Saturday, August 3, 2013

Report: Bills Kolb Injured After Tripping On Way To Practice Field

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Really? This happened?

We'll start this by saying we hope that it was just a coincidence and the guy really didn't get injured, but if he did...well....--laughter-- this could be an all-timer.

Buffalo Bills QB Kevin Kolb, according to reports on Twitter, tripped and fell while walking out to the practice field before Saturday morning's practice. The same report says he took off his pads, was helped back to the locker room and attended to by the training staff for what appeared to be a knee injury.

This tweet from Sal Capaccio, a Sports Radio reporter in Buffalo, says it all.


The oft-injured Kolb is competing for a job in Buffalo after 3 injury filled, largely unproductive years as a QB in Arizona. He was signed to a large, free-agent deal there after some moderate success coming off the bench in Philly during the 2009 season. He started the 2010 season as their #1 guy before getting hurt and replaced by Michael Vick. The Cardinals traded for him the following season.

After 3 largely unproductive seasons, the Cardinals thanked Kolb and sent him packing. He signed a deal shortly thereafter to compete with top draft pick E.J Manuel of Florida State for the Buffalo job.

Really, we hope that Kolb didn't hurt himself, but man, this is just one of those things that as a Sports Blogger, you just can't make up.

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