Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Huge Brawl Between D-Backs & Dodgers

The Arizona Diamondbacks and Los Angeles Dodgers had a bench clearing brawl in the 7th inning
of Tuesday nights game at Dodger Stadium.

This had been brewing since the sixth inning when D-Backs pitcher Ian Kennedy beaned Dodger phenom Yasiel Puig with a 92 MPH fastball in the face. 

In the top of the seventh Dodger pitcher Zach Greinke retaliated beaning Diamondback catcher Miguel Montero.  The benches emptied but no punches were thrown.

“It’s just baseball from the standpoint that Puig gets hit in the face, Montero gets hit and it’s over,” Dodger manager Don Mattingly said. “It should have really been over at that point.”

It wasn't.

Next came the Dodgers turn to bat in the seventh and the first pitch Greinke faced in his at-bat hit him in the shoulder.

And then it was on.

Here's the blow-by-blow description; Puig threw an overhand punch that caught D-Backs reserve infielder Eric Hinske in the back of the head.  Also Dodger manager Don Mattingly threw down Diamondbacks coach Alan Trammel in a "back to the 80's" moment.

Dodger hitting coach Mark McGwire was also hot under the collar.  His confrontation with
Diamondbacks coach Matt Williams and manager Kirk Gibson was good for the way back machine too.

By the way the Dodgers defeated the D-Backs 5-3 on Tim Federowicz's three run double in the bottom of the eighth.

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