Sunday, May 12, 2013

Boogaard Family Sues NHL For Wrongful Death

((HT: NY Times/Branch))

Derek Boogaard spent his career as an NHL enforcer and was very good at his gig... too good until injuries sidelined him while he was under contract to the New York Rangers.

He was found dead last May after an accidental overdose of painkillers and alcohol. Now, his family is suing the NHL saying that the league is responsible for all the trauma his body suffered during his career.

Boogaard was, posthumously, diagnosed with CTE and the family attorney maintains that Boogaard was given medication to treat his pain, got him addicted, and didn't treat him.

The family maintains that the league violated their own protocol and continually gave Boogaard painkillers, through injection and pill form, and then had to send him to rehab for an addiction.

Once again from Branch where the 55-page lawsuit:

"...states that the N.H.L. “breached its duty” to Boogaard by, among other things, failing to monitor his prescriptions or establish proper procedures for administering and tracking them. It alleges that the substance-abuse program knew that Boogaard violated its rules many times — including a series of failed drug tests in his final months and his admission that he sometimes bought painkillers illegally — yet never disciplined or suspended him, as program rules dictate."

The Boogaards were interviewed by the New York Times about Derek's job and its dangers...

The family filed the lawsuit to beat the statute of limitations in two states- Illinois and New York...

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