Sunday, July 14, 2013

ICYMI: Report--Johnny Manziel Kicked Out of Manning Passing Academy


So, Mr. Johnny Football is continuing his tour of winning friends and influencing people....

According to multiple reports, Johnny Manziel was asked to leave the Manning Passing Academy, run by the Manning family primarily to work with High School players., after showing up late on Saturday for his work and missing several meetings.

Folks at the academy told reporters the Texas A&M quarterback was "Sick". However a little digging apparently found Twitter pictures (since removed) of Manziel enjoying a night on the town Friday evening with friend and Alabama QB A.J McCarron. McCarron apparently found his way to the meetings and work Saturday.

Is this unto itself a major faux pas? Depends on your definition. It probably won't do much to help him with the Manning's (Archie, Peyton, Eli or Cooper). No, their blessing will nor does not make or break people.

But it does continue the growing impression by many not associated with A&M that Manziel has some growing up to do. He's had a series of off field questions pop up this spring and summer. Most having to do with him doing what a college kid with money can do if he wants.

There's only one way for Manziel to quiet his growing legion of critics, improve on his freshman season, which is not going to be so easy to do. How do you top winning a Heisman your first time out?

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