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Olbermann Blows Up Pete Prisco Column

((HT: ESPN))

Pete Prisco either:

A) Doesn't quite get it or...
B) Is writing his last column because he's just looking to get clicks on a website...

Which is successful with this seemingly uninformed screed on the concussion settlement...

Titled: NFL can afford $765M settlement, but players didn't deserve it


Keith Olbermann decided to tear it to shreds, thankfully...

And it's days like this why we welcome back KO to this side of the desk...

The End of an Era: Tim Tebow Cut by The Patriots

We aren't sure if the world can survive this. Or at least the Sports Media world....

It appears the ESPN/Skip Bayless dream of seeing Tim Tebow on an NFL Playing field this season has come to an end.

Tebow, the 3rd of 3 QB's on the New England Patriots roster, was released Saturday morning as the team, like other NFL teams, pair the roster down to 53 to start the season this upcoming week.

The legend did get some playing time in the preseason including an extensive amount of action in the final game against the New York Giants. He went 6 for 11 with 91 yds, 2 TD's an interception and was sacked 4 times.

Not embarrassing numbers, but numbers put up against the Giants reserves.

As you all know by know, Tebow has been an incredibly polarizing figure in his brief NFL career. A Heisman Trophy winner and National Champion at the University of Florida, he's been unable for the most part to extend that success to the pros.

Yes, his fans will say he led the Denver Broncos to a strong finish and playoff win during his rookie year in 2011, and they would be right. But that success had more to do with a strong defense, great running game and Tebow able to occasionally complete a pass.

Whereas detractors point out his lack of accuracy, inability to read defenses and struggles with play-calling as his ultimate demise. Those detractors also point to the circus-like atmosphere his presence creates and that circus is difficult to deal with. That circus isn't entirely his own fault, he hasn't asked ESPN to revere him like they do, but it becomes the price of admission.

There have been suggestions he should try changing positions, but to this point, he's not been willing to do that.

Assuming he clears waivers, Tebow is eligible to sign with any NFL team willing to have him. The challenge with that is knowing that along with the player, comes a huge circus.

We wish him the best of luck....

OSG High: And We Have Our First Fight Of The Year ( SUNDAY UPDATE)

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For that, we go to Jasper, Alabama and Cullman's 13-10 victory over Walker...

A fight started on the field immediately following the game.

Cell phone video from Shannon Maze shows what looks like a lot of people involved...

The Cullman-Times newspaper reports the fight involved players and coaches from both teams.

Cullman defensive coordinator Matt Hopper could be seen emerging from the crowd with multiple bruises on his face. The Jasper Daily Mountain Eagle Facebook page shows a really
nasty photo of Hopper bruised and bloody (pictured, right, thanks Jeff Johnsey), with an officer grabbing him by the collar to keep him from getting back into the fray- whether on offense or defense, we don't know...

The brawl was broken up, but there isn't any word on arrests or any other discipline at present.

More when we know more...

TV 16 in Jasper, Alabama televised the game... the video of the fight is hyah...
And below...

From the looks of things, a Jasper coach took a swing at Hopper and it blew up from there...

SUNDAY UPDATE: The Mountain Eagle reports that Walker coach John Holladay has been placed on administrative leave pending the completion of the investigation.

From the article by Johnathan Bentley & Ron Harris:

“Coach Holladay is under administrative leave and has no involvement with the team,” Jasper City Schools AD Jimmie Alexander said. “You hate to see any situation that causes a blight on the program. There are a lot of factors that need to be looked at. We will continue to investigate and go from there. I can tell you we will have a thorough investigation.

“[Jasper Police Chief] Connie Rowe has been cooperative and is following up on her end.”

Police are investigating whether or not charges will be filed. Cullman officials have no thought of disciplining any of their coaches or players. The Alabama High School Football Athletic Association is reviewing the events with Cullman officials Tuesday

Taylor Graham Blows Up A Play

((HT: CBS Sports Network))

And Graham is a quarterback...

In the Hawai'i loss to USC, the Warriors fans see what it means to have a 6-5 guy who can lay out a defensive back if he needs to...

Evidence below...

The transfer from Ohio State isn't afraid to get his jersey dirty- and if he keeps hitting people like that, he needs to do it with his left shoulder...

ICYMI: U of Florida Has Six Suspended for Opener (UPDATE: Muschamp Slams Media)


If you are a Florida Gators fan, you are probably breathing a sigh of relief your season starts with a practice game vs. Toledo.

The reason: You'll be without six players for the season kickoff due to a rash of suspensions.

Previously suspended starting linebacker Antonio Morrison will be joined by star cornerback Loucheiz Purifoy and 5 backups.

According to a report in the Palm Beach Post, Purifoy and backup WR Latroy Pittman won't get to play due to failing drug tests.

You can read the entire Palm Beach Post story RIGHT HERE

Florida head coach Will Muschamp isn't saying much about what happened, but this doesn't really send a good signal after what was a "difficult" camp. From starting QB Jeff Driskell's appendectomy to 4 starters who won't play Saturday due to injuries, things haven't exactly gone according to plan.

The Gators kickoff the season Saturday at 12:20 p.m vs. Toledo. It will be very interesting to see how all the backups perform.

SUNDAY UPDATE: Coach Boom went after the media postgame for the inaccurate reporting of the Jay-nard Bostwick suspension- specifically calling out something called, the Palm Beach Post, and the Gainesville Sun

Here's Muschamp's answer for them...

So there...

OSG High: In Your Face Music Videos Start HS FB Season

((HT: MyFoxAtlanta))

Admittedly, this is a plug and an attaboy to some close friends of the HQ...

WAGA-TV, the Fox affiliate in Atlanta, makes a point to blow out their high school football coverage on Friday nights...

The hook being "In Your Face..."

This season, to appropriately debut their product, they enlisted Aaron Chewning...
High 5 Sports - Prep sports coverage from FOX 5 Atlanta

Absolute guts...

CFB Shocker: North Dakota State Upsets Kansas State On An 80 Yard Drive

I wonder if Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder will play a game on Friday night again.

It was a big night on the K-State campus.  It was the Wildcats season opener and newly renovated Bill Snyder Family Stadium was unveiled.

However North Dakota State didn't stick to script.

Bison quarterback Brock Jensen led North Dakota State on a game defining 80 yard drive capped off by his one yard touchdown run.

That sealed a stunning 24-21 win for North Dakota State over Kansas State ruining a big night in Manhattan, Kansas.

“We had to score a touchdown." Jensen said. "It was a scenario that we have practiced frequently - every week in practice. It was just one of those moments where we just had to gut it out. It was not easy by any stretch - we were tired and they were tired - but we found a way to just gut it out. That was the guttiest performance that I have seen in my entire life on any level. I am so proud of my team and I just thank God for letting me be a part of this.”

