Thursday, December 13, 2012

Josh Brent's Attorney Claims Witness Statements "Defamatory" In Brent Case


The attorney for Dallas Cowboys Josh Brent is saying the early statements made by an apparent witness after the wreck that took the life of linebacker Jerry Brown is claiming their nature is "defamatory."

George Milner is claiming Stacee McWilliams' statements have what he's calling "inconsistencies" already and that McWilliams admitted to drinking the night of the accident.

Here's the arrest affidavit from the night of the wreck...

When Milner was asked if McWilliams' statements would impact the defense, he admitted that he thinks it won't...

Brent's BAC was released as .18- more than two times the legal limit of .08

According to WFAA, one online blood alcohol content calculator has determined that someone Brent's size (6-2, 320) would have to drink about 20 shots over a four-hour period to reach that level.

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