extraordinary penalty handed out, prudence and justice require that scrupulous adherence to due process be observed and not completely ignored.

If you are so inclined, the entire letter from RIGHT HERE

Once again, the university signed off on the report- without challenge...

Or did the Paterno family forget that whole thing about a "four-year death penalty...?"

More when we know more...

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