“I would like to congratulate all of our players."  North Dakota head coach Craig Bohl said. "It was a great effort on their part showing determination and resolve when we were down. Many, many teams have come in and Kansas State has jumped up and those teams have folded; our guys did not do that. I thought our assistant coaches made some really excellent adjustments there when we needed to - certainly the fourth down play was huge in the game for us to get that and it was a great win for our program."

Friday nights loss to North Dakota State was the first time a Bill Snyder coached team had lost a season
opener since 1989.

"They are an extremely fine football team." Snyder said.  "They play very hard, and they are a tough football team. They played harder than we did. They were tougher than we were. They were better coached than we were."

Something tells me practice won't be fun for K-State next week.  Louisiana-Lafayette comes to the Little Apple next Saturday.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Southern Utah Wins At The Gun In Mobile

((HT: XOS College Sports))

South Alabama is now a full-fledged member of the Sun Belt Conference... which means games matter in their first full season as a Division I school (or FBS, or whatever you call it...)

Southern Utah came to Mobile in their season opener and made sure the Jags remembered who they invited...

Last-second field goals for the win will do that for you...

Southern Utah went 54 yards in the final 4:43 to the South Alabama 11 where Colton Cook kicked a 28-yard field goal on the game's final play for the win...

"We lost a very important ballgame tonight. We're a better team, but we have to look at ourselves and evaluate what we're doing. We're going to have to win some close games to have a good year this year, and that was one we let slip by," USA Head coach Joey Jones said postgame.

Here's the highlights...

"Everyone is disappointed. Everyone is just tired of seeing this happen," DE Alex Page admitted. "We want t make a change. We thought we had it all together, but we made some mistakes. We backed off a little bit. It's just motivation to come together and really make a change, because I don't want my senior year to be like this the whole time."

The Jags were 2-11 last year and their next game is at Tulane next Saturday...

Utah Comes From Behind To Defeat Rival Utah State

In the third quarter Utah was down 23-14 to Utah State and it looked as if the Aggies would win their second in a row over the Utes.

That didn't happen.  Utah quarterback Travis Wilson led the Utes to four scoring drives in the second half in their 30-26 win over the Aggies.

“The team responded well tonight" Utah quarterback Travis Wilson said. We never doubted ourselves and kept our confidence up. We were able to make some big plays downfield that set us up well for our touchdowns.”

Wilson threw for 302 yards against Utah State, only the second time in his career.

 Our guys showed resiliency, especially after getting down 23-14, we didn’t fold and kept fighting." Utah head coach Kyle Whittingham said.  "In the end it was just enough to get the win.”

Fresno State Wins A Wild Season Opener, Happy Ending For Derek Carr

Pardon Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr if throwing a touchdown pass in overtime to Greg Watson to defeat Rutgers 52-51 wasn't the biggest thrill.

Carr newborn son Dallas had spend the last three weeks in an intensive care unit at Children's Hospital Central California after being born with a digestive tract defect.

Football for Derek Carr has been way down the priority scale. The health of his newborn son weighted on Carr's mind.

Carr and his wife Heather's prayers were answered. Surgeons were able to repair Dallas' defect and Tuesday he was able to go home.

Thursday night Carr torched the Rutgers defense going 53-74 for 470 yards and five touchdowns.  None more important that his 25 yard touchdown pass to Greg Watson on the first play of overtime that proved to be the game winner.

That led to a wild celebration in the Bulldog locker room.

"I'll tell you right now it reminds me of everything I went through with my son." Carr said.  "You have your son and you are at the highest of highs, I can't even explain it. He had his surgery and everything I went through, you know the story. Praise God, that's all I can tell you. I could go on and preach to you, but I know you don't want to hear that. Thank God for what happened today. My son is home now and after that game it was just like that relief. I sat there and balled my eyes out. I guess he has made me a little soft."

"He (Derek Carr) is the real deal." Fresnso State head coach Tim DeRuyter said. "He had ice in veins. This year he can make plays with his feet, unlike last year. I thought our protection, except for maybe one or two plays, was excellent. When he gets that kind of protection, he feels confident to get the ball where it needs to go and we got some frisbee catching dogs that will go get it."

Ole Miss Runs Past Vanderbilt In A Thriller

What a wild game in Nashville Thursday night

Two teams, Ole Miss and Vanderbilt, who are trying to take a seat at the big boy table in the SEC battled and each played like they really wanted it.

The Commodores were up 35-32 late in the fourth quarter and things looked great for Vandy.

With 1:30 left and Ole Miss will possession at their own 25 senior Jeff Scott got the ball and took it the distance.

“Bo gave me the ball, I started to bend the corner and I said `OK, I gotta get out of bounds,’ ” Scott said. “But that’s when I saw Donte (Moncrief) seal his man and set the corner. I just hit up the seam. I think I surprised them because last year teams looked at me as undersized and they thought I’d go out-of-bounds.”

Scott didn't run out-of-bounds.  What he did was break the hearts of 'Dore fans.

Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze liked the play, loved the result.

"I knew that it would be a good run play," Freeze said. "Obviously, I didn't know it would go all the way to the house. But I thought it would be a good run play." 

"They blocked us in space and (Scott) is fast," Franklin said. 

Jeff Scott finished with 138 yards and an Rebel hero for the week.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Is Division I Football Sure About This Whole UConn Thing...???

((HT: AKM Sports Media))

Especially after Towson beat an NCAA division I team for the first time as UConn lost 33-18 at home to the Tigers...

There was certainly a great deal of optimism with opening night...

But that was squashed for most of the evening at Rentschler Field as Terrance West ran for 156 yards and two touchdowns- both in the fourth quarter. QB Peter Athens threw for 192 yards and another score. Running back Sterlin Phifer caught a 23-yard touchdown and ran for another.

The Huskies had not lost to an FCS team since 2001, when they were making the transition from Division I-AA to Division I.

Here's your Towson postgame with Towson head football coach Rob Ambrose, West and defensive lineman Jon Desir

UConn now gets Maryland and Michigan before a game against Buffalo. If the win doesn't happen there, it may not happen until the season finale against Memphis.

DEVELOPING: NFL and Players Settle On Concussions

There is a proposed settlement in the concussions lawsuit...

More when we know more...

But if you divide $765-million into 4,500 it averages $170,000 per player- which, the HQ thinks, is a mere drop in the bucket when it comes to treatment (past, present, and future) of all the player's issues that have built up over time.

The settlement would fund medical exams, concussion-related compensation and medical research.

The plaintiffs include at least 10 members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, including Tony Dorsett, Jim McMahon and Junior Seau.

Senior U.S. District Judge Anita Brody announced the proposed settlement, but she still needs to approve the deal...

