Monday, April 30, 2012

Amy Senser Cross-Examined In Day 6


Under cross-examination in her criminal vehicular homicide trial, the wife of former Minnesota Viking Joe Senser admitted that she didn't know what she had done in her hit-and-run accident last August.

Jana Shortal has the recap...

The intent is to wrap the case tomorrow and send it to the jury...

Here's the KSTP-TV version as Amy Senser admits that she thought she hit a construction cone or barrel and not a person...

Lakers Jordan Hill Now Up On Felony Charges


Here's Lakers forward Jordan Hill discussing the initial charge of assaulting his girlfriend when he was back in Houston...

Hill is now up on felony charges for choking her the last day of February...
He will have to make an appearance in Houston to face the "third-degree felony for assault on a family member by choking" charge.

He could face a sentence of two to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. A warrant for his arrest will be issued once all the proper paperwork is filed in Harris County Court.

Both Hill and the Lakers issued written word today...

"I'm saddened to learn of the accusations that were filed against me today," Hill said. "At this time I cannot comment further other than to say that my attorneys are working to gather all of the facts and evidence and I plan to cooperate completely with the authorities.

"I'd like to apologize to the Lakers organization and to all of their fans for the untimeliness of these accusations. I promise to keep my focus and attention on the playoffs during this time and to helping my team win another championship."

And, now, the Lakers...

"We are aware of the media reports alleging an incident involving Jordan Hill from two months ago when he was a member of the Houston Rockets. We do not have any details regarding these reports and therefore, as well as due to the personal and legal aspects, it would not be appropriate for us to comment. Any further inquiries regarding this should be directed to Jordan's representative."

Here's the local reports from Houston...

Celtics lose their Rondo for Game 2

Not that anyone would want to kick them when they're down...but.

The Boston Celtics will be without their best player, Rajon Rondo for Game 2 of their NBA Playoff series with the Atlanta Hawks.

Rondo was suspended for his bump of referee Marc Davis late in Game 1 Sunday night while arguing a call.

For what its worth, the "C's" are already without Ray Allen who is nursing a bum ankle and most of the "So-Called" experts had already crowned the Celtics winners of the series.

By the way, the Hawks won game 1 93-84, Game 2 is Tuesday night.

Here's your video from and TurnerSports:

OSG Prem: Wild Weekend With 2 Games Left...


First and foremost, how long did it take $48-million transfer Fernando Torres to show...??? Too long in the minds of the Blues fans...

Chelsea blows out QPR 6-1 and Torres had three of them...

QPR is in danger of relegation as they're in the fight of their lives...

Not to be outdone... Liverpool's Luis Suarez matched Torres output with some work of his own... the third one was a cracker from 45 yards out...

Wigan is getting closer to getting out of the relegation battle, and at the same time, drawing Aston Villa into the fray with a 4-0 win over Newcastle- a complete surprise, but the Latics have now won 4 of their last 6...

Now, what's left is the Manchester Darby between City and United...
City wins and the League title is theirs to lose with tiebreakers and such... lose and it may be United's after all...

Even if Roberto Mancini says his team doesn't have a chance...

We May Know Who The Saints Narc Is...


And it looks like Jeremy Shockey may have some more evidence against Warren Sapp...

Yes, it was a member of the Saints staff (allegedly), but it wasn't a player...

Lee Zurik did the handiwork...

Now, the larger questions...

Yes, the HQ gets that whoever went to John Barr had an axe to grind...
If this is the source, what can be taken from this...???
Isn't the statute of limitations gone...???
How much credence is there in the source, if any...???
And what can the Shield do about it since there may be no evidence left over...???

Jus' axin...

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Buzzer Beater Gives Game 1 To OKC


Kevin Durant is making a habit of this...
A last second floater over Shawn Marion gives the Thunder a 99-98 win in Game One in the Western Conference first-rounder over the Dallas Mavericks...

Here's Damon Fontenot to talk about it...

Caleb King Arrested As A Pro Football Player Now... (UPDATED- He's Been Cut)

((HT: MyFoxTwinCities))

Caleb King can now add that charge to his ever-lengthy police blotter resume- this time for third-degree assault.

He is accused of beating up a man who told King "resembled a celebrity."

Whatever in the hell that means...

The victim was hospitalized in serious condition with a skull fracture, facial fractures and injuries that required more than 50 stitches to close. Doctors also believe the victim may have a "very serious brain injury."

King was celebrating a friend's 21st birthday at a party where the victim was teasing King about his resemblance to an unnamed celebrity...

At 3:15 in the morning... and the HQ knows what we all say about anything that happens that late (or that early)

King apparently didn't like what the guy said, followed the victim outside and hit him in the face- after pulling him out of a car where the victim had called 9-1-1 about Caleb King himself.

The victim wanted the family of the party to call the police in addition to his own call, but when the cops arrived, they said that there was nothing wrong

Nice hosts for a party...

There haven't been any charges filed yet and, get this, the local police commander says King denies assaulting the man, saying the victim fell to the ground when King was talking to him.

More when we know more...

TUESDAY UPDATE: He's been released...
Here's the latest from our friends at MyFoxTwinCities

Despite the action by the Vikings, Lee R. Wolfgram Sr. (King's attorney) said his client has no history of violent behavior, and said he showed (instead) "great restraint in attempting to calm a situation after an offensive racial remark was directed at him."

Wolfgram is correct- to a point. King had some issues at the University of Georgia, but they were more with driver's licenses that expired and the subsequent non-appearances in court...

Saturday, April 28, 2012

DEVELOPING: Derrick Rose Done For Season

Which should just about lock it up for the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference...

It was ugly, late in the 4th Quarter... with 80 seconds left, Rose hit the floor after driving to the basket. Bulls medical personnel have confirmed a torn ACL in his right knee...

Oh, Chicago won Game 1 in the series with the Philadelphia 76ers 103-91

More when we know more...
Here's some exclusive video of the walk of hospital shame...

Rose to Miss Rest of Season with Torn ACL:

In case you missed it: Ump tackles dumbass streaking fan

There is a reason that TV networks no longer shows the idiots who run out onto fields during the course of a ballgame. And simply put: It's not to encourage other morons to try it so they can get on TV.

However, this is quite good video.

