Thursday, July 31, 2014

Under-20 Tourney Gets Ugly Between Northern Ireland And Mexico

((HT: Youtube/BBC Sport Ireland))

The Milk Cup is a tournament played in Ireland on a yearly basis and this year's tourney will only be remembered for this brawl that broke out between the two nations in the box.

Especially, after what the Mexico national player does at the end of the scrum

Northern Ireland won 2-1, but four players were sent off after the two fights and the match was called four minutes early by the lead official because of all the stuff going on.

Northern Ireland manager Stephen Craigan told the BBC:

"It was not nice. There were young kids here from around the world. They were here to watch a football match; they do not expect to see that. Mexico did it last year - they had a man sent off for punching. They have a history of it. I have to be careful what I say, but I would like to think Mexico will not be back at the Milk Cup."

The Mexico squad has since apologized...

Ray Rice Had A Presser: Believe At Your Own Peril, Deford Goes After Goodell's Handling Of It


Here's his sound bite on how he will be an advocate on domestic violence issues with his wife, Janay...

If this had come sooner, and not in the pee-ahr dumpster fire that is the Baltimore Ravens, there might be a little more credibility here. But the HQ is not really holding its breath on this one...

The greatest hits:

He apologized to his wife

He claimed that he did not have a domestic violence issue before February

He would not go into detail as to what actually went down in the elevator in the moments before the security camera video picks up the two of them pouring out of the elevator

He apologized to any woman who has faced a violent situation

He would not have appealed the suspension- no matter how long it was

But Frank Deford of NPR's "Morning Edition" brought up an interesting tack on the future of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell- basically asking for his head- in his Wednesday commentary.

In part:

Goodell's sideswipe of a punishment to Ray Rice indicates, if nothing else, a cultural ignorance on his part. Remember, this is the businessman who is widely compared to a tobacco executive for so long procrastinating, denying the effects of obvious occupational concussions, a promoter who hanged a good health of his fungible players, even now wants more Thursday games and a longer regular-season schedule. But the NFL is the biggest boon this side of the Internet, so Goodell is cocooned by his ever-richer owners and a phalanx of admiring football reporters. The networks, his breathless partners, are simply bootlickers. The exalted NFL so needs a rector, a magistrate who comes to the game, not from within it. It needs a leader of grace and vision. More and more, Roger Goodell just looks like a slick, selling us 76 trombones.

Listen to it all here

What The Ref Doesn't See, He Can't Call...Like A Cup Check...

((HT: Aaron Ward's Vine))

Last night, Red Bulls and Real Salt Lake drew at ones in Rio Tinto.
But the move that caught some folks eye was this cup check by New York's Jameson Olave

Best (or worst part)- RSL's Olmes Garcia was the one that got the yellow for diving...

Would the ref like to see how HE'D react in a situation like that...???
The HQ thinks it would be similar...

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How A Walk Turns Into A Double Play


Pirates and Giants today...

Jean Machi issues a walk...
But Machi sees Travis Snider too far off the bag
And then the fun begins...

Wild, but very afternoon-basebally...

Pauley Pavilion Court "Buckling"


UCLA AD Dan Guerrero is far more optimistic than a lot of other folks on campus these days.

He says that the Bruins will play inside Pauley Pavilion this season.

Assistant vice chancellor Kelly Schmader is just relaying the facts:

"Basically, it had eight to 10 inches of water all over the court. Crews worked through the night to try to get that water removed and they're currently in the drying process. The court is showing a little sign of buckling and expansion. Whether we'll be able to save that court, I don't know."

According to Schmader, 739 vehicles are still stuck inside two parking structures located in and around the athletic facilities. Some vehicles were completely under water- others just surrounded by water.

Here's the look around the campus from this morning

No word yet on what caused the actual break in the line, but officials think that Sunset Boulevard will be closed for a while. As a main conduit through campus, it is creating all the headaches one can imagine for travel under morning rush hour conditions.

NPSL Championships Preview: Red Bulls Takes On CFC

Red Bull Arena will host the National Premier Soccer League final Saturday between the New York Red Bulls Under-23 squad and Chattanooga FC. The final will follow the New York Red Bulls – New England Revolution MLS regular season match.

The Red Bulls Under-23 squad advanced to the NPSL Final with a 2-0 win over Lansing United at Red Bull Training Facility in one semifinals. Sean Sheridan and Mike Innocenzi each scored for the U-23s in a 2-0 win. The U-23s have posted a perfect 14-0-0 record en route to advancing to the NPSL Final in 2014 and have outscored its opponents 62-7.

Here's the highlights from Lansing United

Chattanooga FC earned their berth with a 4-1 win over the Sacramento Gold. This will be the club’s third overall appearance in the final but they have yet to win the title. CFC drew a club record crowd of 8,878 fans last Saturday at Finley for their semifinal match against Sacramento.

Here's the look from our friends at Mad Kemp

Lisicki Sets New MPH Record For Serve

((HT: ESPN))

Sabine Lisicki pulled this off yesterday in her match against Ana Ivanovic

The old record was Venus Williams' at 129MPH in the 2007 US Open

Semi-Pro Baseball Team Has A Real Closer


Semi-pro ball and independent ball litter the United States and it's part of what makes the country one of the coolest places on this or any other planet...

And it takes all types to make up a roster...

Like a Pocatello, Idaho fireman who doubles as a relief pitcher

The HQ remembers when a certain antacid gave out a "Fireman of the Year" award to the best closer...
Seems like the Grays already have one...

Rookie League Scrum!!! Rookie League Scrum!!!


This one happened in the rookie leagues- Pioneer to be precise with Ogden and Idaho Falls.

The game itself went 16 innings with Idaho Falls winning 9-8, but this happened top 10th and the managers even got involved...

Oh, the Ogden manager is former White Sox pitcher Jack McDowell...

Yes, we know...

Some zooming in would have been nice...

Three Bidders Meet First Bills Deadline


However, former Buffalo Sabres owner Tom Golisano didn't meet the first deadline. He still could throw his name into the hat if the trust overseeing the estate of Ralph Wilson extends the deadline.

The three are:

Donald Trump

Jon Bon Jovi in concert (pun unintentional) with Ed Rogers of Rogers Communications and Larry Tanenbaum of MLSE- they would keep the team in western New York, but obviously, would want games at SkyDome

Terry Pegula- current owner of the Sabres

Here's a look at the Pegula bid
John Kryk of the Toronto Sun has a look at those who came close, but didn't do anything by yesterday's deadline: " investor Jeffrey Gundlach explored placing a bid, as had C. Dean Metropoulos, owner of the Pabst brewing company. And Western New York developer Scott Congel had mulled bidding either alone or with someone else, merely to aid his objective to build a new Bills stadium as part of an immense, multi-pronged redevelopment of a large property his family controls in West Seneca, just south of Buffalo."
Look for the trust overseers to start vetting the ownership groups over the next week or so.

John Baker Gets The Win For The Cubs In 16


Big deal, you say...???

John Baker is a Cubs catcher brought on to pitch the 16th inning last night at Wrigley and he did this...