UPDATE: $765 less 30% atty fees is $535.5 m / 4500 players= $119k if fees come off the top

Hawks New Head Coach Busted For DUI (UPDATE W/Response From Attorney)

((HT: AJC/Morris))

This probably was not the way the new head coach of the Atlanta Hawks envisioned his new gig... (mugshot to the right, thanks
Atlanta City Jail)

Mike Budenholzer was charged with DUI and a tail light violation, and was released on $1,524 bond at 3:45 Thursday AM.

And what does the HQ say REPEATEDLY about events that happen after 1AM...???

Usually never good...

Just after 9 a.m. Thursday, the Hawks released a brief statement from president of basketball operations and general manager Danny Ferry:

“Bud made us aware of the situation last night. We are in the process of gathering more information and will have further comment at the appropriate time.”

When Budenholzer was pulled over by Georgia State Patrol, odor of alcohol was present (either on the person pulled over or in the vehicle itself- that information wasn't given), a field sobriety test was given, and Budenholzer was placed under arrest. GSP also says that Budenholzer refused a breath test.

Which is his option to do in the field when pulled over...

PM UPDATE: From The Hawks their own selves and 92.9 The Game through Budenholzer's attorney, Michael Hawkins

Last night, Atlanta Hawks head basketball coach Michael Budenholzer was stopped by a Georgia State Patrol DUI Task Force officer for a broken taillight. He was stopped solely for an equipment violation and committed no traffic offenses. The trooper demanded that he submit to a breathalyzer, and when Coach Budenholzer asked to consult with an attorney first, he was immediately arrested and charged with DUI.

While at the jail, after consulting with an attorney by telephone, he immediately volunteered to take both a breathalyzer and also requested that a blood alcohol test be performed. His request for testing was refused. Immediately upon his release on bond, Coach Budenholzer went directly to Piedmont Hospital where his blood was tested at the earliest opportunity, albeit several hours after his arrest. The official report from the hospital blood test revealed that his blood alcohol concentration was less than .01, well below the legal limit of .08.

Coach Budenholzer has no prior criminal record and entered a plea of Not Guilty to all charges this morning in the Atlanta Municipal Court.

The following statement was released through the coach's attorney:

“I take my role as a leader very seriously and hold myself to a high standard. I apologize to the fans and to the Hawks organization for any negative attention this incident has brought upon my family and the organization while the legal process evolves and I contest these misdemeanor charges,” said Coach Budenholzer.

OSG COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Thursday Night Previews

North Carolina at South Carolina

Forget about Jadeveon Clowney, all eyes will be on North Carolina's offensive tackle James Hurst who will be matched up on Clowney.

"Obviously it's the biggest match-up in my college career." Hurst said.  "I do think about it all the time.  Everytime I do a football activity it's related to that match-up."

Hurst is one of the best offensive lineman in the ACC and is on the pre-season Outland and Lombardi trophy watch lists.  Thursday night he's going up against a freak of nature.

South Carolina will win this battle.

Ole Miss at Vanderbilt

This game should be appointment TV for your Thursday night.  Ole Miss and Vandy are two teams who a eager to have a seat at the big boy table within the SEC.

Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze will try to run as many plays as possible on offense and gas the Commodore defense.  You can bet Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin will be in the ear of an SEC official making sure the Rebel offense doesn't have an advantage.

"When the ball is snapped I want everyone set." Franklin said.  "We went back and looked at (film of game vs) Ole Miss last year and there were probably 10 to 12 plays we they snapped the ball their offense wasn't set. The officials had a hard time keeping up with the pace to get into position to do that."

"So as long as everyone is playing by the same rules and this isn't Canadian football where people are running toward the line of scrimmage when they snap the football, I'm good with that."

Franklin would be good with a loss and that's what should happen.  Ole Miss will get it done in Music City.

USC at Hawaii

Southern Cal quarterbacks Max Wittek and Cody Kessler will play against Hawaii.  This should be a Trojan blowout.

Utah State at Utah

If your looking for a Thursday night upset this might be the one. Last year Utah State won in Logan.

"Utah State is a very good opponent." Utah head coach Kyle Whittingham said. "They have most everyone back. They have a new head coach and a lot of the same assistant staff. We expect that they are going to be every bit as good as last year and we have a big challenge ahead of us."

Those of us in the OSG HQ are calling and upset.  Utah State makes it two in a row over the Utes.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Vernon Wells Goes CSI On Nunez Injury

((HT: Sportsnet))

There was a reason that Mark Reynolds had to play his second game ever at second base against the Toronto Blue Jays for the New York Yankees...

Cano- injured...
Nunez- really injured...

So, Yankees outfielder Vernon Wells (back in his old haunt of Toronto) decided to... um... outline the Nunez injury that has Reynolds doing his job at position 4 pregame...


Brandon Phillips Vents Pregame At Local Beat Writer

((HT: CBS Sports/101Sports))

Matt Snyder lets us know that Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips is a little mad at Cincinnati Enquirer beat writer C. Trent Rosecrans. Phillips got moved from clean-up to second in the line up and Rosecrans thought Tweeting the ten point difference in on base percentage was a good idea...

Phillips didn't think so...

He told him so before the game...

So, of course, in his first game post-rant Phillips was building on a 2-for-3 evening as the Reds were up 9-0 after 5 innings in St. Louis...

Ah, all of this verbal jousting... even if the Reds are in the second wild card spot at present...

And safely so... but... offered us this statement of not backing off their Reds coverage that ended...

While we are disappointed in Phillips' reaction, we understand it is a pennant race and emotions are high during a crucial series with a heated rival. This isn't the first time a player has lost his temper in response to a reporters questions and it won't be the last. It is part of covering the team day-in day-out.

This will not effect our coverage of the team or Phillips. We plan on moving on from and we hope Phillips does to.

Rolling Stone Has "New Revelations" On Hernandez

((HT: MyFoxBoston))

Which surprise some and are skeptical by others...

The Rolling Stone article on the ex-New England Patriots tight end claims that Hernandez was into angel dust, was one move away from getting cut by head coach Bill Belichick, and had a mother who married a drug dealer and had him move into her home after his father died.

It also disclosed that Florida head coach Urban Meyer made have covered up some indiscretions while he was on campus as a gator tight end...

Here's the early thoughts from MyFoxBoston
Boston News, Weather, Sports | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston

But Patriots beat writer Andy Hart doesn't buy the assessment...especially the Belichick part...

According to the article, Hernandez met with his head coach in February thinking he was in over his head. He went to California to rehab his shoulder, but stood up Tom Brady at a receiver camp and skipped appointments with his therapist.

DEVELOPING: Manziel Suspended For First Half Vs. Rice (UPDATED w/NCAA Response)

((HT: ESPN/McMurphy))

Well, is this the beginning or just the beginning of the end...???

Brett McMurphy is reporting that JFF is suspended for the first half of the Rice matchup...