During Friday nights Baltimore Orioles game against Oakland, some drunk, dumbass teen or 20-year old ran out onto the Camden Yards field. For some reason nobody seemed to be in a hurry to stop him as he loops through the infield, rounds third and heads home.

That's when Home Plate ump Jeff Kellogg steps in.

And drops the ass-clown, holding him in place with a knee in the middle of his back.

We only hope it hurt the stupid-mf. We hope it injures him real good.

But it probably didn't.

Your video:

Friday, April 27, 2012

Two Rangers Bids In, McCoist Resigned To Fate...???

((HT: goal/RangersTV))

Duff and Phelps says officially that there are two bids in house for Glasgow Rangers...

One is from towing magnate Bill Miller and the other is a joint effort now with Brian Kennedy and the Blue Knights. The Kennedy-Knights bid is contingent on an agreement wit all creditors and the purchase of Craig Whyte's shares on the board...

David Whitehouse, joint administrator of Rangers from Duff and Phelps, said in a prepared release:

"We can confirm this afternoon that we are in receipt of two formal bids for control of Rangers Football Club.

"Both bids at this stage remain conditional.

"We are in receipt of a bid from Bill Miller, whose bid is conditional on securing greater comfort and clarity from the football authorities in relation to sanctions against Rangers.

"Clearly, the events of last Monday night when the SFA's judicial panel imposed severe and, in our view, unwarranted penalties on the club had a destabilising effect on the sale process.

"However, since then, Mr Miller's bid team have worked to develop a structure which enables the wishes of creditors to be taken into account whilst ensuring that the club is taken forward well-capitalised and the requirements of the footballing authorities are met.

"Mr Miller hopes a solution to all regulatory issues can be found and his team has been in constructive discussions with all relevant parties this week.

"This afternoon Brian Kennedy and Paul Murray submitted a bid which is conditional on a CVA being approved by creditors and we will seek guidance from prominent creditors.

"It is also conditional on the acquisition of the shares of Craig Whyte in the football club and we have asked for this and other points in the bid to be clarified.

"We note the statement today issued by Ticketus and its withdrawal as a potential partner for the Blue Knights.

"What should be clarified is that neither bid involves liquidation of the football club.

"In terms of quantum, there are significant differences between the two offers in terms of a prospective return to creditors and approach to future funding and these have to be evaluated.

"We will provide a further update as soon as possible."

Meanwhile, in an interview with Rangers TV, team manager Ally McCoist seems somewhat resigned to the idea that, maybe, dropping down a few divisions may not be such a bad idea while the Gers try to come up out of administration...

Wouldn't Celtic love that...???

The larger question now involves Ticketus and their stake in Rangers. They have pulled out of the consortium bid, but are still on the take for 27-million pounds as Rangers largest creditor. they could try and chase Whyte outside of Rangers debt and try and reclaim their money from him directly or Whyte could, simply, hand over his stake and Ticketus would assume those percentages.

Her Majesty's Royalty and Customs (the Crown's IRS) may supercede Ticketus as the Number One Creditor when all of the outstanding revenues are computed.

And that would get everyone in a lather...

Foul Ball Couples Emerge In Dallas


The couple at the center of the foul ball fiasco in dallas has come forward once and for all...

And they claim they had no idea that the three-year-old next to them was bawling his eyes out over the fact that the old guy hijacked a baseball from a kid...

The HQ believes that 100-percent...

Here's both sides of the story... and we only believe half of it...

The marrying couple also say they want an apology from Yankees announcer Michael Kay for what he said on the air... the HQ is NOT holding its collective breath on that request...

They ain't getting it and they don't deserve it, either...

Ain't Nuthin' Better Than A Game 7

Unless it's two Game 7's- spaced about 90 minutes apart for the sake of television...

The last two Eastern Conference spots were locked up with the following wins...
The New York Rangers held on in a 2-1 win over Ottawa...
The last 10 minutes of regulation were must-see TV, and with Doc Emrick calling it the game was what it was...
Marc Staal and Dan Girardi scored for the Broadway Blues... and the HQ doubts anyone had them in the pool...
((HT: NHL on NBC))

The other game would have given the Florida Panthers their first series win since their Stanley Cup run in 1996... didn't happen, but the game went into the fifth period before a winner was decided. It was a busy night for Adam Henrique...
((HT: CNBC/NHL Network/NHL))

This sets up the semi-finals with the 5,6, and 7 seeds advancing out of the East with the 8th seeded LA Kings making it from the West first round...

By the way, lower level tickets for the Round 2 opener at MSG are going from $108-$420 per seat... just so ya know...

We asked...

Tigers Delmon Young arrested in drunken NYC skirmish (UPDATED With Suspension)

Delmon Young

Is it a good thing when you are an active member of a professional baseball team visiting New York and you are arrested in a drunken skirmish outside a hotel?

Well, guess what Detroit Tigers fans, one of your starting outfielders, Delmon Young did just that.

According to the New York Post, Mr. Young was detained and charged with assault after he allegedly pushed a man to the ground in front of a midtown New York hotel.

**UPDATE** 11am-- According to the Detroit Free-Press, it's worse than originally thought. NYC Police are apparently calling Young's case "Aggravated Harrassment and Hate Crime".

Read more from RIGHT HERE

Oh, and according to the police report, Young was highly intoxicated when the incident happened, around 2:40 Friday morning.

Read more from RIGHT HERE

Well, this is never a good way to endear yourself to your team. Especially in Young's case, because he has struggled this season.

No word on whether disciplinary action has or will be taken, but we would not be surprised to see Young's name NOT in the lineup when the Tigers take on the Yankess Friday night.

MONDAY PM UPDATE: Young was suspended for 7 games

"Those associated with our game should meet the responsibilities and standards that stem from our game's stature as a social institution," Commissioner Bud Selig said in a statement released to the media. "An incident like this cannot and will not be tolerated. I understand that Mr. Young is regretful, and it is my expectation that he will learn from this unfortunate episode."

Young, according to MLB, will also have to get treatment for his issues. According to Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski, there is no dual discipline (meaning the team can't get on top of what the folks at MLB sentence).

