Thursday, October 10, 2013

Out For The Year: The Toronto Raptors Mascot


We aren't exactly sure if this is a harbinger for the Toronto Raptors season or not.

But...the Toronto Raptors are mourning the loss of their beloved Chicken/Raptor inflatable mascot for the upcoming basketball season.

You see, Mr. Chicken/Raptor appears to have blown out his achilles tendon after Wednesday nights Raptors/Timberwolves exhibition game.

Mr. Chicken/Raptor is widely known, particularly in Canadian circles for his signature move--the devouring of a random referee or cheerleader.

No word if the Raptors have promoted anyone from the minor league Mascot squad to replace him.

For those wondering how a mascot eating a person can be entertaining live (we were too)---here's some video:

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