Thursday, June 30, 2011

Plancher Jury Starts Deliberations

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The trial of a now deceased UCF Football player's family versus the University of Central Florida Athletic Association is beginning to wind down.

The trial, which in a somewhat interesting twist, was promised to be over in 3-weeks, is about to hit that magical 3-week mark. And the judge in the case is holding the attorneys for both sides to that timetable.

Wednesday's testimony included a "Medical Expert" and a Boston area "Hematologist". Both testified they did not believe Ereck Plancher's diagnosis of "Sickle Cell Trait" contributed to his death at a UCF Football practice in 2008.

That testimony contradicted the testimony of the Orange County Medical Examiner who said he believes the trait is exactly what caused Plancher's death. Testimony has also included debate as to whether or not there was water made available to players at practice as well.

The Plancher family is seeking damages from the UCFAA and this case should be over soon. Final testimony is scheduled for Thursday and the case could be sent to the jury by the end of the day.

Your re-cap, includes George O'Leary testifying, and is courtesy of our friends at the Orlando Sentinel the one Orlando media outlet that isn't all "Casey Anthony" all the time.


PM UPDATE: As of 1730HRS Thursday afternoon, the jury has started deliberations in the case. Steve Yerrid, the Plancher family attorney, told jurors during his closing argument the UCF Athletics Association failed to follow its own policies and do everything possible to save Plancher's life.

UCFAA attorney Kevin Taylor countered there is "no evidence based proof" sickle cell trait caused death.

More when we know more...

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