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Madden Curse On Himself For Game 7

((HT: NHL/CNBC/NHL Network/Fred Murtz))

Tonight was a great night for Game 7's in the FIRST round of the NHL playoffs. New York survived their series with Ottawa with a 2-1 win at MSG while Florida and New Jersey were going at in on the outskirts of Miami.

There was one reason that the Panthers picked up John Madden as a free agent- simplay, for nights like this...

But early on, Madden lost a collision with his own teammate Tomas Kopecky...

Kopecky returned... Madden had not by the key moments of the third...
Ol' JR would have talked about him bleeding like a stuck pig... in his 7:05 of ice time before his unintentional egress...

More on Madden when we know more... the HQ, however, is confident that he'll be diagnosed with an upper-body injury...

Bill Hancock's Statement About The Bee-Cee-Ess

"As part of our deliberations, we have carefully considered a number of concepts concerning the post-season structure for the BCS. From the start, we set out to protect college football’s unique regular season which we see as the best regular season in sports. We are also mindful of the bowl tradition and seek to create a structure that continues to reward student-athletes with meaningful bowl appearances.

“Having carefully reviewed calendars and schedules, we believe that either an 8-team or a 16-team playoff would diminish the regular season and harm the bowls. College football’s regular season is too important to diminish and we do not believe it’s in the best interest of student-athletes, fans, or alumni to harm the regular season.

“Accordingly, as we proceed to review our options for improving the post-season, we have taken off the table both an 8-team and a 16-team playoff.

“We will continue to meet and review the exact structure for what a new post-season could look like. We are making substantial progress. We will present to our conferences a very small number of four-team options, each of which could be carried out in a number of ways.

“We have discussed in detail the advantages and disadvantages of in-bowl or out-of-bowl games.

"We have discussed in detail the advantages and disadvantages of campus sites or neutral sites. We have discussed in detail the advantages and disadvantages of various ways to rank or qualify teams.

“Our process is proceeding as we have planned and we look forward to further conversations.”

So, there you go... we're down to four...

And the HQ is disappointed that the 256-team playoff is out of the question... Hell, basketball does it...

And all of these old guys finally went and moved the rock up the hill, but this Labor of Sysyphus was only started with a gun to their collective heads...

Joe Senser Testifies At Wife's Manslaughter Trial


Amy Senser is currently on trial in a hit-and-run case where she is charged in the death of a man on the side of the road in August of 2011.

Former Vikings tight end Joe Senser was on the stand for his second day of testimony and seemed ready to throw his wife under the bus and have her face the charge alone.

Joe Senser became aggravated in cross examination and seemed to think that his wife wasn't all that reliable a person in general...

Senser's daughter Brittani also had previously testified and contradicted her father's testimony from the week...

Here is the story on the Senser testimony...

Here's the KSTP-TV version...

OSG High: Boy Can't Play With Girls Field Hockey

((HT: MyFoxNY))

Keeling Pilaro learned to play field hockey over in Ireland, and has evolved into one of the best players in his age group in suburban New York City.

That's now a problem...

The higher-ups in the local kid leagues are claiming that since Pilaro plays with girls on their field hockey squad, he's reached a point where he can't do that anymore... being both a boy and good at what he does...

Commence uproar...
Here's Teresa Priolo...

Michael Kay Tells It Like It Is...

The situation below is hilarious...

The end, not the build-up...
((HT: YES/TSN/youtube/MLB))

"Once his money is gone, so is she..."

Oh, speaking of same... the Rangers won 7-3...

Report: NFL to end Pro Bowl (For Now)


The question should be: If the NFL cancels the Pro Bowl would anyone other than the players notice?

The answer is: No

According to a report this morning (Thursday) from ESPN's Chris Mortensen, the NFL has decided to put the Pro Bowl on hiatus.

And the reason apparently is "Lack of Competitiveness".

Which we get.

NFL Players take a much bigger physical risk in their all-star game than any other sport. You can't have them playing full, 100% speed in the game because nobody wants to risk injury.

And we are in complete agreement about it.

The problem is the league desperately wants a showcase for its biggest stars, much like baseball and basketball are able to make a big deal/weekend about their game.

But it is different.

Because of the lack of competitiveness, nobody watches the Pro Bowl. They don't. Even the crazed, watch and read everything about the NFL psycho fans don't watch it. It's boring. It's not fun.

We wish the Jolly Roger and his cohorts luck in trying to come up with a better plan, a better format. We understand the want to have a "All-Star" extravaganza.

In that vein, we suggest this (and if you do it, we want credit):

Do an "All-Star" awards weekend.

Have a big event in New York or LA or some other big venue.

Give out all your awards for the season that night. Make it like the Oscars.

People would watch. Really, they would.

Imagine something like this. News all over the world.

Overhyped, useless or greatest day ever: NFL Draft Day

This yrs #1 pick Andrew Luck
Read the headline again.

Think about it.

And read what I'm about to say before you pass judgement.

The NFL Draft is the 2nd most overhyped, over-produced event in all of football.

Number 1: College Signing Day.

Yeah, sure, my NFL crazed friends are already saying: "You are out of your mind". "Draft day should be a holiday". "It's the best 'non-NFL' gameday of the year".

And to that I say this: Prove it.

Between the 812,972 different people doing their "Mock Drafts" and the 712 incarnations of Mel Kiper Jr. (who pretty much shouldn't exist if this event wasn't made to be so big); the event (draft day) has become a parody of itself.

And yes, despite the railing about NFL Owner Welfare (stadium building), the railing about the inanity of this event, I enjoy my NFL Football (and no it isn't because my Dolphins wouldn't know a good draft pick if it fell on top of Jeff Ireland's head).

Really, it isn't even about the "Restocking" of your favorite team. Because that restocking needs to be done. But rather my aggravation and lack of interest in feeding the machine.

That machine gets cranked up immediately after the Super Bowl. Our friends at the 4-letter word (ESPN), are the biggest offenders, feeding us a daily dose of Kiper and Todd McShay arguing and debating over the upside and measureables of 22-year old men.

It gets worse when the NFL Network gives us non-stop, breathless coverage of the combine. That same combine where NFL Scouts drool over the same 22-year olds in their underwear, not looking for the best football player, but rather the biggest and best looking player who can excel in the tests.