In an agreement between the NCAA and Texas A&M, the NCAA has acknowledged Manziel did not receive money for signing autographs.

However, after not discussing the matter Tuesday, In the Ess-E-Cee teleconference Wednesday, TAMU head coach Kevin Sumlin ungagged the school-mandated gag order and talked about how his QB has dealt with everything in the off-season...

"Johnny's handled it very well," Sumlin said. "Everything around football, he's been extremely sharp and focused."

The HQ would like to remind everyone of the following 2 words: "Plausible deniability..."

Here's your flashback involving Jack Ford talking with Tim Brando about JFF...
((HT: CBS Sports))

More when we know more...

From the NCAA their own selves...

Texas A&M University and the NCAA confirmed today that there is no evidence that quarterback Johnny Manziel received money in exchange for autographs, based on currently available information and statements by Manziel. Due to an inadvertent violation regarding the signing of certain autographs, Texas A&M declared Manziel ineligible and submitted the following conditions for reinstatement to the NCAA:

A one-half game suspension for Manziel

Manziel will address the team regarding the situation and lessons learned

Texas A&M will revise its future education concerning student-athlete autographs for individuals with multiple items

Based on the information submitted by the university, the NCAA accepted the conditions as put forward by Texas A&M. If additional information comes to light, the NCAA will review and consider if further action is appropriate.

NCAA rules are clear that student-athletes may not accept money for items they sign and based on information provided by Manziel, that did not happen in this case.

Braves Elliot Johnson Goes on a NASCAR Riff During Interview


Yeah, this is pretty funny if you are a Sports fan. Assuming you know who Elliot Johnson is anyway.

The Atlanta Braves second baseman was the star of Tuesday nights 2-0 win when he hit a 2-run triple in the 3rd inning providing the Braves with all the runs they'd need to win the game.

Then there is this.

After the game, Fox Sports South Braves reporter Tom Hart asked Johnson about legging out the triple.

He immediately went NASCAR.

Check it out and read between the lines. Very funny--

Whoa! Oregon State With Possibly Worst Hype Video Ever


Parents, please be careful that you don't watch this with your kids. There is a good possibility, they'll be scarred for life.

Sure, we, like most everyone else gets a kick out of seeing "Hype" or Dance videos created to pump up a College Football team or their fans.

But sometimes an idea that sounded fairly good on paper, doesn't necessarily translate so well to video.

Take this one produced by Oregon State for example--

In no particular order, it features:

A Beaver

A guy with a chainsaw looking vaguely Texas Chainsaw Massacare-ish

A group of people with chainsaws appearing to be pulling them, much in the manner one might do to--shall we say--pleasure themselves.


And did we say a Beaver?

While we get the reference of Beaver's chopping down trees, visually, it doesn't translate so well. Neither do the semi-diverse cheerleaders or for that matter the alleged creepy looking lumberjacks...

But the video still lives. Watch at your own risk:

Where'd That Sniper Come From, CJ...?

((HT: FS Rays/MLB))

CJ Wilson didn't quite make it to the mound last night in Tampa as the Rays and Angels squared off...

Right on the seam...

Wilson took a no decision against the Rays, surrendering three earned in five innings in the Angels 6-5 win.

And he took to the Twitter to respond:

Anyone figure out where that sniper was? #gotheem

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Beautiful, Fiery, Silly Protest

((HT: wawasportpl/Dirty Tackle))

The HQ understands how, um, fired up soccer fans can get...

The folks at Legia Warsaw got slapped on the wrist as a result of their "ultras" (most vocal fans) racist displays in the pervious round against a Welsh side...

Racism against Welsh...??? Sounds difficult, but the ultras pulled it off and got a fine and an order by UEFA to close their north end- the place where they hang out...

The second leg of their match against Steaua Bucharest yielded this nose-thumbing, tongue-sticking-out en masse...

Here's the display...

UEFA decided that the ultras had engaged in "racist behavior" but did not get into any specifics...

So, yeah, take THAT UEFA...
The HQ can feel the impact from here...

NFL Puts Joe Flacco Poster on Broncos Stadium, Sports Anchor Goes Vandal...

From Twitter
Uh....who thought this was a good idea?

As most of you insane NFL folks know, kickoff is but nearly a week away. And the hype, if it hasn't already begun, is about to kick in full-throttle.

With that in mind, we give you the marquee to your right, featuring last years Super Bowl MVP, Joe Flacco of the champs, the Baltimore Ravens.

Problem with that: The game is in Denver. Against the Broncos, the team Flacco's Ravens beat to get to the Super Bowl.

Now normally, or at least over the past couple seasons, the NFL is having their defending champs kick off the season with the celebratory 1st game at home. However, the NFL didn't figure in that in Baltimore, the Orioles (baseball team) already had a game scheduled for the same night. And for those of you who've never been to Baltimore, the two stadiums, they are next to each other.

The NFL asked the Orioles to reschedule and much to the dismay of several NFL writers, the baseball team said no. The NFL was late to the party, they should reschedule.

So the game is in Denver Thursday night. Our guess is the Broncos, or at least their fans, probably won't take too kindly to that.

Denver fans don't like it...
No sir, they don't like it one bit...

And CBS Denver sports guy Vic Lombardi took to the streets to protest on his own...
((HT: CBS Denver))

Movie Promotion For A First Pitch, Not Unheard Of... But This...???

((HT: MaidigiTV))

On August 30 in Japan, the new version of the Sadako (think "The Ring" franchise here in the US), is bring released in Japan...

So, how does the Pee-Ahr company and distributor for the flick promote itself...???

Have its anti-heroine throw out a first pitch...

Okay... sounds good... but, remember, she's supposed to be a bit of a zombie...

Here's the end result...

Pretty good first pitch through all that hair, don't you think...???

Worst Show Debut Ever...???

((HT: Awful Announcing/LiveLeak))

Is this the worst show beginning ever...???
You decide...

The HQ has it right up there with the few classics...

Dirk Asks: Guess What Day It Is...???

((HT: Dallas Mavericks their own selves))

This is classic in the parody department... but there is a GAPING hole...
See if you can spot it...

Instead of Mike or Champ, it should have been MarkMarkMarkMarkMark...

Too easy...but still funny...

Manziel Questioned By NCAA, Both Sides Full Steam Ahead...

((HT: Feldman/CBS Sports))

Time for everyone to quote Bruce Feldman...

Johnny Manziel met with the NCAA on Sunday and denied allegations he took money for signing autographs- and pretty much denied everything...

For five and a half hours... and the focus was his financial records...

"The focus of our coaches and student athletes is solely on preparing for Rice this Saturday, and in the best interests of Texas A&M and the 100-plus student-athletes on the team, I have instructed Coach Sumlin, his staff and our student-athletes to refrain from commenting on or answering questions regarding the status of our starting quarterback, Johnny Manziel," athletic director Eric Hyman said in a prepared statement.

