Thursday, November 8, 2012

Chizik hires security for curfew while Gogue preps to fire him


Maybe it's true that when your house of cards begins to crumble, it comes down hard.

That is the only explanation of a report Monday night that surfaced out of Auburn. It appears that "Coach Under Fire" Gene Chizik has hired a "Private Security" firm to make sure his team sticks to curfew.

When asked he apparently said "We always do what is in the best interest of our team". And hey, maybe it is. But it sure sounds borderline paranoid. Oh, he would explain how it's being paid for either.

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We'll also chime in here and say there is some buzz on the Interwebs that Auburn president Jay Gogue is beginning the process to look for a new coach. Nothing is concrete and attributable, but several respected reporting outlets are mentioning it on Twitter.

We believe that Chizik, right or wrong, is a goner after the season. But Gogue can't do anything until after Dec. 1st, lest he be on the hook for an extra $2.5 million.

So he won't.

But as we all know, the carousel runs very fast and if you don't start looking at it early, you may miss out on your target. That target may or may not be the man mentioned earlier today; Bobby Petrino, something we believe to be true, though disputed by Brother Jon who is better connected.

The Auburn job is a good one, but it also speaks to just how screwed up the priority system in college sports is, Chizik won a national title only two years ago and got a huge contract extension. Chizik's increasing sense of paranoia isn't helping things, it seems to be rubbing off on the team. But it also speaks to how desperate schools, particularly in the SEC are, that Auburn is willing to eat the money they are currently paying the guy.

Here's a bit of "Paranoia--self destroyer!"

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