Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Texas Moves to Close Deion Sanders Private High School

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So...when does a state move to revoke the charter of a high school? Well, probably when that school repeatedly has financial management issues and doesn't comply with the state's rules and code of education.

That's the fate that is facing former NFL All Star Deion Sanders's "Prime Prep" school which has locations in Dallas and Fort Worth and has apparently featured several "Star" athletes, who's eligibility has now become in question. Sanders is a co-founder of the school. And Sanders was quick to respond to the allegations.

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This is not the school's 1st brush with the state, in 2012, there were allegations of lax educational standards, power struggles with the management and issues with the school lunch programs.

This time, the allegations, well, they are similar to the 2012 allegations. The school for their part says they plan to appeal.

Read more from Fox4 TV in Dallas RIGHT HERE

Star basketball player Emmanuel Mulday walked away from a scholarship offer to SMU to play hoops overseas professionally amidst multiple reports he was being investigated by the NCAA.

This story is a "Prime" example of what is happening in amateur sports. Schools are being created for the express purpose of churning out star athletes. The education is becoming secondary. Fast.

We applaud the state of Texas for taking a stand and telling Prime Prep if they want to be considered a legitimate educational institute, it's time they start acting like one.

Here's the latest from our friends at WFAA-TV

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