What the slobbering scouts and the fans without lives always seem to forget is that the draft is an incredibly inexact science. You can make a guess how a 22-year old will adjust to the NFL, but you never know for sure. For every Peyton Manning and Calvin\ Johnson, there is a Ryan Leaf or Akili Smith or Mike Mamula.

You just don't know.

But that isn't going to stop the masses from watching, from slobbering and from criticizing their teams. And really, it shouldn't.

But don't judge what they do. Don't judge the players before they play. You can't. Because until they lineup on the field and square off against the 32-year old, 10-year vet who is just as big, fast and strong as they are, you don't know how well they will perform.

And neither do they.

I cannot think of a more appropriate video accompaniment on multiple levels.

In case you missed it: Caps beat Bruins in OT Thriller

So much for the Stanley Cup repeat for the Boston Bruins.

That's because they lost a teeth-clenching, arm-twisting, nail-biting game 7 of their opening round playoff series against the Washington Capitals.

And folks, if you have even the slightest interest in Hockey, then you know why the playoffs are some of the most dramatic events in professional sports.

The incredibly dramatic, hard-fought series went to a 7th game Wednesday night. And that 7th game went to overtime, when just a minute or so in, Joel Ward knocked in the rebound of a Mike Knuble shot for the game winner. And yes, you should listen to the great Doc Emerick's call.

Chaos ensued.

Your highlights from

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Falcons want new stadium too: Could cost nearly $1 billion


Well, they are certainly aiming high.

Sports fans in the Atlanta area have been following, albeit probably informally, the Atlanta Falcons quest for a new stadium (more money).

A report today spells out what the cost will likely be.

The Atlanta Business Journal says the team and the Georgia World Congress Center Authority (run stadium), have agreed the team needs new digs. And those digs, according to a Sports/Entertainement/Buidling design company, will run in the neighborhood of $948 million.

A mere pittance you say?


The new-open air proposal would replace the 20-year old Georgia Dome which while a perfectly acceptable venue to most, is limited on "Luxury Seat Revenue" and to tell you all the truth (look it up), that is the ONLY thing the Falcons or the NFL cares about.

And yes, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed has already stated his willingness to open up the cash-starved city's pocketbook.

**Note**--Apparently the city will pay for it through the Hotel-motel tax. So if you come visit, then you are paying for it. And paying for it. And paying for it. And no, it doesn't change the tone of this story.

Read the entire Business Journal story RIGHT HERE

Also read the proposal from the design company Populous RIGHT HERE

We've made our thoughts on moves such of these very apparent in the past...and our position hasn't changed. We certainly respect the Falcons right to build a new stadium, its just the cost and timing we question. If Mr. Blank wants to cough up a check for the new digs. Awesome, we're all for it.

And he might pay for half...which is better than not at all.

We guess in some circles (not the ones we live in), the city of Atlanta must be rolling in the dough. Either that or they've been saving their money for this project.

That's the only thing we can think of that could justify the expenditure. It's not like Atlanta Public Schools are a model of education. Or for that matter the citizens are only paying a small, rather than large fortune to fund the $1 billion water line repairs.

Or maybe its the model mass-transit system that makes this easier to afford.

Our point (again) is that while we aren't against new stadiums, the premise of a cash-starved city forking over at least a half-billion dollars for this kind of project is just plain stupid. We fully realize that it will bring "Some" tax money downtown that wouldn't already be there, but not much more than what the debt service will be. People already come to the games in the Dome. That won't change with a new building.

It isn't that the Falcons are going broke. Or the Georgia Dome is rundown and decrepit.

It isn't.

No, they, like every other team is looking to INCREASE their revenue. And these days the only way to do it is to build a new stadium. Sure, we realize they add a certain amount to the local economy, but how many years debt and how many decades of underfunding infrastructure problems do you sacrifice to help a mega-millionaire businessman (Arthur Blank) make more your expense?

And the way; they really don't care if you can afford a ticket to a new stadium or not. They are building it for Luxury Suite and Club Seat Holders. Not the Single Game Ticket buyer.

In the meantime enjoy this "Video Essay" done on the Ga.Dome by the GWCC. Relax to the hotel elevator music while you watch it.

Here's the early returns from our friends at WXIA-TV

Buff Bagwell In ICU After Car Crash

The HQ admits to still being a smark these days when it comes to pro wrestling...

We'll watch for the big ticket items, but for the most part, the writing leaves a lot to be desired and the kids today have real issues with working the stick...

Sad news, though, for one of the WCW era...

Marcus Alexander "Buff" Bagwell is in intensive care at a suburban Atlanta hospital after a car crash, The accident left Bagwell with broken bones in his neck and face, and a broken jaw, when his vehicle flipped over on Monday.

Bagwell was an NWO-ite for most of the script's run and even came back from a broken neck in 1998 to keep competing.

His ties now are with something called Universal Championship Wrestling and their president, Ron Gossett, says that Buff is better off than yesterday, but he's still in ICU.

Thoughts and prayers for the Cobb County kid...
Here was the incident on "Thunder" where Rick Steiner botched a spot and broke Bagwell's neck...
((HT: WCW/youtube))

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

John L Smith... Commence Punch Lines Now...

It was the day that the new Arkansas head coach was supposed to win the press conference...

By all appearances, he didn't. John L. Smith was comedic, sad, and blamed his wife for returning to Fayetteville after all...

Here's some of the presser...
((HT: Little Rock))

Now, it's all on AD Jeff Long...

If he just doesn't like all of his staff and just wants to jettison them all after this season, then John L. wasn't a bad idea.

If he wants to bring Petrino back after one season of John L.'s caretaking and keep the staff in tact in the process, then all the tears in the world that Long shed last week meant nothing- and was one of the best acting jobs in recent history...

Here's John L.'s agreement to be back...

Here's some more reaction from KFSM-TV and

What's your best John L. Smith joke so far...???

Monday, April 23, 2012

Clemens Trial v 2.0- Day Five

((HT: MyFoxDC))

So, let's try this again...

Roger Clemens, trial, perjury, Washington DC, blah, blah, blah...

There was a victory by the defense in that when Andy Petitte testifies, he can talk about his taking HgH, but he can't say where he got it from...

The prosecution told the jury that Clemens told "other lies to cover up lies."

Here's the quick version...

