Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Aaron Hernandez Returns To Court

The long and winding road preceding the eventual trial of former New England Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez continued Wednesday afternoon with a pre-trial hearing.

For those who don't know: A pre-trial hearing is essentially where the judge  (in this case Judge Susan Garsh) reads the list of charges and potential sentences for said charges.

She then asks if the defendant understands said charges (all of them).

The process essentially is to make sure everyone is on the same page and ready to move forward towards an eventual trial date.

Here are the new things that came out of today's hearing:

1) Mr. Hernandez's attorney's asked for a recusal of Judge Garsh. This was apparently not unexpected. According to an article in Pro Football Talk, the parties have a bit of a rocky history. And the move does not come without risk

You can read about that RIGHT HERE

The motion to recuse (change judges), will be heard on October 21st.

2) A date was set for discovery. What that means is both the prosecution and defense have to share the evidence collected to that point. It's a procedural matter.

That hearing will take place in December.

In summary: This was a procedural hearing. Nothing earth shaking here other than the issue with the judge. It may be a move to buy time, it may be a move to set up a potential appeal. We won't know until we get to trial.

Don't expect said trial to happen until Spring of next year. At the earliest.

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