Monday, June 17, 2013

The New Orleans Side of 790TheZone's Bad Bit... (UPDATE: Dimino Apologizes)

First, here's the Saints statement, through team spokesman Greg Bensel:

“The New Orleans Saints support Steve Gleason not only for what he means to our organization and our city but more importantly what he means in his tremendous fight to find a cure for ALS...we have not heard the radio report, but if what is reported is accurate, it is grossly offensive."

Fox 8's Chad Sabadie started their team coverage
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The HQ agrees with Scott Shanle...

And now has a bit of a question... if Team Gleason knew of the bit, but wouldn't comment to WWL-TV, what was the situation surrounding the apology that Cellini apparently gave to Michel Gleason...

We digress...

Here's the ABC26 version...

The HQ now lies in wait for the rant from hell that New Orleans talk host Bobby Hebert has to say about this- and his former station...

Actually, we have some links for that...

Bobby and Deke Bellavia did two interviews on their show. One with Jane Gilbert, CEO of the ALS Association, and another with D. Orlando Ledbetter of the AJC...

2300 UPDATE: Here is the full Chris Dimino apology on his Facebook page...

So where to begin. The obvious and rightful place is with an apology. And the reality of knowing that falls matter what I heartbreaking.

The sheer stupidity of trying to put this as a failed attempt at humor is not lost on me.

The words "Should have known better" mean nothing to me. And shouldn't to you right now

I would like to though offer my apology. Knowing that it is everyone's right not to accept it. Or even consider accepting it for now.

My apologies go out first to Steve Gleason and his family. The weight of what he and they are going through did not need to be made heavier or worse by the pure and straight insensitivity of my actions.

I also want to offer up my apologies to all who are not only dealing with ALS..but to those who are dealing with ANYTHING that has made themself or family and friends subject to the physical and emotional heartache of any debilitating disease or condition.

As a father of two girls, I put myself in a position that I have begged...pleaded..DEMANDED..they not put themselves in. That of the bully. The mean kid. The one who thinks what they say or do comes with no consequence. It does. It always does.

I have no illusion as to what 19 years on the radio...30 years of being a grown man..and most importantly almost 10 years of being a father..and what you build up in your name and reputation over those periods of time..should and does mean.

Now I know how quickly a stupid and worse than that non thinking moment can change all of it.

I hope I get a chance to prove this is not who I want to be. It was and is who "I am" today though. That much is not lost on me.

I have spent so long not trying to put other people in a bad place because of me. Today I failed miserably.

I'm very open to any and all dialogue as it pertains to the people I have hurt and disappointed. I've had that dialogue with wife and will with my kids.

Thanks for at least this much of your time

Chris Dimino

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