Thursday, April 12, 2012

Petrino's house has been for sale and he's apparently a horndog

Yours for $2.5 million

One of the story's emerging today in the Bobby Petrino scandal fallout is that his home in Arkansas is for sale. has the story RIGHT HERE


Those who made a big deal over this may be a bit presumptuous. A quick archive search from the folks at showed the house yes is on sale, but has been since 2010.

You can read that story RIGHT HERE

So you are probably asking; "Why are you reporting this?"

The answer, "Because we can".

No, it really isn't a big deal, but based on some of the headlines we saw earlier in the day, its being made out to be one.

Would you let your daughter with this man?
Now...that being said, what is an interesting part of the story is the phone record detective work done by our friends at Deadspin. And if you ever do something sleazy bad, you don't want those guys on your trail.

Some of writer Barry Petchesky's findings: Jessica Dorrell may not have been the only "Young Hottie" Petrino made moves on.

According to the records, he exchanged a ton of messages with an Alison Melder. Melder is a former bikini and lingerie model who "Was" employed with the Republican Party of Arkansas.

At least until this afternoon.

Read more from Deadspin RIGHT HERE

Yeah. We know. This is kind of gross and having met and dealt with Petrino in the past, we have no earthly idea what any woman, never mind the hotties he's now being linked with would want to do with him.

But, even though we try steering clear of the TMZ style of reporting, we feel compelled to let you know about this. It's kind of like watching a train or car wreck, you just can't turn away.

We hope...for both Petrino's sake...and ours, that he goes and crawls under the rock he came out from for awhile. As more stuff like this keeps coming out, the chances of him returning to coaching anytime in the near future get slimmer and slimmer.

And no, we are pretty sure he doesn't have the option that most fired coaches looking for work do, going to work for ESPN for a year as an analyst as an option considering his general disdain for and by most everyone in the media on all levels.

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