Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kennesaw State Names FB Coach

And, believe it or not, he didn't have to move from his current house...

Georgia Tech B-Backs Coach Brian Bohannon stays in his subdivision and cuts his 31-minute ride to work to, probably, ten...

Here's the presser from the introduction from AD Vaughn Williams...
((HT: 11Alive.com/WXIA))

Bohannon claimed he hadn't interviewed for a job in 16 years- and when you follow Paul Johnson from Georgia Southern to Navy to Georgia Tech, you don't necessarily have to... Bohannon had coached in Carrollton and is from Griffin where he played for his dad. So he understands the Georgia athlete and what it takes to keep them.

Vince Dooley- yes, that one- was actually spotted wearing gold and black which probably turned some UGA fans stomachs. But since Dooley was part of the search committee to bring Owls football to Kennesaw, that's why he was dressed that way.

The team won't be around until 2015, but look for them to hook up with the Southern Conference to fill the Georgia Southern void so the conference can keep the Atlanta footprint.

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