Prosecutor: Roger Clemens told 'lies to cover up lies':

Rangers Update: Whyte Gets A Ban, So Do Rangers

The administrators from Duff and Phelps broke out the word "draconian" in describing the decision that came down today from the Scottish Football Association...

The SFA decided that owner Craig Whyte was to be fined 200,000 pounds and was the proud owner of a lifetime ban after being deemed unfit to own or manage an SFA franchise.

Whyte's response to the sanctions...?

"Tell me how it is going to affect me? I couldn't care less. It makes no difference to my life whatsoever - and good luck collecting the money.

"It's a joke."

But that wasn't all... much like what the NCAA does when they hand out sanctions to schools, the SFA acted in the same manner- a 160,000-pound fine and a 12-month embargo on any player signings for Rangers...

D&P wasn't pleased at all... here's their response in full...
Paul Clark is given credit for the statement...

"All of us working on behalf of the Club are utterly shocked and dismayed by the draconian sanctions imposed on Rangers in respect of these charges.

"It appears that on one hand the disciplinary panel accepted our central argument that responsibility for bringing the Club into disrepute lay with the actions of one individual - Craig Whyte - as is evident from the unprecedented punishment meted out to him.

"During this hearing the Club produced compelling evidence from a number of sources that following his takeover, Craig Whyte ran the Club in a thoroughly unaccountable manner, rather than adhering to a long-established and proper form of corporate governance.

"The thrust of the charges against the Club focused on non-payment of payroll taxes and evidence was produced that all such decisions in this area were taken by Craig Whyte during his tenure.

"Given this evidence, it is difficult to comprehend that the disciplinary panel has seen fit to effectively punish the Club even more heavily than Mr Whyte. As everyone knows, it has already been decided he is not a fit and proper person to run a football club and any further punishment on him will have little or no impact.

"However, for Rangers, a ban on signing players will seriously undermine the Club's efforts to rebuild after being rendered insolvent.

"Furthermore, we do not know how bidders for the Club will react to these sanctions and what affect they will have on their proposals.

"The Club has asked for full written reasons for these decisions and intend to appeal against the findings."

Let's go back to the original adminstration presser for a reminder to the SFA what the Rangers actually are going through at the moment...
((HT: BBCNews/youtube))

Spaeking of one of the guys chasing after Rangers...

Towing major domo Bill Miller is proceeding with his 11.2-million pound deal to create two separate but operating equally Rangers franchises. He says he has had conversations with the SFA and the SPFA (the player's union), but wants to still talk to head coach Ally McCoist when he can between now and the time of the team's next game this weekend against Hearts.

The plot thickens...

ESPN report: Saints GM eavesdropped on opponents (UPDATED with Saints Follow-Up)

Mickey Loomis

Hmmmm...this could be interesting. It could be a bombshell or it could be an embarrassment to someone depending on whom you believe.

Monday afternoon, ESPN revealed a report on its "Long-Form" investigative show "Outside the Lines" that said New Orleans Saints GM Mickey Loomis had audio from opposing teams communications piped into his box at the Superdome from 2002-2004.

No, really. They said it.

Check out their story RIGHT HERE

You can also watch it:

For their part,the Saints have responded and called the report a bunch of Baloney. However, someone considers the charges serious because they apparently have been sent to the U.S Attorney's office.

We are guessing that those charges have something to do with wiretapping, but we aren't lawyers, so we could be wrong.

U.S Attorney Jim Lefflen told that he was made aware of the issue on Friday, but declined to say who informed him about it. (And he could but didn't say it might have been a 4-letter acronym)

The Saints also told the paper that they asked ESPN to provide them the information or some of background on what and why they were reporting the story.

They didn't get any.

Read the story RIGHT HERE

This story is going to get ugly for someone really fast, but we don't know exactly whom that will be. Either Loomis and the Saints or ESPN isn't being truthful here. The ESPN story mentions a previous incarnation of a listening device put in place for former GM Randy Mueller to listen to his own teams conversations.

That seems to be the impetus for this story.

Without knowing who brought the information forward, it may never be proven. We respect the heck out of John Barr and his reporting skills, but this story doesn't connect the dots very well. It is very heavy on Federal eavesdropping and very little on how or why it was done.

We also might add the Saints weren't exactly world beaters during that time period and the report doesn't imply it is still being done.

Stay tuned here, like we said, this could get interesting. If true, Loomis is done, if not, ESPN is putting an awful lot on the line.

TUESDAY UPDATE: WWL-TV's Chick Foret was interviewed on the subject...
Barr tried to track him down for the piece...

Former Saints Exec Jim Miller was interviewed about it as well...

OSG High: Tony Parker To UCLA

Shabazz Muhammad, Kyle Anderson and now Tony Parker...

Three of the Top 5 recruits in the country are all now heading to UCLA for the next basketball season...

But the Tony Parker presser took far too long... and was eviscerated on the Twitter

FOSG Zach Klein ‏was watching the video stream and came up with this gem...

14.25 Minutes per Letter RT @RecruitingAJC: After 57 minutes, Tony Parker commits to #UCLA

And it's an adult problem, not a kid problem... but it does go back to the whole idea of entitlements, when they start, and how they continue to be manifested...

**Note**--We also would be glad to mention, by some strange coincidence, Parker's AAU coach, Korey McCray became a UCLA assistant this past summer.

But one thing would never have anything to do with the other.

Would it?

Here's what Ben Howland is getting...
The voice you hear is FOSG GT...

And now the impetus is on Howland to make something out of last year's nothing season. He has a renovated Pauley Pavilion and three of the top five...

It's on him now... and the hiring of the Celtics AAU coach to be a part of the Howland staff wasn't too shabby a move, either...

Seth Greenberg Out At Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech will be looking for a new men's basketball coach. According to OSG Sources Seth Greenberg has been fired as head coach of the Hokies.

A press conference is scheduled for 4:00pm eastern where Virginia Tech athletic director Jim Weaver will break the news.

Greenberg completed his ninth season at Virginia Tech going 16-17. Overall Greenberg's record is 170-123 Overall, 61-67 in the ACC.

In nine seasons at Virginia Tech Greenberg took the Hokies to the NCAA tournament only once in 2007.

Greenberg had four years remaining on his contract with a buyout of $1.2 million. 

