Saturday, September 14, 2013

ICYMI: Photo of Manziel Signing for Broker Emerges we are, the day before Texas A&M plays Alabama at home, in College Station and what should suddenly appear on the inter webs?

A photo of Aggie QB Johnny Manziel signing autographs for a broker.

And not just any broker, but the guy who ESPN says paid him for said autographs. Said autographs that earned the defending Heisman Trophy winner a half-game off in the Aggies season opener.

But there's no proof of said payment.

Sure, the photo, showing Manziel and autograph broker Drew Tieman looks pretty bad. And the timing of it's appearance raises more than a few questions.

But there's still nothing to prove a transaction between the two took place.

Yes, did a story saying Tieman paid an authentication service $10,000 to certify the autographs, but that money didn't go to Manziel.

Read the story and see the photo RIGHT HERE

For their part, A and M is not commenting on anything having to do with this issue. And there are pitfalls that go along with not saying anything, nor allowing Manziel to speak for himself.

Though if you consider the hype, consider the circus and consider the storm that anything the kid does creates in the blogging world, why would you make him accessible?

Add in CBS, which is going to foist the "Johnny Cam" on us during the Aggies game with Alabama, and you can see why the kid is becoming over-exposed.

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