Monday, June 17, 2013

OSG High: Banks Rape Accuser Must Pay Back $2.6M To School District

((HT: CNN))

Wanetta Gibson accused Brian Banks of raping her as they were both in high school at Long Beach Poly in 2002. Banks was the high school football star who, seemingly, had his life in front of him at the time.

Banks was convicted, only to be released ten years later after years of appeals, and found out that the allegations Gibson made on rape and kidnapping after a consensual sexual act were false- she admitted to that on tape after she received her settlement.

Banks was released from jail in May of 2012 and is trying to catch on with the Atlanta Falcons as a linebacker.

Greg Mellen of the Long Beach Press-Telegram now says that the Long Beach school district can now try and reclaim the settlement Gibson got from them. She currently is somewhere she can't be found, but the district can get their money back from future wages.

Don Lemon discusses with Sunny Hostin
The settlement was somewhere between $750,000 and $1.5-million.

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