Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mark Cuban's Sales Pitch To Dwight Howard, It Ends With Global Domination


Mark Cuban is used to listening to sales pitches, you see it weekly on the ABC-TV show Shark Tank.

The tables turned last month with Cuban trying to sell his franchise, the Dallas Mavericks to the most prized free agent in the NBA, Dwight Howard.

Cuban revealed his sales pitch to Howard in a blog Cuban writes for Mavs fans.

Here's a snippet:

Let me address here the inevitable question of Dwight vs Mavs culture.  We saw it as somewhat of a risk, but felt like because Dwight by all appearances and checking we did,  is a good guy and with our support systems we believed we could make it work.  if not, he was obviously a very trade-able asset.  But, as everyone knows, we didn’t sign him. He went to the Rockets.  I do have to say the meeting with Dwight was very interesting. He is a smart guy. Much smarter than people give him credit for. He is also a very, very good listener.  Unlike most people, he spent far more time listening than talking.  And he had the best response to an opening question that I have ever heard from a player, or anyone for that matter.  When we asked him what his goal was, his response was very specific ” I want to be Epic” .  Which was a perfect lead in to the video we created for him

And here is said video:

Cuban went on the say that he has no regrets regarding his sales pitch to Howard.

Of course Dwight Howard's response to Cuban, "I'm out." 

But he did stay in Texas, only in Houston.

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