It was the longest-timed game for both teams at 6 hours and 27 minutes. Baker admitted he hadn't pitched since the Cape Cod League, so we're probably talking at least a dozen years ago.

Frankly, the HQ blames Colin Cowherd since he was the one who sang "Take Me Out To The Ballgame." We don't know what we would blame him for, but we'll blame him just because.

Vin Scully Will Return For A 66th Season

((HT: Sportsnet LA))

And the Dodgers pulled out all the stops last night to pull one over on the fans...

It was, first, the equivalent of a Vin Scully bobblehead giveaway night- a microphone was handed out to the fans who made it early enough to Chavez Ravine.

And, then, to announce his return, the folks at TWCSLA did a little between-innings reporting...
Wanna see a crowd go absolute bananas...???

Thanks for coming back...
That's all the HQ can say...

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

DEVELOPING: UCLA Athletics Flooded By Water Main Break


As of 6:20 eastern time this evening, a massive water main break has erupted near all the athletics facilities on the UCLA campus effecting the Drake Track and Field Stadium, Pauley Pavilion, J.D. Morgan Center, the George Kneller Student-Athlete Academic Center, Athletic Hall of Fame and John Wooden Center.

Early reports from KNBC-TV had 36,000 gallons of water a minute escaping from the 30-inch water main break on Sunset Boulevard.

Here's the early news from Sunset

Pauley Pavilion was renovated two years ago at the cost of $133-million. Two parking structures are flooded and taking on water nearby and the intramural fields are reported to be at least 50-percent underwater at present two and a half hours into the emergency.

No word from UCLA athletics at present as to how their facilities are impacted.

More when we know more...

2120 UPDATE: The LA Department of Water and Power put out some details on the pipe that burst.

The water main is a 30-inch, 90-year-old riveted steel pipe that delivers water to the area at a high velocity from Upper Stone Canyon Reservoir.

Water flow through the pipe when operational is estimated at 75,000 gallons per minute. LADWP serves approximately 500 million gallons of water to customers each day.

The Raiders Are Now Teasing With San Antonio...

((HT: The Score/San Antonio Express-News, Baugh and Orsborn))

Let's face it...

The Oakland Raiders are in a crappy stadium (sometimes, literally) at present. The Oakland Coliseum is in dire need of, really, being torn down and being rebuilt as a more state-of-the-art facility. Owner Mark Davis has been trumpeting the notion of a new barn. The NFL agrees with the Raiders. Commissioner Roger Goodell even volunteered the new 49ers stadium as a home for them as a secondary tenant.

Not an idea that the Raiders like...


From the Express-News article:

Davis met with city officials, including Henry Cisneros, then-Mayor Julián Castro, City Manager Sheryl Sculley, Mario Hernandez of the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation, and both Richard Perez and David McGee, the president and chairman of the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, respectively.

Cisneros' son-in-law is in corporate sponsorship sales for the Raiders. And the thought is that the Alamodome could be ready in two seasons for any team that wants to play there.

It's not the first time a team would have inherited San Antonio. The Saints played there ten seasons ago as an alternate site for the New Orleans Saints during Hurricane Katrina recovery. The Gunslingers played at Alamo Stadium for their time in the USFL
((HT: ESPN))

There was also the Riders of the World League in the early 1990's

And the Texans from the American incursion of the CFL

The HQ posts all these flashbacks to act as the video portion of the teasing that the Raiders are doing with this dance and courting of a mid-30's television market.

What's Next For Donald Sterling...???

((HT: SI Now))

SI's Maggie Gray asks Michael McCann and SI NBA producer Matt Dollinger what the next steps are in his (now) two out-standing (not "outstanding") lawsuits against Shelly Sterling and the NBA

The HQ has long thought that if Donald Sterling wants to take everyone down, he'll do without conscience and without care. He'll dig up the Rich deVos tape from Michigan and anything else that qualifies as Mark Cuban's "slippery slope."

We're not done by any stretch...

"The Boys In The Boat" Resonates At U-Dub

((HT: KING5-TV))

Full disclosure

The HQ has the Daniel James Brown book to the right of the computer monitor at our desk at work.

It tells the story of nine guys of various backgrounds- farmer, logger, ship builder, etc.- that got together at the University of Washington and ended up winning gold in Berlin in 1936.

It's a cool story that almost never got told...

Here's Eric Wilkinson

The HQ also recommends picking it up and visiting the U-Dub campus if you have the chance.

Eli Manning Has Trouble Understanding His OC's Play Calls Thanks To A Language Barrier

[HT: New York Post]
Photo: Bill Kostroun

The language of football is a unique one that those who play for a living know fluently.

Until you mix it with some regional accents then the language of football becomes confusing.

Take for instance what the New York Giants are experiencing during training camp.

New Giants offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo grew up in Homer City, PA which is near Pittsburgh and speaks with a distinct Western Pennsylvania accent.

McAdoo barks play calls on his walkie-talkie to Giants quarterback Eli Manning who has speakers in his helmet.

Manning was born and raised in New Orleans so McAdoo's accent is foreign to a native Southerner.

“We’re getting better,’’ Manning said  “We’re on the same page. We had a few mishaps in OTAs, couple of words, the southern accent and the Pennsylvania accent, you don’t always say the same 

For instance the word "Wool" is in the Giants terminology but when Manning hears McAdoo say that in his Western Pennsylvania accent is sounds like "Roll."

“I had to try to figure out what he was saying,’’ Manning said. “He says it his way, I adjust to him. He’s going to say it that way, I just got to know what he’s talking about. Now I know. ‘Roll’ means ‘wool.’ ’’

I wonder if the G-Men have given any thought to hiring someone who speaks fluent southern to relay plays to Eli.

Just a thought.

NCAA Settles Concussion Lawsuit, Admits No Wrongdoing

((HT: ABC 7 Chicago))

But all the settlement really does is create a fund for baseline testing to see if any college athlete who feels they may have had consistent after-effects of possible concussions really can call the concussion(s) as the cause.

It's a $70-million investment that covers participants in seven sports- both male and female.

The NCAA is also going to implement a single policy for letting athletes back in the game as a survey taken by the NCAA in 2010 disclosed that as many as half of the trainers on site allowed athletes back in their respective games.

10 individual lawsuits were consolidated into one heard in Chicago and the NCAA admits no wrongdoing in the case.

Mike and Mike discuss
((HT: ESPN))

"I wouldn't say these changes solve the safety problems, but they do reduce the risks," Joseph Siprut, the plaintiff's attorney, said. "It's changed college sports forever."

"Changes were necessary to preserve the talent well of kids that feeds the game of football. Absent these kinds of changes, the sport will die."

Monday, July 28, 2014

Melky Cabrera Exposes The Hazards Of Fenway


If a (predominantly right-handed) batter hits a ball over the Green Monster at Fenway, it can end up on Lansdowne Street, or in the parking deck that is across the street.