More when we know it.

1630 UPDATE: From Andy Katz through his Twitter...

Va Tech AD Jim Weaver made it clear that assistants leaving, lack of family atmosphere for hoops within program were major factors.

Most telling comment from Weaver was "it's safe to say he was shocked," about Greenberg learning that he was fired.

Weaver said they made the decision that if they weren't going to extend Seth next year why wait.

CSN Washington's Chick Hernandez is already saying Dell Curry is going to get consideration...

BREAKING: John L Smith To Arkansas... No, Really...

Everyone is kvetching about a possible 5PM EDT press conference in the land of the Razorback (or is it "land of the Razorbacks...?")

Sources close to OSG and the situation in Fayetteville and Little Rock are saying that Arkansas AD Jeff Long has made his choice to take over for Robert Petrino, Esq.

And it's John L Smith according to the Associated Press...???

AD Long is looking for a splash, and while bringing in currently-ostracized New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton isn't working out to his timetable, bringing in a guy like Smith to work on, what a lot of people thought would be a contender for the Ess-E-Cee Western Division title is interesting.

The HQ will be interested in seeing how he does in a pressure-cooker more high-powered than Louisville.

More when know more...

The HQ just remembers this from his tenure in Lansing in 2005
((HT: ABC Sports/youtube))

Petrino replaces John L at Luh-vul, so them's irony now...
So much for the "John L Era" at Weber State since he was the head coach there...

Wonder what the buyout in Ogden was...??? He was head coach at his ALMA MATER for three-and-a-half months, and according to's Kevin Scarbinsky, had only completed his staff three weeks ago.

While he has familiarity with working on the staff as the special teams coordinator, John L. also knows the deal is for 10 months...

Here's early discussion with Ryan, Hot Rod, and Joe Schad...
((HT: ESPN))

1700 UPDATE: Smith is signing a one-year, $850,000 deal. Prevailing thoughts are that Weber didn't have a proper buyout, Smith hadn't signed his deal, or John L had some kind of an out for certain schools where Weber is screwed...

Giants Jacobs Involved In High-Speed Run In New Jersey


What if the "Cannonball Run" was local and got help from state police to help pull it off...???

It looks like the state of New Jersey did just that in 2010 and then-Giants tailback Brandon Jacobs was party to the chase... that got no tickets for any of the drivers...

New Jersey State Police and the state Attorney General are investigating the idea that two troopers were escorts when these type of cars allegedly did the same thing last month.

Here's first-person video from a car not in the chase looking at those in the chase- with their police escort... and it's NSFW...

The state is promising the standard amount of swift and decisive action when they get to the bottom of it all...

The HQ is waiting...

OSG DFW: The NPSFL's Dallas Defenders And A Five-Ringed Documentary

((HT: WFAA-TV Dallas))

Our friends at 8 News have two cool stories for your Monday...

The first has to do with the National Public Safety Football League and Dallas first responder's place in it...

Here's Ted Madden...

The other has to do with a new documentary, "The Other Dream Team." Dallas Mavericks GM Donnie Nelson coached the Lithuanian team in the 1992 for third-place in the five-ringed competition- and beat the Russians to do it...

Casey Norton caught up with Donnie...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

OSG High: 193 Pitches In A Game- By One Pitcher...

((HT: WWL-TV))

And the outing may bring the Louisiana High School Athletic Association into the fray...

An 18-inning game between New Orleans-Jesuit and Rummel High is now bringing a whole lot of scrutiny on their head coach Joey Latino- rightfully so... even as Latino regrets what he did and welcomes rules to prevent what he did in the future

Pitcher Doctor Extraordinaire James Andrews only recommends 105 pitches by a high schooler on any one outing...

A natural issue...
Here's Drew Mouton...

The HQ would like to know what compelled the coach to do 193 pitches on one kid... and we'd like to know how the rest of the season for Emerson Gibbs is going to go...

Someone keep an eye... and the LHSAA is, probably, going to set guidelines for pitching from now on...

This Is What Happens When Your Fans Are Pissed...

((HT: SkySports24/youtube/Deadspin))

Let's go to Italy... or "Ih-uh-lee" as everyone's bestest buddy and big toe, Sgt. Hulka pronounced it...

Siena and Genoa were playing in a Serie A game... or, at least, Siena was...
In the 80th minute, Genoa's fanatic "ultras" demanded the players hand over their jerseys since they were a disgrace to the team that has been in existence since the mid-19th century...

They even went as far as blocking the player's entrance/exit until they complied.

And, yes, the analysis is in native tongue...

The game was delayed for almost a half-hour as most of the home team complied with the demand and, then, the ultras allowed them to have them back to complete the game.

Genoa actually scored in the final ten minutes, but Siena won 4-1. They're 11 points ahead of next-to-last in 17th place...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Humber Is Lucky 21

Chicago White Sox pitcher Philip Humber isn't the firs tname that you'd associate with the phrase "perfect game."

Now it is- regardless of what anyone thinks...

He's now the 21st pitcher in major league history to go that way...

All he needed was 97 pitches to beat the Seattle Mariners and he's now the third White Sox pitcher to do the job in that fashion...

Here's Humber- who still seemed shocked...
((HT: CSNChicago))

Oh, for the record...
Here's the full list...

American League

Philip Humber- April 21, 2012
Dallas Braden- May 9, 2010
Mark Buehrle- July 23, 2009
David Cone- July 18, 1999
David Wells- May 17, 1998
Kenny Rogers- July 28, 1994
Mike Witt- September 30, 1984
Len Barker- May 15, 1981
Catfish Hunter- May 8, 1968
Don Larsen- October 8, 1956
Charlie Robertson- April 30, 1922
Addie Joss- October 2, 1908
Cy Young- May 5, 1904

National League

Roy Halladay- May 29, 2010
Randy Johnson- May 18, 2004
Dennis Martinez- July 28, 1991
Tom Browning- September 16, 1988
Sandy Koufax- September 9, 196
Jim Bunning- June 21, 1964
Monte Ward- June 17, 1880
Lee Richmond- June 12, 1880

Falcons Easterling Committed Suicide

((HT: NFL Network))

Richmond, Virginia police captain Yvonne Crowder tells's AJ Perez that the death of former Atlanta Falcon is being ruled a suicide.