But that hasn't stopped anyone from talking about Manziel as the starter this weekend against Rice...

Here's Feldman on "The Dan Patrick Show"
((HT: Dan Patrick Show their own selves))

Monday, August 26, 2013

OSG High: Florida HS FB Coach Suspended For In Game Slap

((HT: Fox Sports/ESPN))

First, let's show you what went down as the cause of all this...

What's your first response...???


Because of what you just saw, Mark Guandolo- head coach of the Cypress Bay High team- is now suspended for three days and two weeks of extra-curricular activities after slapping his quarterback Lucas Tellefsen on national television in a 38-14 loss.

But, if you ask parents and players, they're mostly in support of Coach Guandolo- regardless of the incident...

Lucas' father, Eric Tellefsen, told Christy Cabrera Chirinos of the Sun-Sentinel newspaper- "We’re 110 percent fine with this. We don’t want anything to happen to Coach G. He means the world to the school and this football team and he wants nothing but the best for these kids. It’s an unfortunate circumstance.

"We love Coach G. He’s coached two of my older sons that are in college on football scholarships,” the older Tellefsen said. “There’d be a line wrapped around the corner if you called his players and wanted to know what he’s done for them.”

Guandolo told the Sun-Sentinel: "It’s disappointing and it’s not something I’m proud of,” an emotional Guandolo said. “I have great respect for the kid. I was trying to get him ready and fire him up. It was his first start ever and emotions were running high. He had people coming at him and there’s no easy way to get him ready for that.

“I was just trying to fire him up, but you can’t do it in today’s day and age.”

But what this does do is raise the question of where the line is these days for coaches and discipline for their players...

What say you on discipline...???
The HQ anticipates a generational divide...

What Should I Do: Re-Post This Hilarious Johnny Manziel Spoof


Oh, this will be the funniest college football video you'll see today.

Check out this Johnny Manziel/Johnny Football spoof video produced by It's a riff on the LeBron James "What should I do?" commercial from a couple of years ago.

And yes, it pokes fun at pretty much everything that the Texas A&M quarterback and defending Heisman Trophy Winner has made headlines for this summer.

Watch and behold:

Stewart Haas Adds Kurt Busch

In a great scoop and score for Stewart-Haas Racing, Tony Stewart has added Kurt Busch from Furniture Row Racing for the 2014 season...

SHR offered a little over a week ago, Furniture Row counter offered and Busch went to SHR...

He now joins Stewart, Harvick, and Danica...

But didn't the HQ think he heard SHR say that there wasn't going to be a 4th team when he let go of Ryan Newman in the first place...???

So much for that...

"It was always our intention to extend Kurt's contract," FRR general manager Joe Garone said in a statement. "We made him an offer last week to continue as the driver of the No. 78 Furniture Row Chevrolet in 2014 and beyond. Though he did not accept our offer we respect his decision and wish him future success. His driving skill and being a dedicated team player will always be appreciated. Right now, the main focus for Kurt and the team is to qualify for the Chase and contend for the 2013 Sprint Cup Series championship."

Busch is on the cusp of taking a western, one car team to the Chase... something a lot of people didn't think was going to happen...

Ever... but he has proven if he can keep his thoughts to himself, he can drive any car as well as anyone...

Busch's temper got him booted from Penske after the 2011 season which caused him to ride for FRR...
Stuff like this from Homestead got him in trouble, and it's very NSFW...
((HT: Jon Adams))

Ricky Craven discusses the second chance with Stewart Haas...

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dixon Calls Crew Accident A "Dick Move..."


Scott Dixon had a bit of an issue during the last round of pitstops at the IndyCar race at Sonoma...

He kinda ran over (or ran into) some of Will Power's pit crew...

Dixon alleged that Power’s crew had moved into Dixon’s pit space and in fact jumped in front of the New Zealander on exit.
((If you looked at the video, the HQ agrees that it was more like the on-air diagnosis where someone was carrying groceries off their hip down the street...))

After the restart, Dixon was assessed a drive-through penalty for what was deemed a "pit lane violation" and was at the back of the field after he rejoined.

Dixon finished 15th.

Here's Dixon talking about it post race...

The HQ always enjoys candor...
And the three crew members that were injured all told NBCSN's Marty Snider that they were okay...

Half-Court For In State Tuition Nailed

((HT: Bob's Blitz/Brandon A.))

Half-court length-wise in Fort Collins for in-state tuition for a year...
Andrew Schneeweis had three shots...

The tuition is paid for by a combination of four CSU coaches: Larry Eustachy (men's basketball), Tom Hilbert (volleyball), Jim McElwain (football) and Ryun Williams (women's basketball).

And Moby Arena was rocking...

OSG Prem: ManCity Suffers Shock Loss At Cardiff


It took Cardiff City fifty-plus years to get a result like this in the top flight of British football, but it only took two weeks to get the first shock of the season.

Two Fraizer Campbell goals and the survival of another cardiac kids run at the end by Manchester City gives one of the three new kids in the table a HUGE result early against one of the title contenders...

And let the Pellegrini panic begin in 3...2...1...

Here's the Campbell header that made it 2-1
((HT: SkySports))

And the one that made it 3-1

A Negredo goal for City made it 3-2, but Cardiff held on for the last ten minutes for the three points that, in all honesty, could go a long way to keeping them up in the Premier League...

Add this to Hull City's win against Norwich Saturday and August already has people murmuring

2 Position Players Finish On Mound For Phillies In 18-Inning Marathon

((HT: CSN Philly))

Let's just say it was a long day for the Phillies Casper Wells...

Arizona scored five two-out runs in the top of the 18th inning to beat the Phillies, 12-7. Wells started in right field for the Phillies, went 0 for 7 at the plate and took the loss in just his second major-league pitching appearance. He pitched last month in mop-up duty for the White Sox.

Wells, forced onto the mound after the Phils depleted their bullpen, ended up allowing five two-out runs before being relieved by infielder John McDonald.

The game started at 7:05PM and ended at 2:12AM- 7 hours, six minutes: the longest in Phillies history. The teams combined to use 20 pitchers, tying a major-league record.

Here's Ryne Sandberg post-game...

According to Jayson Stark through his Twitter:

Last player before Casper Wells to go 0x7 & allow 5 runs in a game was Lum Harris for '42 A's. but he got 46 outs. Wells got 2!

Goldberg Finishes First Pitch Appropriately


Okay, so what else would you expect at "Legends of Wrestling" night in Miami in front of close friends and family at the Marlins shiny boondoggle...???

Bill Goldberg throws out the first pitch and finishes it thusly...

Wouldn't have it any other way...

