Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wow! Athens Police to increase patrols of UGA Football players homes

Aaron Murray
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It's come to this?

It appears that Athens-Clarke County Police are going to start heavily patrolling neighborhoods lived in by University of Georgia football players.

The Athens-Banner Herald reports police will do this during away games when the players often return home very late.

And yes, this is due in large part to last weekends incident where starting QB Aaron Murray's house was egged and rolled after UGA got beat by South Carolina 35-7.

This was on top of Murray having (a) an awful game...and (b) finding out his father has cancer.

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Okay. We will say here that we know quite a few UGA grads and are friends with many of them. They would never do or condone damaging player homes after a loss.

But they are the civilized ones.

Unfortunately, it seems as though there's a percentage of fans...or alums...or students, who feel compelled to be idiots.

And they do things like egging players homes.

We don't want to blanket statement here, because of our UGA connections and friends, but this is just plain pathetic.

Yeah, sure, Georgia lost. And lost badly. And haven't achieved the 5 National Championships in the past 6-years that a percentage of the fan base seems to believe they should have.

And yet rather than acting like grownups and understanding that yeah, it sucks to lose and being disappointed about it but moving on with their daily lives, they are acting like a larger and larger majority who are complete idiots.

There is NEVER...and excuse for taking a loss out on a college kid when he doesn't perform to YOUR expectations. And yet that happened here.

There are WAY too many people who LIVE and DIE with their teams that need to let go. They need to move on. They (fans) don't play. They (Fans) lives will not cease to exist if there team doesn't win. Fans still have their wife, kid and/or dog to go home to who don't care who won. IT'S A GAME ASS CLOWNS! Chill.

It makes us angry to find stories like this and it should make you mad too. Because in this case, we know a large portion of the fanbase. And they don't do stuff like this. But all it takes is more than one person to think "This is funny" "This guy plays a crappy game, we'll show him".

Hope that person or person gets caught. And made an example of. Because that's who people are going to think you are Georgia fans, whether its actually true or not.

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