Monday, June 10, 2013

Tim Tebow Resurfaces in New England: Followers Rejoice

Well, you knew someone would eventually take the plunge. And if it had to be anywhere, New England is probably the best place for all concerned.

According to multiple reports, Tim Tebow, the most popular back-up quarterback in NFL history will sign a deal with the New England Patriots and is expected in mini-camp Tuesday.

Tebow, who brings a lot of baggage and hyperbole (mostly by ESPN) with him, was let go by the New York Jets back in April. And he'll be reunited with the man who drafted him--New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

There's been some discussion back and forth about whether anyone would take a flyer on the former 1st round pick who barely, if at all played for the Jets in 2012 after his much publicized signing. Patriots coach Bill Belichick according to some reports, allegedly was telling people "No Way" he'd take on Tebow.

Well, that's all changed. And honestly, we're happy for the guy. Of all the places in the NFL he could have landed, this is probably the best. You know that while the 4-Letter word (ESPN) will be all over Patriots camp, if anyone can control the circus that is Tebow, it's Belichick.

And you know darn well nobody--well, maybe Skip Bayless, will be calling for Tebow to play instead of Tom Brady. And realistically, if the guy ever has a chance at being a pro quarterback, who better to learn from than Brady.

We wish both sides luck, the Patriots will need a lot of patience this summer and the Tebow-maniacs will get there wish, he's back in the NFL.

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