The 62-year-old former defensive back was found by his wife, Mary Ann, in his bedroom Thursday with a handgun nearby. Easterling was one of the more than a thousand names as party in the lawsuit against the National Football League over head injuries sustained when the now-retired athletes performed in a different era when it came to care and treatment of concussions and other brain trauma.

“He had been feeling more and more pain,” Mary Ann Easterling told Perez. “He felt like his brain was falling off. He was losing control. He couldn’t remember things from five minutes ago. It was frightening, especially somebody who had all the plays memorized as a player when he stepped on the field.”

Easterling had been diagnosed with dementia in March of 2011, but had suffered with bouts of depression and insomnia- symptoms associated with repeated and undiagnosed/underdiagnosed head trauma.

It will be interesting to see if the Easterling family donates his body to the Boston University researchers digging into the effects of CTE. Such a diagnosis would echo the recent BU examinations of former NFL'ers Dave Duerson and Terry Long.

The HQ wouldn't be surprised if there were, at least, traces in their examinations...

But that just us and our dime store logic...

Here's what the Grits Blitz was all about...

BREAKING: Raffi Torres Gets 25 Games

This can be taken one of two ways...

Brendan Shanahan's inequality of doling out punishment continues or Torres got what he deserved and the team is without a player since their competition is without one of the most complete players in the game today...

Your reminder of what brought us here...
((HT: NHL on NBC))

Torres' 25 games will carry over into the next regular season if the Coyotes playoffs from 2012 don't add up to the 25-game number. He also won't be allowed in any pre-season games at the beginning of the 2012-2013 year...

Here's the statement from Shanahan in full:

"This is a violation of three NHL rules – interference, charging and illegal check to the head."

"In addition to the fact that three separate NHL rules were violated with this one hit, two other factors were critical in determining the appropriate length of suspension:

"First, this violent and dangerous hit caused a severe injury.

"Second, Torres not only is a repeat offender as defined by the CBA, his extensive Supplemental Discipline history consists mainly of acts very similar to this one – including two this season."

"Despite knowing that Hossa no longer has the puck, Torres decides to finish his check past the amount of time when Hossa is eligible to be bodychecked. That is a violation of the Interference rule."

"While we acknowledge the circumstances of certain hits may cause a player's skates to come off the ice, on this hit, Torres launches himself into the air before making contact. This is a violation of the Charging rule."

"The position of Hossa's head does not change just prior to or simultaneous with this hit. The onus, therefore, is on Torres not to make it the principal point of contact. By leaping, Torres makes Hossa's head the principal point of contact. That is a violation of the Illegal Check to the Head rule."

Minnesota Senate Revives Vikes Stadium Bill... No, Really...???

((HT: KSTP-TV/MyFoxTwinCities/KARE-TV))

Color the HQ shocked...

A Senate committee narrowly approved a public subsidy to help the Vikings build a new football stadium, one day after being visited by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Goodell apparently invoked those two words "Los Angeles" in his behind-the-scenes talks with high government muckety-mucks and Governor Mark Dayton.

Something called "The Senate's Local Government and Elections Committee" passed the bill 8-6 after a four-hour hearing.

Here's the KSTP version...

The split for the costs would be 44-56 with the state paying the majority in the new discussion. The talks have until the end of April to see if everything passes again...

Here's the MyFoxTwinCities version...

Roger Goodell: 'Time is Now' for Vikings Stadium:

John Croman has team coverage for KARE-TV as the Jolly Roger admitted the league would like a franchise in Los Angeles, but the Shield doesn't want it to be the Vikings...

The HQ bets you say that to all the girls...

Friday, April 20, 2012

Bahrain Crown Prince Calls F1 Race "Force For Good"

((HT: Channel 4 Scotland))

The Formula One race in Bahrain this weekend has been one of those on-again, off-again events. F1 Chief Bernie Ecclestone left it up to each race team as to whether or not they would travel to compete- which they all have.

But one team, Force India, declined to make the second practice. Another team, Sauber, saw what SkySports wrote as "witnessed disturbances on their return to their hotel from the circuit on Thursday night." Now, there is talk of the race being postponed again.

"We are a real country with real issues and we hope you see us with all our complexities and all our shades," the Crown Prince of Bahrain, Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, said when interviewed in the race paddock. "I genuinely believe that this race is a force for good. It unites many people from many different religious backgrounds and sects."

Channel 4's Cathy Newman caught up with the country's Information Affairs Authority spokesman about the new chapter of the uproar...

Here's the interview with the Crown Prince in its entirety
((HT: SkySports/youtube))

Just so you know: Bahrain's royal family owns 40-percent of the McLaren team, look to entertain 100,000 spectators, and bring in half a billion dollars in spending by those folks.

Protestors are proclaiming that the weekend will bring in "days of rage."

A Celebration Of Fenway At 100

The grand lady turns 100 today with the Red Sox-Yankees afternoon game between the Sawks and the Highlanders...

Here's a sampling of the cheers...
((HT: MSNBC/"Morning Joe"))

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

The Open House from MyFoxBoston

Red Sox ready for Fenway Park's 100th anniversary :

All of the retired Yanks and Sawks returning to The Fens
((HT: WHDH-TV/Joe Amorosino))

And one of the better movies of the decade...
((HT: 20th Century Fox))

Branding Police: Don't post from the 2012 Olympics or else

The place where the gathering will be/Please don't arrest me

Yikes! It's a good thing we have no interest what so ever in reporting anything Olympic (god I hope the secret police don't get me for typing that word), because according to the folks at the Guardian in Britain, you could get arrested for it.

Yes, that's right. If you go to the 2012 O-L-Y-M-P-I-C-S (crap, I just said it again) and tweet about it, or post a Facebook photo to show you were there, you are violating British law.

We were shocked to hear this too. We are pretty sure the Chinese, a group all about controlling the message weren't this over-the-top.

Apparently, in order to host the "Games that can't be mentioned unless you pay money to sponsor them", you have to agree to the IOC's demand that nobody outside of "PAYING" sponsors can use any derivative of the "Year, Word, Host City etc" in ANY combination.

No, really, we aren't delusional and we aren't making this up.

Oh...wait, it gets better (or worse). Apparently, you can't even use words that "MIGHT" be associated with the event either.