H.S Star Airlifted to Hospital After In-Game Hit (UPDATE)


Scary times for Apopka high school star QB Zack Darlington's family after he was airlifted to a South Carolina hospital during a game against Byrnes H.S Saturday afternoon on T.V.

Check out the video of Darlington getting crushed as he rolls out of bounds trying to throw a pass late in the 4th quarter.

According to reports, he laid motionless on the ground, unconscious after the hit, and was put on a stretcher as soon as medical personnel was able to get him on one.

Darlington, who has committed to play at the University of Nebraska was taken to a Spartanburg area hospital and according to his school's athletic director was conscious and moving, but appears to have a serious concussion.

His father, the coach of the team, left with family to go to the hospital shortly after the helicopter left the stadium.

Video is provided by ESPN here:

UPDATE: "The diagnosis is that he has a concussion and has to be under observation for 24 hours," Apopka athletic director Fred Priest told the Orlando Sentinel. "His parents (Rick, Apopka's coach, and Shelly) are staying here with him while the team returns home.'"

The HQ spent time with Darlington in his time as head coach at Valdosta (GA) High, and remembers his fondness for country music. Obviously, our thoughts are with everyone at Apopka.

The New York Jets are Stupid

You know, we've grown weary over the past couple of seasons being bombarded with non-stop, blow-by-blow, stupid mistake-by-stupid mistake coverage of the hapless New York Jets.

And every time we think the ESPN and NBC Sports of the world are going to finally figure out nobody outside New York likes or cares about the ineptitude of the Jets, we get this.

Saturday night during the teams exhibition game with the New York Giants, which the Jets actually  won, head coach Rex Ryan made another in his long list of bizarre coaching decisions.

Inexplicably, Ryan put the man most think would be the starting QB for the team, Mark Sanchez (he of the butt fumble), back in the exhibition game in the 4th quarter with the backups instead of 3rd teamer Matt Simms.

And almost immediately, Sanchez got hurt. He was hit by the Giants Marvin Austin and came off the field with what appeared to be a pretty significant shoulder injury.

Granted, there was no guarantee that Sanchez would be the starter when the season begins, the massive media throng covering the team has been hoping rookie QB Geno Smith would get the nod. But Smith played like a green rookie throwing 3 INT's during the game and pulling a Dan Orlovsky by stepping out of his own end zone trying to complete a pass.


As dumb as the Ryan move was, it got worse when he got kinda defensive about it at his press conference:

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Urban Meyer Has Issues With Color

"I'm not colorblind!"

Okay, this is your stupid thing of the day.

Well, unless you are an Ohio State fan, but if you are, you don't see this the same way the other 99% of the universe does anyway.

It appears that if you are an NFL Scout or media member or anyone else visiting an Ohio State practice, you are not allowed to wear the color blue.

Yes, blue.

According to coach whiny--uh---Urban Meyer, that's because blue is associated with the Buckeyes arch rival, Michigan.

Nice and adult there....

The other part of this issue, according to a report from Fox Sports Ohio, the school didn't exactly make this clear to visitors. Which is why several NFL scouts attending tOSU's 1st day of practice earlier in the month, were not happy.

Read the original story RIGHT HERE

Not only were they ordered to change clothes, they were derided on the field.

Now, that being said, Ohio State maniac, in the interest of disclosure, those same scouts said they weren't ticked about the policy, only that it wasn't made abundantly clear beforehand.

We will add that there is an unspoken rule for media covering teams NOT to wear the gear of the team they are covering, or any other team while covering sports, that rule is often ignored.

And honestly, we do get where they (Ohio St) are coming from and if the team and coaches choose not to wear blue, that is their choice, no issues or questions. Making outsiders adhere to such a
"Policy", is just plain rude to visitors who could care less about the rivalry, who doesn't like whom or whatever else this petty gesture is all about....

New Vikings Stadium May Be Delayed


Perhaps the Minnesota Vikings won't be moving into a new stadium so fast.

A controversy of sorts seems to be popping up in Minnesota as the Sports Facility Authority says the Vikings owners, the Wilf family may not be able to pay their share of the teams new facility.

Zygi and Mark Wilf are in the midst of legal action in the state of New Jersey where they are accused among other things, of defrauding partners on a real estate investment. Thus far, they've lost the proceedings and the potential exists for a rather large settlement they'll be paying out.

For their part, the Facility Authority has been asking for a statement indicating the Wilf's can pay their $477 million share of the teams proposed $975 million brand spanking new stadium. They claim the Wilf's and/or their representatives are not handing over the financial information.

Read the entire, well-detailed story by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune RIGHT HERE

The story indicates this may or not be a significant delay. But it raises a lot of questions:

--If the Wilf's lose and are liable in the New Jersey suit, how big a hit will it take on their personal finances.

--Would that loss affect their ability to fund their share of the stadium (Doubtful, the NFL and others would step up to help with this)

--Will it affect their ability to own the team?

There are some questions here the NFL should be asking themselves as well. The Wilf's legal issues are the second instance of a team owner getting in trouble for questionable decisions. They pride themselves on having only the best rich people own teams, but that is beginning to look like it may not be true.

Perhaps someone needs to tell the NFL they might want to work on their image. But then again, all the league has to do is point to the fact the season starts in just two weeks and fans will fall all over themselves to consume their product.

That trumps just about everything else....

KARE-11 TV in Minneapolis has more:

More Coaches Gone Wild: Rich Rod and the Arizona Danceoff


Yeah, so training camp is over. And the new "In" thing apparently is college football coaches starring in funny team videos.

On Friday, we posted a handful of videos ranging from pranks to belly flops and more.

And with that in mind, one we missed earlier.

Check out the University of Arizona football team and their end of camp "Dance Off". The highlight comes at the end of the video, when coach Rich Rodriguez tries...for a few seconds to compete.

The hilarity ensues...

Friday, August 23, 2013

Coaches Gone Wild: Bo Pelini Pranks Nebraska

And it continues.

A week full of college head coaches doing wild, crazy and sometimes wacky things to fire up the troops as they wind down training camp.

In this episode, Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini goes to elaborate measures to put one over on his football team.

The players are waiting to be dismissed to attend "Movie Night" when the hilarity ensues...

((note--you have to watch all this video to get the joke))

Coaches Gone Wild: Wisc Coach Gary Andersen With the Belly Flop


Yup, it's definitely the end of College Football training camp.

Coaches are doing wild, crazy and wacky things to keep their troops entertained, knowing that we are a week away from the beginning of the season.

Check out Wisconsin Badgers head coach Gary Andersen showing off on pool day with the MONSTER Belly Flop.

Yeah, he did it. Hope his team doesn't. Haha!

Lane Kiffin as Your Ice Cream Man


Oh, this is rich....and not just in an ice cream kind of way.

Check out this video of USC head football coach Lane Kiffin and star wide receiver Marqise Lee paying a visit to the USC Marching Trojan band as they wind up their practice week.

