Wednesday, May 8, 2013

ICYMI: Vijay Singh Sues PGA Tour over "Public Humiliation"


When exactly was the last time Mr. Singh was relevant again?


So, Mr. Singh decided on Wednesday that he is suing the PGA Tour for what he claims is "Public Humiliation and ridicule for months" after being linked to "Deer Antler Spray" which was initially believed to be a performance enhancing substance.

Mind you, he wasn't suspended, was still able to compete if he so chose, though according to Singh, he was hurt by the accusation and The Tour requiring him to submit to stringent drug testing.

According to, Tour Commish Tim Finchem was essentially shaking his head upon being informed of the suit saying; "If I was him, I'm not so sure I'd talk about it".

Read the story RIGHT HERE

Okay, can someone please explain what The Tour did wrong here? Singh, for his part has not denied using the product, a trendy substance that has been linked to athletes in several sports.

At the time most drug testing agencies considered it a "Performance Enhancing Subustance" which in most sports is against the rules. Those agencies, upon further review have changed their stance on it.

Which we guess in Singh's mind, means he was wronged.

---shrugs shoulders---

We wish the eternally bitter Singh luck in his quest. And no, we don't think particularly highly of him. While he may be like and respected (at least before this) on tour, he's not particularly friendly to neither the press nor fans.

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