Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Braves Force Dan Uggla To DL for LASIK Surgery

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So, should we add forced LASIK surgery to the list of odd reasons baseball players go to the Disabled List?

We think so.

The Atlanta Braves announced Monday afternoon that poor hitting 2nd baseman Dan Uggla went on the 15-day disabled list in order to get the eye adjusting procedure done immediately.

Uggla said earlier in the season he was having trouble with his sight. He'd been trying contact lenses, but apparently those did not do the trick. We also should add that according to reports by Braves insiders, they've been trying to convince Uggla to get the procedure since before this season started.

He didn't.

Uggla's batting average, while never stellar has steadily declined in his time with the Braves. He's dropped to a .186 batting average, lowest among active players who qualify for such things.

Sure, he's hit 21 homers and walked 60+ times, but it is far outweighed by his inability to make contact with the baseball on a consistent basis. And while he's never been accused of not working hard or trying, he's been a terrible strain on the patience of Braves fans in light of his $60 million plus contract.

The Braves hope Uggla returns shortly after his two weeks are up, they've called up Tyler Pastornicky to replace him. With a 14-game lead and less than 50 games to go, they can afford such a luxury.

Even though I'm an unabashed Braves fan, I can't resist tagging this story with this video:

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