Example from 1999:

The Toronto Blue Jays Melky Cabrera had a 2 home run, 5 RBI night in a blowout of the Boston Red Sox. The second home run in the 14-1 win was one like the ones shown above...

The HQ has been where this home run ball landed

Just didn't have any damage done to the rental car when it was parked in the deck...
Remember- windows away from the fence when you park!

Try And Match This First Pitch Effort


The HQ doesn't think that there will be any first pitch effort that will match Japanese film/martial arts star Rina Takeda's from this past weekend.

Chiba Lotte Marines versus Seibu Lions and all we can say is:

"Well, all right then..."

She can be excused for a bit of a short hop after smashing her forehead

DEVELOPING: Judge Says Shelly Sterling Acted "Appropriately"

((HT: MyFoxLA))

Judge Michael Levanas has come down with the opinion/ruling that Shelly Sterling acted appropriately in the decision to challenge her estranged husband's mental state in the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Closing arguments the first of three pending Donald Sterling lawsuits were earlier in the day and Levanas ruled Shelly Sterling, tentatively, has the authority to act for the Sterling Family Trust.

Here's the preview before the decision from the judge
Los Angeles News | FOX 11 LA KTTV

The next deadline for the proposed sale to Steve Ballmer is August 15th- the date of the next NBA owner's meetings. But the sale is still tentative pending all other litigation (which sends us back to the other two Donald Sterling lawsuits).

"We are pleased that the court has affirmed Shelly Sterling’s right to sell the Los Angeles Clippers to Steve Ballmer," said NBA spokesman Mike Bass in a statement. "We look forward to the transaction closing as soon as possible."

Donald Sterling's lead attorney, Bobby Samini, says he was told by his client that he was to keep proceeding in other legal activites and "keep fighting on other fronts."

Peyton Manning: Biggest Dancing Nerd Ever


If you ever wanted proof that Denver Broncos and former University of Tennessee quarterback Peyton Manning is the king of the nerds, you have it.

Look what happened Monday morning at Broncos camp when while the team was doing stretching drills, the Vols fight song (Rocky Top) broke out on the speakers.

The rest...well, just watch.

And remember you cannot unsee this--

Thanks KUSA-TV:

Terry Fox Would Have Been 56 Today

((HT: ESPN))

Full disclosure...

The HQ is involved in the Terry Fox Foundation and its efforts to aid in cancer research and, hopefully, a cure somewhere down the road.

If you don't know his story and the impact he has had in his home country, then we would ask you watch this "30 for 30" project that Steve Nash was part in. Here's Part One of "Into The Wind":

FOSG James Cybulski did a story with then-Raptors coach Jay Triano a few years ago to talk about his relationship with Fox and someone Terry thought was someone very special.
((HT: TSN))

We don't encourage those who follow us on a daily basis to follow what we follow unless you want to do so.
We would just ask that if you have causes that matter to you to hang on to them and never give them up.

"Little Big League" Turns 20 With An FOSG Twist

((HT: WCCO-TV/Columbia Pictures))

The movie is twenty years old and really is making us feel old at the moment...

Timothy Busfield's-Paul Molitor character with the twinkle toes swing
Jonathan Silverman learning the value of pumping up the glove
The hidden ball trick fooling Ken Griffey, Junior
Having Randy Johnson to close a playoff game

And, of course, "Bite Me!"

The star of the movie was invited back in town to celebrate and there's even an FOSG twist at the end of the story

But, there's always math we have to deal with, isn't there...???

Lake County Parodies "Major League" For Promo

((HT: Lake County Captains their own selves/Josh Porter))

It's the 25th anniversary of one of the HQ's favorite movies, so this minor league team took it upon themselves to riff off one of the best American Express ads in the history of movies...

In order, the players who got to read off cue cards:

Eric Haase
Matt Whitehouse
Dace Kime
Nellie Rodriguez
Paul Hendrix
Mark Budzinski
Clint Frazier

And here's the original from MovieClips

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hooligan Hurls Bicycle At Bagpiper

((HT: Telegraph/Babb))

Could not make this one up...

It's the early rounds of Europa and Champions League qualifying where you have squads from all corners of the continents involved playing other teams from other corners.

In the Europa League, Aberdeen was traveling to the Netherlands and back to play FC Groningen. The Aberdeen supporters even were making the Dutch feel at home with bagpipers walking through the streets.

One guy, apparently, was not a fan...
Watch the left part of your screen, thanks RTV Noord...

No word on if the mental pygmy was booked for illegal bike chucking- although a felony stupidity charge wouldn't have been a bad idea.

Formula 1 Race In Hungary Almost Had History And Another Argument

((HT: F1/NBCSN))

It was "almost" a historic Hungarian Grand Prix for Lewis Hamilton.

Having to start on the pit lane because of disastrous qualifying (and an on-board fire), he almost became the first driver to go from pits to top step. Hamilton finished third, but the larger issue is again between Hamilton and teammate Nico Rosburg. Hamilton was given a suggestion to have Rosburg pass, but Hamilton wasn't going to slow down to make it happen. Rosburg was too far behind to use his in-car "push-to-pass," so Hamilton kept racing his normal race.

Hamilton finished third and Rosburg fourth- the end result being the lead for Rosburg for the title is now down to 11 points at the season mid-break.

Oh, Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo won and Fernando Alonso was second

Post race, Hamilton defended his stance- as well he should have...
((HT: SkySports))

Now, to the rest of the run...

Sauber was 1 for 2, but their highest finish was 11th- just out of points. Marussia finished 15th and 16th- good for finishing, but bad for points-gathering.

It was disastrous for Force India as both Perez and Hulkenberg
(pictured right, thanks Sahara Force India Formula One Team) didn't finish the race. Hulkenberg qualified 9th and Perez 13th. They're now only one point ahead of McLaren in the team competition in 5th.

Vijay Mallya, Team Principal & Managing Director, waxed on a missed chance afterwards:

“It is disappointing to come away from this weekend with nothing, especially as the race was shaping up nicely for us. Both Checo and Nico were on course for a points finish, but it was not our day. Sometimes, this is how motorsport is. But a negative result must not detract from our great first half of the year because this is the first race in 2014 in which we have not scored points. Despite the missed opportunity, we remain in fifth place in the championship. It was also a fantastic race for Formula One with wheel-to-wheel racing and a great show for the fans. We have the summer break now, an occasion to regroup and come back stronger in Belgium and get ready for the final eight races.”

Caterham and Sauber are still pointless in the season and the day was a long one for Caterham. Both Kobayashi and Ericsson didn't finish the race.

Kobayashi: “It’s obviously a shame we couldn’t finish the race today but an issue with the fuel system meant I had to stop the car as I had no power.

“My start was pretty good – I stayed on the outside to avoid any issues going into turn one and I had good traction out of the first corner, helping me pass a couple of cars and straight away I could push. The car felt good in the wet / dry conditions, they seem to suit us, and my pace in the first stint was pretty strong. We boxed for the first time on lap nine and rejoined on softs and again I had good pace, enough to push me up to 14th.

