Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Guy Who Called on Tiger Woods at The Masters

David Eger

Well, isn't this a bit of a surprise. Contrary to pubic assumptions, it wasn't just some guy watching TV on home who called in the potential rules violation by Tiger Woods during this years Masters golf tourney.

Rather the "Mysterious" phone call came from former Tournament Director (other tourneys) and current Senior Tour golfer David Eger.

Eger, according to a story on, called a rules official friend of his working at the Masters and brought it up after seeing Woods actions on the 15th hole during Friday's round.

According to Eger, the call took place before Woods finished his round and the chain of events that followed tried to occur before he did so there wouldn't be an "Incorrect" scorecard signed.

The chain of events that followed cost Woods 2 shots and may or may not have impacted his chance to win the tourney that was eventually won by Adam Scott.

Read the entire story from RIGHT HERE

You can interpret the goings on here as you will. The hardcore golfer will say Woods should have withdrawn with honor, others say the ruling at the course, with the penalty was fine and still others say there should never have been a penalty.

We aren't going to take a stand on that.

The question in play to us is one that many asked. How did someone call the course to point out the violation.

Well, that isn't exactly what happened.

It would be one thing if you, me or any other schlub watching at home could just randomly call and set forth this kind of chain of events. We can't. But David Eger can.

Eger knows enough people with the circle of professional golfers that he can get ahold of someone to point things out. He can reach out to friends or others (although not while they are on the course). The rest of us can't.

So rest easy conspiracy theorists, it wasn't some random guy that called out the violation, it was someone deep inside the inner circle of golf.

The drop in question:

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  1. Who cares if it were a "random guy" or a self important senior tour golfer. Bottom line, is that rulings in all sports should be made or not made at the venue.

    I, and MANY of my friends and citizens around the country are sick and tired of arrogant, self important @$%!@%R$ like eger who feel they must put their two cents into an event, when they have no business doing so. All the rationalizations that this arrogant, self important JA wants to make does not make this an acceptable practice!

    If the tour does not take a stand on stopping this garbage, they are going to start losing viewers. The players are a group of the highest integrity athletes on the planet. If something gets missed, so be it. The game needs to be played on the course...and NOT by a committee of self important, tattle tailing, citizens around the world!