Saturday, October 5, 2013

Proof Houston Texans Fans are Morons: Texans Fans vs Matt Schaub


Okay, this is going to set off a rant here. Houston Texans fans have been on a bizarre rampage since last weekend when their team's quarterback Matt Schaub had a rough finish to Sunday's game vs. Seattle, throwing an interception that was returned for a TD for the 2nd week in a row. The loss to the Seahawks after jumping out to a big lead (which we won't get into) cost the Texans the game.

In response to the past two games (both losses), fans have started burning Schaub's jersey and one restaurant created a "Pix Six" burger to mock him.

**Note**---At 2-2, and 1 game out of 1st place in the AFC South, the Texans are hardly out of the playoff chase.

Video of the idiotic jersey burning:

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And then there is the "Pro Matt Schaub Rally" which apparently took place Friday in Houston. A local TV station went and covered it.

We'll add, the rally was really bizarre.

Read about it from KPRC-TV, which weirdly did the story, but didn't post video of it, RIGHT HERE

And there's more.

Some dumb ass fan resorted to hacking the Texans director of broadcasting's Twitter account and posted that Schaub had been traded to Cleveland for WR Josh Morgan. (not true).

You can read about that from the Houston Chronicle RIGHT HERE

Okay, simmer down Texans fans. Really? You are trying to run a FOOTBALL player out of town? Before we explain how idiotically STUPID you are, understand this.

You have NO LEGACY of greatness. No HISTORY of success that would warrant you running ANYONE out of town. Never mind the best quarterback you have on your team.

And this is the part that PISSES us and any REASONABLE sports fan off.....

It's football! It doesn't affect your job. It does not change your life. You will still get paid on Friday. You will still go home to your wife and your 2.2 children and your suburban house and your life will continue even though your team lost last week.

It happens.

SPORTS are just fancy games that guys get paid a lot of money to play.

IF YOU do something wrong at work, do you get harrassed? Does someone burn the computer keyboard in your cubicle if you don't finish your project on time? Does your boss burn your KHAKI's or tie?


Just simmer the @%! down.

Are you allowed to be disappointed your team lost? Yes. Are you allowed to want for a replacement for Matt Schaub? Sure. But this is over the top. Way over the top. It's personal and that crosses the line.

What gives you...or anyone else the right to do everything but string the guy up and hang him at a tree? Which is about the only thing you haven't done yet....

I'll get off my horse now, but it's fans like those of you participating in burning jersey's, hacking Twitter accounts and generally skewering Schaub who give ALL SPORTS FANS a bad name.

Reasonable people who love sports, watch games and get excited when their teams win and sad when their teams lose. And then they go back to living their lives until the next game.

Think about that.....

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