“I had a big moment with Maldonado when he span after making contact with Bianchi. That’s the third race in a row I’ve had a very near miss and this time I saw him hit the Marussia and then start spinning – I managed to turn in just enough to avoid him hitting me, but there must have only been millimetres in it!

“After that I was into a good rhythm and the balance was fine. We were going to run quite long on that set but then on lap 24 I lost power just after turn 12 and that was the end of my race.”

Marcus Ericsson: “It was quite a good race up until the point where I crashed on lap seven. My start was ok and I was having a good fight with Chilton and Maldonado, trying to line them up through turn three and I was just a bit too eager in the throttle. The back stepped out and I couldn't catch the car and that was it, I was in the wall.

“It was a pretty big shunt! I went to the medical centre straight after the crash and they told me it was about 20g, but physically I feel fine. I’m sorry for the guys on track and back at Leafield though – they put in 100% all the time and it’s obviously not a good feeling for them to see one of their cars in the wall, but we’ll come back fighting in Spa where we have some new parts and we’ll keep pushing, there and for the whole second half of the season.”

Next up for F1 is Belgium in a little less than a month...

Michael Bradley Might Be Getting A Phone Call

((HT: Sportsnet/MLS))

If you ask Toronto FC about Saturday night's contest against Sporting KC, they'll come at you from a few different angles.

Head coach Ryan Nelsen will tell you about missed opportunities and a defense that wasn't helping matters, but the players will jump at head referee Ted Unkel and his spotty and inconsistent job performance.

He got some calls right, but others he got wrong and issued 8 cautions when, at times, it wasn't warranted.

“The referee was having trouble giving me calls and maybe it’s because they want me to learn how to play in MLS, and how the style of the league is here. However, I want them to know that I’m not going to roll over. … I’m not somebody who’s going to be a pushover. I want to be treated fairly like every other player,” the Reds' Gilberto told Sportsnet's John Molinaro after the match.

Here's the highlights where you won't see any of Unkel's goofs...

And TFC captain Michael Bradley was less than diplomatic after the match- much like Gilberto, but unlike his coach- demanding that the officiating fix itself post haste...

Here's Bradley's postgame that will, probably, get him a fine...

Edwards Leaving Roush-Fenway After 11 Years

((HT: Fox Sports 1/NASCAR))

The news wasn't all that unexpected, but Carl Edwards is out at Roush-Fenway Racing after this season, heading to a fourth car that Joe Gibbs Racing will be adding to their stacks in 2015.

We think...

Greg Biffle, Ricky Stenhouse, Junior and Trevor Bayne (getting a full season ride) are the three for RFR next year.

"I have had the privilege of fielding entries for the world's best race car drivers in NASCAR for nearly 30 years, and feel quite fortunate to have an opportunity to do that again next year," said team co-owner Jack Roush in a press release.

"We have always prided ourselves in developing talent at Roush Fenway, and our 2015 line-up is a testament to the success of our organization in that respect," Roush said. "Greg Biffle is one of the most purely talented racers I've ever seen behind the wheel of a car, and his experience combined with the raw natural abilities, enthusiasm and desire in both Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. and Trevor Bayne have me very excited for the future. Although we still have a lot to accomplish this year, both John Henry and I are looking forward to going to the track in 2015 with this blend of veteran leadership and youthful potential."

Fastenal stays with RFR and goes to the Stenhouse car. AdvoCare will pair with Bayne.

Here's the instant analysis...

By contract, Edwards cannot announce his future plans until September, but he admits publicly he has plans in place.

This Years Baseball Hall of Fame Inductions: Our Connection

Mark Harmon and Me at Spring Training 2008
It's not very often when we are able to brag...or boast about or even share insight gained from years of covering now-legendary sports figures as they are about to get inducted into a "Hall-of-Fame".

Yet that is exactly what we...or precisely me gets to do today.

I got the pleasure/honor of covering my favorite baseball team (The Atlanta Braves) for 10-years. And before you ask: I was a Braves fan long before covering them. Growing up in Florida in a time before the Marlins and Rays, the Braves were the closest team to us.

Heck, the 1st Major League Baseball game I ever saw was a Braves game in Fulton County Stadium as a 10-year old.

And I got to spend a large chunk of my professional career reporting on them.

Oddly enough as I sit here on my Mac writing this, programming the DVR to record Sunday afternoons Baseball Hall of Fame ceremonies, I'm laughing at the idea of Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Bobby Cox getting enshrined.

Not because they aren't worthy, but because on the baseball field they were all remarkably similar.

((NOTE--For what it's worth, I've done stories with Joe Torre and Frank Thomas who are also being inducted, and both are the epitome of class people. Professionals with boat loads of talent and skill and honest to goodness real people))

This commercial is a classic:

For me and a lot of people I know, it's about the Braves this weekend--

Tom Glavine--The ultimate professional. The go-to guy in the locker room, he's the guy who would always talk in the good times or bad, sometimes when his teammates would bail out.

Glav lockered near teammate John Smoltz (who will be inducted soon), at the Apex of the Turner Field locker room. Tom Glavine was always prepared. It showed on the mound and his dealing with us (The Media).

And more importantly, in a big game, when the Braves needed a win, he always stepped up. Always.

Most Braves fans remember the World Series clincher where Dave Justice hit a home run to give them a 1-0 win over Cleveland. Less remember the starting pitcher who shut the Indians down to 1 hit.

That pitcher: Tom Glavine.

Greg Maddux: The smartest guy in the room. Every room. He didn't necessarily like doing interviews and I'm convinced he was brief and vague with us just to mess with our heads. He fit the teams personality to a "T" and believe it or not, was often the ringleader for practical jokes and keeping his teammates loose. We've heard some funny and gross stories about the jokes, all of which we believe, none of which we'll share....

There was no better artist than Maddux. None. I dragged my father to Maddux's one-hit game vs. St Louis back in 1996. My dad couldn't understand why I would get up to get food or a beer during the Braves at-bat.

The answer...simple: I wanted to watch Maddux pitch.

Me and Mark pre-Spring Training Animation/Courtesy: Chris Ballard
Bobby Cox: The leader. The man all revered but few knew in detail. Which was the way he wanted it.  Bobby saw everything, the guys on the team were convinced he either had cameras or spies everywhere.

True story: When I 1st started working in Atlanta (1999'ish..) along with working at the local CBS affiliate, I shot for a company that produced a Sports show weekly. And during baseball season, we'd interview Bobby. I didn't think anything about it at the time, but we'd set up chairs on top of the Braves dugout for the sit-down interview. We'd have to help Bobby get up there because his knees weren't so good. He'd had them both replaced.

But he'd always be ready to go.

The other thing I'll always remember is he called my friend, Sports Anchor Mark Harmon every other sports guy in town's name but his. Never failed.

So if you are reading this on Sunday morning July 27th or even in the early afternoon, tune in and watch. Stop for a little while and see some of my favorite baseball players...and many others favorites as they get the biggest honor in their entire careers, the thing all Major League baseball players live for.

They get inducted into the Hall of Fame....

Here's a story Mark and I produced in 2007. We interviewed Joe Torre, who also was a Braves manager at one point, while he was managing the Dodgers...