Uh...there's more.

The punishment/flogging/death threats include the athletes. Particularly those represented or speaking of "NON PAYING BRANDS". If your favorite athlete is a Nike guy and has a Nike logo during the may never see him alive again. The "Gathering" is apparently sponsored by Addidas.


We are serious here.

Read the story from the GuardianUK RIGHT HERE

((**Editor Note**--Apparently pubs and other places can't even say "Come to our place to watch the _____ " either. Same rules apparently apply.))

This is the part where we go off on an uncontrolled rant about the sheer lunacy, madness and violation of not only free speech, but speech in any form.

Call us flabbergasted.

Yes, if you read the story, the "Business folks" and IOC representatives don't seem to think this is a problem. And you know what? Inside the venues and the Olympic (oh damn...I said it again) venue, they have a legitimate argument.

But not in the rest of the known universe.

We are pretty sure that in some way, shape or form this violates pretty much every free speech right in existence. today's universe, really it no longer does.

And you ask...Why?

It's because "Paid Sponsors" and "Big Corporations" can push through pretty much any legislation that they want.

Oh crap...I'm getting political again.

If they spend enough money or put the right pressure on the right politician...(finger snap!), you've got new legislation.

Don't believe me? Then spend your money, buy your ticket and go to unnamed city for the current years athletic gathering (insert sarcasm), take pictures and post them on Twitter or Facebook and use the city or events name.

Don't be surprised if you get hauled away to the Thought Police jail sometime in the middle of one of the next few nights.

**NOTE**--If you don't see a story from me in the next few days here on OSG Sports, send a search party. Or at least call ABC and have them send Ashley Judd because I'm Missing.  Also, please notify The Lovely Bride and give Happy Rosie the pup and Oliver the Cat my best.

Brings back memories of this...doesn't it?

Friday Rangers Update: Down To One Bid

Singapore businessman Bill Ng was looked at as one of the clubhouse leaders for the new ownership for Glasgow Rangers...

He's not any more...

Concerned over the "deliverability of shares on offer" Ng is removing his Singaporean consortium from consideration, which now leaves only American businessman Bill Miller to talk things over with administrator Duff and Phelps.

Here's the new special report on the status of Rangers with Alex Thomson on just how in debt Rangers are...
((HT: Channel4 Scotland))

Brian Kennedy and his Sale Sharks group said they had put another bid together, but D&P turned it away saying that the new paperwork hadn't been filed in the first place.

The hook with the Miller group is that he apparently favors liquidation since debts could reach 135-million pounds. That would create another new group of headaches- players could walk without Rangers being compensated, Rangers starts the season with a 10-point deduction, and they would only get 25-percent of their normal league revenue share.

Miller's plan in full thought is hyah, thanks to the Daily Mail...

Not Sports: A Van Halen concert review

Van Halen/Courtesy: Me
Yes, we are well aware that this is a Sports Blog and this isn't necessarily a sports story, but we are guessing that a good portion of you like your music in some form or another.

Last night, The Lovely Bride and I got to see one of favorite music groups from our childhood in concert: Van Halen. And though they certainly looked a lot older and Michael Anthony wasn't there, they sure sounded a lot like they used to.

For those of you unaware, the original lead singer, David Lee Roth is back. And in bits and pieces sounds like his old self. But an older Roth seems to finally have come to grips with the fact that people come to see Eddie Van Halen more so than him and he's seemingly okay with that.

And while Roth, who is in his mid-50's showed flashes of his old self, he at times was also totally lost. He seemed to forget a few of the lyrics...but it really wasn't much of an issue. He had fun, he entertained, and he was well aware that he didn't have all the lyrics down and can't hit the high notes he used to.

By telling you that the old "VH" was one of our favorite groups...and continued to be with whomever sang for them (except that guy from Extreme or Erasure or whatever that group was), we are admitting that we aren't as young as we used to be. TLB and I, well, I guess you can call us somewhat aging hipsters.

We knew we were old when at dinner before the concert, when we mentioned to our waitress we were going to the concert, she responded "Oh...I think my Aunt and Uncle are driving up for that show".

Me and TLB
Thanks. That comment just affected your tip.

But seriously.

It was almost surreal to see the opening act for the show, Kool and the Gang.

Yes, that Kool and the Gang. And with the original cast.

And quite honestly, they weren't bad for what they did. The worked hard. They sold what they were doing. They warmed up the crowd for the headliner. And they were moderately entertaining for the roughly half-full house.

And yes, they really made us feel old.

It was amazing how fast the arena filled up when Van Halen got going. And boy did they get going.

From the opening "Unchained" through "Everybody Wants Some", we never sat down.

However, we, and most of the rest of the arena did sit down when they started playing cuts from their new album, A Different Kind of Truth.

Now mind you, the new stuff isn't bad. It sounds exactly like you would think a Van Halen album in 2012 would sound like. Except at least 2/3rds of the roughly 15,000 in the arena weren't familiar with it.

But that didn't matter.

Eddie Van Halen/Courtesy: Me
Eddie Van Halen hasn't lost his touch. At all. And really, for those of us who were familiar with the group from the start, he's why you come see the band play. He is every bit as good...if not better than he ever was. Seriously, the guy did an 8-minute solo that produced sounds from his guitar you would never imagine a guitar making.

Words cannot describe this.

Alex Van Halen is still Alex Van Halen. The quiet one. His schtick hasn't changed either. His drums drive the group. They always have. And they did last night.

And then their is the new bassist, Eddie's son Wolfgang. No, he isn't Michael Anthony, but the kid is pretty damn good. He's much more subdued than Anthony, basically just playing, moving from the drum set to the stage and doing a pretty good background vocal with his dad.

All-in-all, we had an absolute blast. About a 2-hour show with little rest. My voice is struggling this morning and my ears have a bit of a ring to them, but that's okay. If you are in your 30's or 40's, there is a good chance you are familiar with Van Halen. If you are, get a ticket. It's a bit of nostalgia, its a bit of going back to your childhood. No, it isn't perfect. But for pure entertainment, its an absolute blast.

Go. See. Enjoy. And don't judge.

I didn't shoot this (can't get my video to upload), but here is the opener from last night: (thks YouTube)