Sunday, January 5, 2014

ICYMI: Charlie Strong to Texas is Done: Reaction Runs the Gamut

So, it's been pretty interesting over the past couple of days to see the reaction to first the news Texas wanted to hire now former Louisville football coach Charlie Strong, then the wait while Strong insisted on telling his boss, Louisville Athletic Director Tom Jurich that he was leaving and then the reaction from the folks in Texas.

Actually, it's been kind of funny.

Last night, Louisville confirmed what everyone already knew, Strong would move to Austin and take over the biggest budget football operation in the state (College Level).

Notice, we didn't call them the best, as they've arguably been passed by Texas A&M and by Baylor in recent years.

But the hire of Strong is a good one. He's had a ton of success at Louisville, which strangely was his first head coaching job. He's universally respected and most outside of the crazies in Texas believe he will be wildly successful with the budget he's about to be handed.

That's why this column in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram by Gil Lebreton is pretty funny (not in a good way)

Check it out RIGHT HERE

Lebreton called it "Firing Jay Leno and hiring Aresenio".


No, Strong may not be a "Type A", Nick Saban/Steve Spurrier type, but anyone who thinks he won't be successful is crazy.

Yes, he's going to have to deal with the apparently omnipresent "Longhorn Network" (which nobody outside Texas cares about) which will intrude into his life and job like nothing he's ever experienced before.

But again, despite the arrogance and perception inside that Texas was the "Job of All Jobs", they actually got this right…they hired the right guy.

Which quite honestly, should scare everyone else.

Expect the official announcement on Sunday afternoon.

WHAS-TV in Louisville gives us their reaction:


And KXAN-TV gives us the Texas reaction:

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