Rockies Mis-Spell Star Shortstop's Name on Jersey Giveaway



It's bad enough the Colorado Rockies are already struggling through a painfully bad season. 43-60, with a ton of injuries.

It's even worse when they do a jersey giveaway in the name of their best player....and spell his name wrong.

Yes, they did this.

On Troy Tulowitzki jersey night Saturday, the team handed out 15,000 free jerseys to fans. One BIG problem. They spelled their all-star Shortstops name "Tulowizki".

They forgot the "T" in Tulowitzki...

For their part, the team apologized and promised to do another similar giveaway later in the season where they will allow fans to exchange the jersey's for one spelled correctly.

But it doesn't excuse the mistake.

Surely somebody in the organization would be charged with checking such a thing. Even if it were an intern...or somebody in P.R.

But this is the Rockies we're talking about...

So we could be wrong.

Reno And Albuquerque Raise Jacksonville And Birmingham's Bench Clearing Brawlness


Yesterday, the HQ showed you what happens when two teams play each other for a week solid.

Jacksonville and Birmingham go after each other for 17 MINUTES SOLID!

Tonight, it was triple-A's turn at the brawling as Reno and the Isotopes went at it

KOLO-TV's Ben Ross has the overhead

According to Larry Brown Sports, there were ten ejections including Reno manager Phil Nevin- and this was in the second inning of the game. And this is the first time in a while that the HQ has seen anything drift in to the stands like that.

Here's the long version

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Roma Launches Golazo From Their Own End

((HT: Fox Soccer))

The International Challenge Cup is underway in and around the United States.

It brings Roma, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Liverpool, and a few others together in a meaningless trophy tournament that has a very big beer sponsor attached to give it some kind of legitimacy.

Today, Roma was flailing against Manchester United when Miralem Pjanic decided to launch from the Nebraska side of the boundary- and this happened...

Roma lost 3-2 after the Pjanic goal gave Roma some confidence, but the Van Gaal Effect is well underway.

This Goal Was Scored Pretty Quickly

((HT: Liga MX/Fox Sports))

In a second division game, Zacatecas Gustavo Ramirez launched barely 7 seconds in and...

Told you it was fast...
Fast enough to be the fastest goal in Mexican football history...

Things Happened In 3's For Yasiel Puig. Jimmy Sheckard Knew That Feeling 113 Years Ago

Jimmy Sheckard with the Cubs in 1910
Do you know who Jimmy Sheckard is?

Back on opening day 1901 Sheckard had three triples for the Brooklyn Bridegrooms/Superbas.

113 years later Yasiel Puig matched Sheckard with three triples Friday night against the San Francisco Giants.

Of course it helps when two of your three baggers and blasted to the deepest part of AT&T Park.

"I saw I'm the second guy in franchise history, and it's important, but it's way better to win the playoffs and win the World Series," Puig said 

Puig added a double with his three triples going 4-5 for the game.

According to the Dodgers only three players since 1954 have hit three triples and a double in a game:

Les Bell - 1926
Herm Winningham - 1990
Yasiel Puig - 2014

You might say Jimmy Sheckard was a good as Puig for his era some 115 years ago.

Jimmy Sheckard
In 1901, the year Sheckard hit three triples in a game for Brooklyn, he led the National League in triples with 19 and a league best .536 slugging percentage.  

That same season Sheckard became the first and to anyone's knowledge the only player in the majors to hit inside the park grand slam home runs in consectutive games.

In 1903 Sheckard became the first player to lead the league in home runs and steals.  Only Ty Cobb in 1909 and Chuck Klein in 1932 are the only other players to achieve that double.

Sheckard enjoyed a 17 year major league career and won two World Series titles as a member of the Chicago Cubs.

Like Yasiel Puig Jimmy Sheckard was a tough out.

More Trouble for UGA Football: Linebacker Arrested for DUI

Davin Bellamy

Safe to say it's not been the quietest offseason in University of Georgia football history.

The Macon Telegraph reports early Saturday morning, backup linebacker Davin Bellamy was pulled over and arrested on DUI and speeding charges by the Athens-Clarke County PD.

Just 4 days ago, the Dawgs had to deal with DL Jonathan Taylor getting arrested and charged with assault. Taylor was dropped from the program the next day.

In Bellamy's case, the charges are technically misdemeanors and whether you call this trivializing things or not, it's something college students do. Quite frequently.

Read the full story on what happened from the Telegraph RIGHT HERE

Per the Telegraph, the school has the ability to make Bellamy sit out for two games. Since this incident just happened (5am Saturday, we're posting this at 8:30a Saturday), the University nor coach Mark Richt have commented or had a chance to review what happened.

Only time will tell what they decide to do.

And yes, this season's camp opens in just a few days. It's this time of year coaches get nervous because they don't technically get to keep close tabs on players. And like we said, so far, the week for the Dawgs can't get much worse.

Minor League Scrum!!! Minor League Scrum!!!


You'd think these two teams would be really tired of each other...

Jacksonville and Birmingham have been playing each other all week in Jacksonville. And when you play each other... and when you see each other in the same confined space all week- then, sooner or later, something was going to happen.

Strangely enough, it was a fairly innocuous single that added to a lead in the ninth inning that lead to this...

Six ejections the HQ expects Southern League president Lori Webb views the above video...

Friday, July 25, 2014

Chris Paul Thinks Clips Boycott Is Still An Idea (Reax)


It's still on the table if the Los Angeles Clippers have Donald Sterling as owner when the new season rolls around...

When asked in Las Vegas during an AAU competition if Chris Paul and his teammates would still think about not playing, the answer seemed pretty solid to Goodman:

"That's something me and Doc are both talking about," Paul said Thursday after coaching his AAU program, CP3. "Something has to happen, and something needs to happen soon -- sooner rather than later."

"We're all going to talk about it," Paul said. "We're all definitely going to talk about it. Doc, Blake [Griffin], DJ [DeAndre Jordan]. It's unacceptable."

Frankly, the HQ thinks they should but the notion probably won't fly long term.

Reaction was understandable:

Dana, Tiki, and Brandon
((HT: CBS Sports Radio/CBSSN))

First Take Skip
((HT: ESPN))

First Take SAS
((HT: ESPN))

Closing arguments in the first Sterling v. Sterling lawsuit start Monday.

Minor League GM Gets Prostate Exam In Game


FOSG Chris Kane gave us the heads-up on this one...

And the HQ really can't describe it other than to say it's both functional and gross...

The Myrtle Beach Pelicans challenged their VP/GM Andy Milovich to receive an in-game prostate exam while singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the team's Prostate Cancer Awareness Night.

WJBF-TV ABC 6 Augusta-Aiken News, Weather, Sports

The full story can be picked up hyah from Augusta

That is, definitely, a 7th Inning stretch...

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Perils Of A Grounds Crew


It's one of the most underappreciated jobs in baseball...

Being a part of the grounds crew or being a groundskeeper...
Some days it's easy, some days it's like this.