Kiffin is driving the ice cream truck, Lee the chief server.

And yes, there's a spate of wacky college football activity going on this week as teams wind up practice and gear up for next week's season.

For Coach Kiffykins sake, he needs to hope this season goes better than the last one did....

Yes, we will say it---Or he might just end up having shown off his new career path.

Hahaha! Oh, we are so funny.

Toronto Screwjob: Mayor Beats Hulk Hogan Arm Wrestling...

((HT: Sportsnet))

First watch this... from the Toronto Fan Expo...

So, embattled and embittered mayor Rob Ford gets the win in front of the home crowd and Hogan sells well...

Almost like every other live wrestling event of the last forty years or so...

Congrats to the mayor for beating his childhood hero...

Now, If We All Could Play Like Scott Brown

((HT: PGA Tour))

Here's how to make an easy eagle with water in front of the green on a 325-yard hole...

Brown finished his first round with a 1-under 70...

Thursday, August 22, 2013

OSG CFL: Fantastic Finish In Montreal

((HT: CFL on TSN))

It's been a long year for the Alouettes...

A lot of injuries- including a neck injury to legendary QB Anthony Calvillo that has kept him out and given the likes of Josh Neiswander and Arkansas Tech's Tanner Marsh- with Troy Smith waiting in the wings...

The Als were 2-5 heading into a game against the BC Lions and it took this kind of ending to get a win at home...

The only thing missing was this intro...

Ryan Braun Apologizes for Using PED's Sort Of

So...Ryan Braun apologizes.

The former N.L MVP is serving a 65 game suspension after Major League Baseball was able to link him to  Biogenesis a Miami area facility that allegedly provided steroids and other performance enhancing drugs to professional athletes.

Braun had been suspected for a couple of years. In early 2012, he was able to beat MLB after allegedly failing a drug test. In that test, he accused the Fed-Ex driver who transported his sample to a lab of mishandling the contents among other things.

Today, Braun  released a statement through the Milwaukee Brewers saying that he "Deserved to be suspended" and nobody should be blamed for what he did other than himself.

He also apologized, sort of to the Fed-Ex driver Dino Laurenzi, Jr.

While apologetic in tone, Braun still couldn't muster the courage to look reporters and others in the eye to apologize, rather he released this statement via the Brewers website:

Now that the initial MLB investigation is over, I want to apologize for my actions and provide a more specific account of what I did and why I deserved to be suspended. I have no one to blame but myself. I know that over the last year and a half I made some serious mistakes, both in the information I failed to share during my arbitration hearing and the comments I made to the press afterwards. 

I have disappointed the people closest to me -- the ones who fought for me because they truly believed me all along. I kept the truth from everyone. For a long time, I was in denial and convinced myself that I had not done anything wrong. 

It is important that people understand that I did not share details of what happened with anyone until recently. My family, my teammates, the Brewers organization, my friends, agents, and advisors had no knowledge of these facts, and no one should be blamed but me. Those who put their necks out for me have been embarrassed by my behavior. I don't have the words to express how sorry I am for that.

Here is what happened. During the latter part of the 2011 season, I was dealing with a nagging injury and I turned to products for a short period of time that I shouldn't have used. The products were a cream and a lozenge which I was told could help expedite my rehabilitation. It was a huge mistake for which I am deeply ashamed and I compounded the situation by not admitting my mistakes immediately. 

I deeply regret many of the things I said at the press conference after the arbitrator's decision in February 2012. At that time, I still didn't want to believe that I had used a banned substance. I think a combination of feeling self righteous and having a lot of unjustified anger led me to react the way I did. I felt wronged and attacked, but looking back now, I was the one who was wrong. I am beyond embarrassed that I said what I thought I needed to say to defend my clouded vision of reality. I am just starting the process of trying to understand why I responded the way I did, which I continue to regret. There is no excuse for any of this. 
 For too long during this process, I convinced myself that I had not done anything wrong. After my interview with MLB in late June of this year, I came to the realization that it was time to come to grips with the truth. I was never presented with baseball's evidence against me, but I didn't need to be, because I knew what I had done. I realized the magnitude of my poor decisions and finally focused on dealing with the realities of-and the punishment for-my actions.

I requested a second meeting with Baseball to acknowledge my violation of the drug policy and to engage in discussions about appropriate punishment for my actions. By coming forward when I did and waiving my right to appeal any sanctions that were going to be imposed, I knew I was making the correct decision and taking the first step in the right direction. It was important to me to begin my suspension immediately to minimize the burden on everyone I had so negatively affected- my teammates, the entire Brewers organization, the fans and all of MLB. There has been plenty of rumor and speculation about my situation, and I am aware that my admission may result in additional attacks and accusations from others. 

I love the great game of baseball and I am very sorry for any damage done to the game. I have privately expressed my apologies to Commissioner Selig and Rob Manfred of MLB and to Michael Weiner and his staff at the Players' Association. I'm very grateful for the support I've received from them. I sincerely apologize to everybody involved in the arbitration process, including the collector, Dino Laurenzi, Jr. I feel terrible that I put my teammates in a position where they were asked some very difficult and uncomfortable questions. One of my primary goals is to make amends with them.

I understand it's a blessing and a tremendous honor to play this game at the Major League level. I also understand the intensity of the disappointment from teammates, fans, and other players. When it comes to both my actions and my words, I made some very serious mistakes and I can only ask for the forgiveness of everyone I let down. I will never make the same errors again and I intend to share the lessons I learned with others so they don't repeat my mistakes. Moving forward, I want to be part of the solution and no longer part of the problem.

I support baseball's Joint Drug Treatment and Prevention Program and the importance of cleaning up the game. What I did goes against everything I have always valued- achieving through hard work and dedication, and being honest both on and off the field. I also understand that I will now have to work very, very hard to begin to earn back people's trust and support. I am dedicated to making amends and to earning back the trust of my teammates, the fans, the entire Brewers' organization, my sponsors, advisors and from MLB. I am hopeful that I can earn back the trust from those who I have disappointed and those who are willing to give me the opportunity. I am deeply sorry for my actions, and I apologize to everyone who has been adversely affected by them.

Bubba Watson Plays Through ESPN Offices


Love this!

Yeah, we know, we aren't exactly considered 4-letter fans considering how many times we've ripped the Entertainment Leader for their odd editorial choices.

But we are huge fans of their "This is Sports Center" commercial series and we do appreciate they still on occasion have a very funny, self-depricating sense of humor.

Check out this video posted by 2012 Masters winner Bubba Watson as he and his caddy--"Play Through"... Technically it's not one of those "This is Sports Center" spots, though we suspect it will be at some point.

Kind of wonder where exactly the pin is placed here---but that may just be me...

Your South Carolina Football Rap Video of the Day


Because we just like to share such things when we come upon them.

