Thursday, May 2, 2013

Notre Dame Looks at Possible "Renovation" to Stadium


Is there something in the water these days? It seems like after several years of nobody doing anything on the stadium front, we suddenly are hearing about a rash of them.

The latest to throw their hat in the "New and Improved" routine: The Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

And while the Golden Domer's haven't said they are "Definitely" expanding/renovating, they've already got a pretty detailed plan as to what such work would look like.

Among the reported amenities: 3,000 more seats, more luxury boxes--the goal of every renovation/project and what the school calls making the structure a "Hub" with student and media centers built into it.

Read the school's press release RIGHT HERE

The school is emphasizing that this is a "Study" and no commitment to the project has been made. That hasn't soothed the savage reaction from those who love all things Notre Dame. Much of the Twitter reaction to the study has been negative, with most pointing towards not wanting to "Alter History".

For what it's worth:

While we don't accuse those responsible for Notre Dame Football as being a group of Rhodes Scholars, they are far from stupid. Yeah, sure, the stadium itself and the traditions around it are a part of history, but we got news for ya....the times they've done changed.

It's all now about maximizing revenue and we're pretty sure the only way the Irish can do that with their facility is by upgrading it.

And if that means putting a big ass video board in their then by Touchdown Jesus, they should. Though it should be noted, that hasn't been an option under discussion at this point.

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