The HQ wouldn't trade for anything...

John Harbaugh Stands Behind Ray Rice

((HT: CSN Washington))

Here's the sound bite in full where the Ravens head coach says he stands behind his running back in light of the two game suspension the NFL gave Ray Rice after his violation of the league conduct policy.

Rice and his then-fiancee/now wife, Janay, were involved in a physical altercation February 15th at an Atlantic City casino. Rice was shown on surveillance tape from inside the casino physically assaulting Janay and dragging her out of an elevator by her hair.

Rice was charged with aggravated felony assault, but avoided jail time by doing a pre-trial diversion program.
They both met NFL commissioner Roger Goodell four months later at the league office in New York City.

Good to know that you can either smoke something or take something illegal and get a longer suspension than smacking your significant other around and having it seen on video tape.

Fantastic standards to work by...

Eddie Vedder Throws A First Pitch At Wrigley

((HT: CSNChicago))

Just how big a Cubs fan is the lead singer of Pearl Jam...???


Well, before the Padres game he got to reinforce his love for the team with a little pitch and catch with Anthony Rizzo...

A little low and inside to the left-handed batter and a little Luis Tiant in the delivery, but otherwise pretty solid.

You! You Got What I Need!!!


By way of a first pitch...

Get your head out of the gutter...
The MLB Network broadcast the Oakland A's game with Biz Markie throwing out the first pitch...

Which caused the appropriate response...

Lowell Spinners Retire Westmoreland's #25


Ryan Westmoreland was regarded as a five-tool player when the Boston Red Sox drafted him in 2008.

He worked his way through the minor league system and was listed as a team Top 25 prospect in 2010. But he started to experience numbness in his body. Doctors found a cavernous malformation and removed it from his brain stem. The surgery was a success and he attempted a comeback in the 2012 season.

It wasn't to be.

He had to retire in the 2013 season and, currently, suffers from double vision, partial facial paralysis and numbness in the entire right side of his body. He has always been a part of the Red Sox family and the single-A franchise in Lowell, the Spinners, decided Westmoreland would be the first number retired by the franchise.

Here's their tribute video before the retiring ceremony

2 Longhorns Footballers Suspended After Sexual Assault Charges


The HQ doesn't really post these stories, but the alleged mental slowness angle is the reason we're posting the story.

Two Texas Longhorns wide receivers, Kendall Sanders and Montrel Meander, are now both charged with sexual assault and out on personal recognizance bonds. Head coach Charlie Strong has suspended the two players pending the resolution of the case.

So, what's the reason we're posting this story...???

Sanders is also facing an improper photography charge.

Translation: The two players allegedly assaulted a campus acquaintance, but one of the two apparently took pictures.

Campus police are investigating the charge that Meander's room was the location of the alleged assault. The report says that Meander and the woman who eventually went to police had consensual sex before Sanders entered the room and allegedly began assaulting her.

Meander, then, allegedly joined in the assault.

Ryan Autullo, Brian Davis and Tony Plohetski of the Austin American-Statesman covering the story went to UTPD chief of police David Carter press conference this afternoon. Carter said investigators confiscated Meander's and Sanders' cell phones through a search warrant. Carter didn't say if there was any evidence inside them or not.

Here's the live shot from outside the jail
Texas DB Quandre Diggs on his Twitter account was less than pleased: "It's a shame when people piss away great opportunities, God has given us all tremendous blessings." That seems to be the prevailing opinion among teammates right now... Head coach Charlie Strong released a statement on the arrest: "We've been monitoring and addressing the situation with Kendall (Sanders) and Montrel (Meander) since it was brought to our attention. It's been made clear to everyone on our team that treating women with respect is one of our core values, and I'm extremely disappointed that two young men in our program have been accused of not doing that. With the recent charges against them, they have been suspended indefinitely from our football team and will no longer participate in any team functions."
The on-campus investigation should take a few weeks.

OSG Prem: Lampard Joins NYC FC


As another signing in the middle-aged, but still incredibly talented soccer players club, the still-not playing NYC FC has added Frank Lampard on a two-year contract to go with David Villa.

Head Coach Jason Kreis now will, probably, send Lampard down to Australia to play in the A-League with Villa since the club, co-owned by Manchester City and the Yankees, has a year to go before their MLS debut.

Here's his introduction
((HT: Sky Sports))

NYC Sporting Director Claudio Reyna is still aglow with the signing:

"He is a professional, a leader and he ticked all the boxes in terms of the qualities to help grow our team."

The larger question is now, other than fitness, Lampard's international career and if he will add to the 106 caps he has for his country.

Manchester United Blows Out Galaxy By 7

((HT: beINSport))

When you looked at the Starting XI in the Los Angeles Galaxy-Manchester United, there was the prevailing opinion that the Galaxy were more concerned about the MLS regular season than the nearly 86,000 people watching the game at the Rose Bowl were.

ManU put up 7 on a non-starting side with a starting side of their own that included Welbeck, Rooney, Mata, Valencia et al.

It was the worst defeat Galaxy head coach Bruce Arena had as boss...

Louis van Gaal had a good debut as manager, but it's all about what you take from it.

Marcelo Sarvas had the common thought of the Galaxy players:

"I feel embarrassed. I can’t talk about the others, but I feel like that. Doesn't matter who you're playing, I think this is too much -- seven -- and here in Los Angeles. I think we could do much better."

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Testimony In One Sterling Trial Wraps Up


One down, and what is it...??? Two cases in play...???

The first-filed (that's probably the best way to phrase it...) case by Donald Sterling against Shelly Sterling determining who is in charge of the Los Angeles Clippers is finished with its testimony.

Closing arguments begin Monday...

Naturally, both sides, both lawyers, and both Sterlings are thinking that they're doing well in the case.
Here's the word from outside the courtroom...

The closing arguments will detail whether Shelly pulled an end-run in getting control over her estranged husband or if judge Michael Levanas will side with the physicians who have declared him mentally incompetent in running the Sterling Family Trust and the Los Angeles Clippers.

The other two cases Donald Sterling has against his estranged wife and the NBA are still in play at present and have no end of discussions- whether frivolous or optimistic.

NPSL Semi-Finals Review/Preview

The NPSL is down to its Final Four

One semifinal is in Chattanooga as Chattanooga FC taking on Sacramento Gold...

Chattanooga beat Tulsa Athletics in the South Regional final at Finley Stadium
((HT: Mad Kemp))

Lansing United takes on Red Bulls Under-23's in the other semi at the Red Bulls training facility. The larger issue with this match-up is capacity in New Jersey. It doesn't currently meet minimum standards for attendance in a semi-final and there is no word on how the league is going to have Red Bulls meet capacity- or if they are at all.

The fans in Lansing are less than pleased at the turn of events.
The first year franchise won the Midwest after beating Fort Pitt in the final.
Here's the celebration...
((HT: Lansing United their own selves))

Star WR Implicated, D-Lineman Dismissed from UGA Football

Jonathan Taylor/UGA DL/Athens-Clarke County Jail

The semi-quiet offseason for the Georgia Bulldogs is quiet no more. And the flurry of activity comes but just days before the opening of camp.

There are two stories here:

(Issue #1):

A "5-Star" recruit has been implicated in a dormitory robbery earlier in July. reports Darnell Saloman is wanted by UGA Police as a suspect in the robbery at Busbee Hall where 2 female students reported a stolen I-Phone and a wallet with cash and credit cards. They've issued a warrant for his arrest.

Saloman was in Athens for UGA's "Dawg Night" camp.

Saloman's coach in Florida, Mike Tunsil issued a statement saying his rising junior receiver is innocent and that he'll be cleared of charges.

More from RIGHT HERE

(Issue #2):

Sophomore nose tackle Jonathan Taylor was dismissed from the Bulldogs football team shortly upon his release from the Athens-Clarke County jail Wednesday afternoon.

Taylor was in jail on aggravated assault/family violence charges after a complaint was registered he had assaulted his girlfriend this past weekend.

Taylor was already on thin ice after being arrested back in March with a couple of teammates on "theft by deception" charges. They were trying to double dip meal reimbursement checks.

More from RIGHT HERE

For you SEC types this raises a few questions. Several columnists in the Atlanta area are using this to say Georgia recruits the wrong type of kid. We would argue college football in general, the SEC specifically has the same problem.

It's the age old dilemma.

How do you compete with teams like LSU who forgave Jeremy Hill after rape and assault charges or Auburn who takes Josh Harvey-Clemons after he's dismissed in Athens.

Are there bad kids in College Football? Yes. Are there kids playing who probably shouldn't be? Absolutely.

The price of admission for an elite team is different than it used to be. You have to hope and cross your fingers kids you bring in behave. You know there's a chance they won't. They're college kids, they do stupid things.

That doesn't excuse either of these kids...or anyone else.

But don't preach on one hand the sanctity of good kids while on the other hand saying you can't compete unless you are pulling from the same pool everyone else is.

It doesn't work both ways.

Frenchy's Revenge: Chihuahuas Prank Jeff Francoeur Again as He Gets Call Back to Padres


Former Atlanta Brave, New York Met, Kansas City Royal and San Francisco Padre Jeff Francoeur can now add another Major League Baseball team to his ever-growing resume--the San Diego Padres.

Francoeur on Wednesday got a call up from the Padres Triple-A team in El Paso.

But not before his friends and teammates on the Chihuahuas got one last practical joke in....

Check out what happened to our hero when he tried to use the coaches bathroom this past weekend before a home game.

His teammates/friends decided there'd be no getting out for one of the goofiest, easy-going guys in the game.

The put together quite the mousetrap to keep him locked in.

But alas, Frenchy eventually made his escape through the roof.

And tried to crawl back up there after his friends found him.

Luckily nobody was hurt other than Francoeur's dry-fit, plenty of players have gone on the DL for less.

Your video courtesy teammate/filmmaker Cody Decker:

Broncos Bowlen Steps Aside For Alzheimer's Treatment

((HT: Denver Post/Klis))

Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen has resigned his control of the franchise over to team president Joe Ellis after it was disclosed publicly for the first time that Bowlen is fighting Alzheimer's Disease.

"It's a really, really sad day," Ellis told Klis. "It's sad for his family, his wife and his seven children. It's sad for everyone in the organization. And it's sad for all the Bronco fans who know what Pat Bowlen meant to them as an owner. It's a day nobody wanted to see happen."

The team is going to be placed in a Trust, set up over a decade ago, so that eventually one of Bowlen's seven children will eventually run the franchise. Right now, however, it is Ellis's ship.

"As many in the Denver community and around the National Football League have speculated, my husband, Pat, has very bravely and quietly battled Alzheimer's disease for the last few years," Annabel Bowlen said in a statement. "He has elected to keep his condition private because he has strongly believed, and often said, 'It's not about me.'

"Pat has always wanted the focus to be solely on the Denver Broncos and the great fans who have supported this team with such passion during his 30 years as owner. My family is deeply saddened that Pat's health no longer allows him to oversee the Broncos, which has led to this public acknowledgment of such a personal health condition."

Klis also made the point that, under no circumstance, is the team going to be moved.

"This is a sad day for the NFL," commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement to The Denver Post. "Pat Bowlen's leadership has been critical to the success of the Broncos and the entire NFL. From building a championship team that is a pillar of the community to his important work for the league on television and labor matters, Pat's love of the game drove him and we have all benefited from his passion and wisdom. But the time has come for Pat to focus on his health and we fully support him. Joe Ellis has been a trusted executive for Pat for many years after working with us at the league office. Joe's deep experience ensures that the Broncos will continue to have strong leadership."

Here is the statement from the Broncos

Statement from the Denver Broncos on owner Pat Bowlen

Here's early coverage from CBS4 in Denver

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Donald Sterling Sues Wife And NBA Again

((HT: ESPN))

Donald Sterling is a very busy man in the middle of his probate case going on in Los Angeles.

He filed another concurrent suit in Superior Court seeking damages from the NBA, commissioner Adam Silver, his wife Shelly Sterling, and the Clippers alleging they all violated corporate law in trying to sell the team.

Sterling argues he is the sole owner and shareholder of the parent organization: LAC Basketball Club- that manages and runs the team. His interest in LACBC was in the Family Trust, but he maintains that when he revoked the trust (the crux of the current arguments in probate court), everything went back to his own personal interest and management.

And, therefore, he's the guy in charge of everything- not his wife or anyone else.

Max Bretos checks in with Ramona Shelburne about the latest adventures

And then interim CEO Richard Parsons, as part of his testimony, revealed and reinforced that if Donald Sterling was to remain owner that coach and GM Doc Rivers was checking out.

Bretos and Shelburne again

Clippers fans who have followed the franchises ups and downs for a long time feel this is par for the course and should not be surprised that the final salvo Donald Sterling is interested in firing at any of his detractors is going to just have the franchise in a slow burn of failure- mandated by behavior in the courts of Los Angeles.

If Donald Sterling is going down, he is going to take it all with him...

To hell with all of you...

Round 47 Of "Are The Coyotes On The Clock?"

((HT: Sports Exchange))

Glendale (Arizona) Mayor Jerry Weiers is asking the state attorney general to investigate the closed door meetings that the City Council had with NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and League Number Two Bill Daly last year.

After days of meetings in 2013, the Council voted by a slim margin to approve the $225-million agreement that keeps the Coyotes in Glendale and the Arena. Weiers voted against the deal and is concerned that the City Council and the NHL violated Sunshine Laws.

If an investigation is opened and a violation is found, the deal could be voided- an issue the HQ raised when all of this went down in the first place. If the deal is torched, the city council would have 30 days to do everything all over again- in an open meeting this time around.

"I think it's a clear violation," Weiers told The Arizona Republic in a Tuesday article. "That meeting is wrong on so many levels. It's like playing poker and showing your opponents all your cards."