This one actually isn't too bad, it's a hip-hop video done by a local guy in Columbia trying to hype the South Carolina Gamecocks.

And as far as videos go, it's fairly well produced and edited. It features quite a few people and places around Columbia, along with multiple players and former star RB Marcus Lattimore.

The Gamecocks again will be very good in a very competitive SEC, this perhaps may serve as some extra motivation.

For them...or maybe their opponents....

ICYMI: Aaron Hernandez Indicted on 1st Degree Murder Charges (UPDATED)

An Attelboro County, Massachusetts Grand Jury has made it official Wednesday afternoon.

Now former New England Patriots Tight End Aaron Hernandez is now facing 1st Degree Murder charges for real and the case against him can proceed.

The former football star has been held in jail since his June 26th arrest in connection to the death of former associate/friend Odin Lloyd. Lloyd's body was found June 17th near an abandoned warehouse.

According to investigators, Lloyd had texted his sister after getting in a car with Hernandez and two associates. He asked her if she'd seen who he got in the car with and just responded by saying "NFL". The implication--it was Hernandez.

Police Investigators have not said yet if it actually was Hernandez himself that pulled the trigger, only that he was there and new full well what was going on. He's facing 6 charges, the murder charge and 5 other weapons charges.

He had pled "Not Guilty" to the charges back in June at his 1st appearance hearing and is still being held in the county jail in isolation.

If convicted, Hernandez could be facing life in prison.

Here's the early returns from Attleboro...
((HT: MyFoxBoston))
Boston News, Weather, Sports | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ichiro Reaches 4,000 Hits

((HT: MLB Network/YES))

There is one of the greatest hitters in this lifetime on display in New York City...

It's Ichiro Suzuki... or, just Ichiro...

Like Madonna, Arnie, or any one of those single-named people... he's reached that status- and rightfully so...

He has now reached 4,000 hits... and the answer to the trivia question is- an RA Dickey knuckleball...

Ichiro had 1,278 hits in Japan before coming over to the continent a dozen years ago. He passed Lou Gehrig on the MLB career hits list Major League Baseball's with his 2,722nd hit that gave him 4,000 on the nose.

The question to you Dear Reader is: Is Ichiro a Hall of Famer...???

The HQ thinks so... and he's only two seasons behind Peter Edward Rose for the all-time hit lead...

Braves Heyward's Season Is Over By 90 MPH To The Face

((HT: LiveLeak/MLB/FS Braves))

Jason Heyward's season is over...
Because of this...

Heyward was taken to a New York hospital for X-rays, which revealed two fractures. He and Braves trainer Jeff Porter stayed behind at a Manhattan area hospital while the team left for their series in St. Louis.

What is it about the Braves and Citi Field anyway...???

OSG Prem: Mourinho Chases Lambert In Postgame


The Villa-Chelsea match will be more known for a couple of events on the pitch than anything else...

Should Ivanovic have been given a red card for his elbowing of Benteke for the challenge in the air...???
Should Villa have been given a stoppage time PK for a John Terry hand ball in the box...???

Answers are, probably, yes and yes...

Either way... Villa comes away from their first two matches with three points instead of four and Jose Mourinho decided to do some verbal jousting on his counterpart, Paul Lambert, in the postgame interview...

Evidence below...

It will be an interesting season if business picks up the way it has already...

Mankato Musical Salute to Minnesota--Vikings


So...this may very well be the most Minnesota thing you'll see in a long, long time. It's a music video put together by the town of Mankato, home of the Vikings training camp for the almost 50-years.

Yeah, 50.

Uh...the singing, it's not so good. But it's...well, all that was missing was Marge Gundersson.

Here is your Mankato ode to the Vikings:

If Things Couldn't Get Worse For The Astros

((HT: MLB/CSN Houston))

Max Stassi got hidden ball tricked, too in their game against the Texas Rangers...

Here's his post game...

He won't get fooled again...

Sunday Night Football Theme Song Auditions

((HT: NBC))

The HQ will give NBC a lot of credit these days...

They're making fun of themselves where their new programming is concerned...

Carrie Underwood is taking over for Faith Hill...
But not before the open auditions...

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Von Miller Suspended For 6 Games


Through the NFL Network's Albert Breer: He is reporting, through confirmation from two sources, that a diluted urine sample caused the violation.

And the HQ will also bet that the whole not-showing-up-in-court-over-the-traffic-violation didn't help matters either...

But that's just us...

Here's comments from last month on his recent troubles...
Here's Miller's statement after being suspended for 6 games for violating the National Football League's substance abuse policy: "The Substances of Abuse policy requires everyone to comply with the rules. Although my suspension doesn’t result from a positive test, there is no excuse for my violations of the rules. I made mistakes and my suspension has hurt my team, Broncos fans, and myself. I am especially sorry for the effect of my bad decisions on others. I will not make the same mistakes about adhering to the policy in the future. During my time off the field, I will work tirelessly and focus exclusively on remaining in peak shape. I look forward to contributing immediately upon my return to the field and bringing a championship back to the people of Denver."
Miller will miss home games against against the Ravens, Raiders, Eagles and Jaguars as well as road games against the Giants and Cowboys. Miller will be allowed to return to action on October 20, a Sunday night game at the Indianapolis Colts.

He will lose out on $806,000 in salary, but he can still be an active member of the team during the exhibition season.

1972 Perfect Dolphins Team Honored by the Prez


We like this story. Well, most of it anyway.

The legendary, undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins got an honor that not many pro sports teams get. They got an audience with the president.

And for a die-hard, grew up rooting for them and still do Dolphins fan like me, this was way cool.

Seeing now 83-year old Don Shula on stage with Bob Griese, Larry Csonka, Mercury Morris and others brought a smile to my face, the presidents face and if you are a football fan, hopefully yours.

For those of you old enough to remember, the 72 Dolphins are still the only team in NFL history to make through the regular season and playoffs undefeated and they went on to win the Super Bowl with a 14-7 win over the Washington Redskins.

31 players, Coach Shula, former Assistant Howard Schnellenberger and others made the trip, one that the original team didn't get to make.

The reason: back when this happened, the nation was in the midst of the Watergate scandal and the White House just plain didn't make a habit of inviting athletes at that time.

Read more about the event from the Miami Herald RIGHT HERE

We salute the 'Fins as well, and I will sheepishly admit, though I was very young...7-years old, at the time this happened, I did attend a game during that season. We lived in Hollywood, Florida at the time and my father's company had seasons tickets.

Yes, it was at the old Orange Bowl, a stadium that is hard to describe if you've never been to, but suffice to say it was an old, rickety, metallic piece of junk in a crappy part of town.

But we went.

That's where my love of the Dolphins began and as you ALL know, you can't change your love from your favorite childhood team.

The Associated Press with video of today's events: