Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Eli Manning Has Trouble Understanding His OC's Play Calls Thanks To A Language Barrier

[HT: New York Post]
Photo: Bill Kostroun

The language of football is a unique one that those who play for a living know fluently.

Until you mix it with some regional accents then the language of football becomes confusing.

Take for instance what the New York Giants are experiencing during training camp.

New Giants offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo grew up in Homer City, PA which is near Pittsburgh and speaks with a distinct Western Pennsylvania accent.

McAdoo barks play calls on his walkie-talkie to Giants quarterback Eli Manning who has speakers in his helmet.

Manning was born and raised in New Orleans so McAdoo's accent is foreign to a native Southerner.

“We’re getting better,’’ Manning said  “We’re on the same page. We had a few mishaps in OTAs, couple of words, the southern accent and the Pennsylvania accent, you don’t always say the same 

For instance the word "Wool" is in the Giants terminology but when Manning hears McAdoo say that in his Western Pennsylvania accent is sounds like "Roll."

“I had to try to figure out what he was saying,’’ Manning said. “He says it his way, I adjust to him. He’s going to say it that way, I just got to know what he’s talking about. Now I know. ‘Roll’ means ‘wool.’ ’’

I wonder if the G-Men have given any thought to hiring someone who speaks fluent southern to relay plays to Eli.

Just a thought.

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