Here's the short version from News 12
And the HQ wonders again if the folks in Seattle are watching the activity in town... The full article from the Republic is hyah and is an nice, in-depth look what may be a bad situation for all parties involved.
As we have maintained from the beginning...

Cliff Lee Ends An Interview The Best Way Ever

((HT: CSN Philly))

Cliff Lee had a rough outing last night in his first time back on the mound since being on the Disabled List.

The reason the HQ knows it as a rough outing was that he started for our fantasy baseball team.
Lee faced the lights after the game and ended his interview the best way ever...

It reminds us of the end of the scene in "Ted" where Joel McHale finally got to say good night to Mila Kunis after their date watching Norah Jones.

And it WAS the best exclamation point to the whole night, you know...

Chip Caray Joins Steve Levy With Bulging

((HT: SportsSouth/Blake Shoemaker's Vine))

Awful Announcing gets the credit for this one...

The Atlanta Braves Evan Gattis missed 17 games because of a problem with his back- something bulged...

But Chip Caray, calling the game, presented it a little differently...

That injury, and succeeding malaprop, always has us think of football
((HT: ESPN))

Monday, July 21, 2014

Jimbo Thinks Jameis Has Suffered Enough


The explanation defies description...

Because he was suspended once already and he's really a good kid...

That's the reason that FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher gave at ACC Media Daze for not suspending (or giving any other kind of discipline for that matter) to QB Jameis Winston for his escapade at the Tallahassee Publix...

Jim Basquil and Jared Shanker discuss

Really...??? Really...???!!!

That's a fine example, sir...

The HQ's over-under for Winston getting into trouble in 2014 is Game 5- since Winston's own father has been asking for the equivalent of 24/7 supervision of HIS KID since he can't do it himself...

And, when Winston leaves FSU, it won't be soon enough...

So Donald Sterling May Need A Sale To Cover A Huge Debt

((HT: MyFoxLA))

Darren Schield, the Chief Financial Officer of the Sterling Trust, took the stand in the court proceedings today in Los Angeles and admitted in open court that the Trust needs to sell the Clippers to cover half a billion dollars in outstanding loans for other Sterling properties.

Once Donald Sterling dissolved the Trust, the banks that are holding the notes could jump in and declare the Sterlings in default of the notes.

If the Clippers aren't sold, Schield admitted that Donald Sterling would have to dump that same amount of value in apartment buildings or other Sterling properties- a move that could flush the real estate market into the toilet.

Here's the coverage from the trial today that isn't all that optimistic

Ramona Shelburne said after the trial appearances today, Donald Sterling met with possible-new owner Steve Ballmer and his estranged wife, Shelly.

Pistons Center Andre Drummond Doesn't Like Bowling



Give Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond some points for creativity in his most recent Vine Post.

The Video shows Drummond at the bowling alley with friends.

And Drummond decided to, well, act like a center during the fun and frivolity, blocking shots, making a steal and trying to pass to the guy near him. (that didn't go so well)

Check out his little short Video:

WWE References MH17 In Pay-Per-View For Cheap Heat

((HT: WWE/Larry Brown Sports))

This was NOT a smart scripting move by the WWE last night at their "Battleground" pay-per-view...

The HQ, in our younger days, marked out for the whole Hogan-Sheik-Slaughter-Volkov rivalry thing.
We got it...

But last night, the script writers got this move approved by Lana as she set up the Rusev-Jack Swagger match
(Until it gets pulled)

All it was in the old days was anthem singing, saluting, and embracing ideologies.
But, now that the levels have been elevated and the audience numbers are more important (translation: heat- get it now and keep it as long as you can...)

You pull stunts like that...
Ultimately, for Lana, it's what's on the script to read. It's the writers that are on the block for this one...

Big XII Commish Thinks Enforcement System Is Broken

((HT: Big XII Conference/

And the HQ is inclined to agree with him...

Across the board, Big 12 Commish Bob Bowlsby thinks schools aren't being penalized in a timely fashion and the enforcement system that the NCAA is using is "broken."

Cheating pays, Bowlsby says, and he would even be amenable to private investigators looking at enforcing the rules and laws of the NCAA. Bowlsby also admits that not all schools cheat, but those who do can get away with it fairly easily.

Here's his pipebomb in its entirety this morning

105-Year-Old Throws First Pitch


It would be 60 years before the San Diego Padres even had a game in town, but that was when Oceanside, California's Alice McKee was born. She got to throw out the first pitch for the team yesterday...

And we appreciate the idea that she went with the natural arm motion

The Padres need her in the pen after they got rid of Huston Street, though...

The Confidence Of Fernando Rodney Backfires


When Mariners closer Fernando Rodney does well, he pulls out an arrow from his quiver and sends a shot into the air celebrating his closing...

Only problem... when you pitch more than an inning, this can happen if you don't keep it up



Kane And Toews Have A Dance Off


The Chicago Blackhawks have a fan convention every year in the summer...

Think Dragon-Con for hockey fans...

Part of it is players reading mean tweets about themselves to fans and another part is a question-and-answer session. Part of it had to do with the new two contract guys- Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews- and it devolved from there...


The HQ isn't sure you would call it that...

OSG Formula One: Life On The Edge

((HT: NBCSN/F1))

For the remainder of the Formula One racing season, we're going to talk about very fast cars that travel the globe. There are a couple of different angles to pay attention to- the top...

Nico Rosberg won on home soil holding off Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton- who had to start 20th because of an brake failure in qualifying.

Here's the highlights...

Rosberg's points lead is now 14 heading into the Hungarian Grand Prix- the official half-way point of the season on the calendar.

And the bottom:

The other part of the dynamic is the team championship. Marussia, Sauber, and Caterham are fighting it out for 9th, 10th, and 11th. If Marussia holds their space, it could be worth $50-million extra dollars. There are three columns that are the breakdown for payouts in the sport. The percentage pile (last year, it was $350-million) meant that 10th was worth four-percent and 11th got nothing.

The previous year's performance column would help Marussia since they placed top 10 last year and could net them up to $35-million extra. That's what makes Sauber and Caterham's pace pick up just a bit.

Joe Saward's blog breaks it down as to how all the financing works.

So, Caterham had its two drivers finish 16th with Kamui Kobayashi:

"16th was about as much as we could have done today – we didn’t quite have the performance to catch Bianchi so now it’s on to Hungary next week for the last race before the August break.”

And 18th with Marcus Ericsson:

“I started from the pitlane so it was always going to be a struggle today. Obviously the safety car on lap one helped but I had to serve the ten second stop / go we’d incurred for breaking parc fermé rules last night after the issue with the power unit straight after the safety car came in, and from that point I was having to try and play catch up for the whole race."

Sauber had the chance to grab a point but Adrian Sutil had to retire and Esteban Gutierrez only finished 14th:

“The whole team did a good job over the weekend. From Friday on we developed the car as best we could. However, 14th position is not satisfying. I was fighting the entire race from the beginning to the end, trying to gain positions and keeping cars behind me. At the moment we are missing the pace to be able to fight with the others in front of us. There was not much that we could do. We need to keep working and focusing on our performance so we can be more competitive in the next races."