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Rangers Idea Of Staying Premier Fading

((HT: STV News))

Glasgow Rangers may have to find a new home outside the Scottish Premier League since the number of owners asked to allow the "newco" version of Rangers under their new ownership in Charles Green won't meet the desired 8-4 margin of approval...

Holly Hamilton describes what's up...

The new series of angst centers around the idea that Rangers is still Rangers even as the tax debt created by Craig Whyte is being settled by Her Majesty's Royalty and Customs (HMRC), administrator Duff and Phelps, and new owner Green.

This is turning out to be the largest opportunity for debate in Scottish soccer since... well, ever...

It's the opportunity for economic revenge on Rangers by the other SPL franchises. It's the opportunity for the league to lose at least a million pounds in the value of their TV deal without Rangers as a commodity to square off against Celtic. And it's the opportunity for every other level of Scottish soccer to extract some kind of corporate revenge against the team that has won more titles than any other team on the planet.

Here's the first ideas that Rangers would have to find a home elsewhere...

But, then, the larger question is: Where to put them...? If they're turned down by the SPL Wednesday- which is likely, they can't be relegated to the Scottish Football League below Premier because of the relegation ladder and its ups-and-downs that are law.

The thoughts by some fans are that Rangers just need to go to League Three- the baseball equivalent of Single-A- and just start over...

More Sandusky E-Mails May Lead To Confirmed Cover-Up

((HT: CNN))

Not that the HQ is shocked or anything, but the report below is claiming that Penn State tried to figure out a more "humane" way to figure out a solution where the Jerry Sandusky case was concerned...

And it's something that had been hinted at during the trial and shortly after the verdict.

The 2001 incident involving Mike McQueary's stumbling in on an incident in the Penn State showers is the one where the alleged e-mails came forward involving then-President Graham Spanier, then-VP Gary Schultz, and then-AD Tim Curley who were trying to figure out what the best internal approach could be before notifying authorities...

In said e-mails, according to several reports, not only did Spanier, Curley and Schultz express concern over what was reported, but so did former head coach (now deceased), Joe Paterno.

An e-mail from Curley to Schultz and Spanier is truly damning. It describes conversation the former Athletic Director had with Paterno:  "After giving it more thought and talking it over with Joe yesterday, I am uncomfortable with what we agreed were the next steps. I am having trouble with going to everyone but the person involved. I would be more comfortable meeting with the person and tell them about the information we received and tell them we are aware of the first situation,"

Read more about the findings from YahooSports RIGHT HERE

Here's Soledad O'Brien subbing for AC on AC360

Not that the HQ is surprised by this new revelation-in-development, but the idea that the university has covered up the whole saga should reflect in the NCAA investigation somehow...

Getting You Ready For CFB: West Virginia Has A New Logo On Mountaineer Field


West Virginia becomes an official member of the Big 12 Conference Sunday, July 1st.  Why wait, go ahead and paint the logo on the field.
Big 12 Conference logo painted onto turf at Mountaineer Field
What's funny is that it doesn't seem out of place.  Now an SEC logo at Missouri is going to take some getting used to.

This Hasn't Happened Since 1931. D-Backs Aaron Hill Hits For Cycle For Second Time This Season

Babe Herman
The name Babe Herman probably doesn’t resonate to baseball fans.  81 years ago Herman, playing for the Brooklyn Robins hit for the cycle twice in one season.  Herman was the only MLB player to do that until Friday night.
Arizona’s Aaron Hill hit for the cycle against the Seattle Mariners on June 18th.  Friday night against the Milwaukee Brewers Hill did it again.

Here’s the highlights from Fox Sports Arizona.

Hitting for the cycle then 11 days later doing it again, no big deal for Hill.

"It's great," he said. "I'm a little tired, but it's my job. It's obviously great. I'm not going to jump up and down. But it's fun to do, fun to be productive and see these guys happy."

More from Aaron Hill after the game from Fox Sports Arizona.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Afghan War Veteran To Walk On Clemson Football Team


Daniel Rodriquez To Walk On Clemson Football Team
Daniel Rodriquez won’t be in the running for the Heisman Trophy this year.  He may not play a down this year but that doesn’t matter.  Rodriquez is getting an opportunity to make the football team at Clemson University.

Rodriquez was informed Friday morning by the NCAA he had been cleared to walk-on the Tiger football team.  He starts classes on Monday.

After graduating from Brooke Pointe High School in Stafford, Virginia where he was a three year starter on the football team, Rodriquez enlisted in the Army.  That led to a deployment in Afghanistan.

On October 9, 2009 Rodriquez and his Army unit became engaged in one of the bloodiest battles of the Afghan war, The Battle of Kamdesh.
Some 300 Taliban militants attacked American Combat Outpost Keating in the early morning.  The soldiers were backed into a corner before fighting back.  Outnumbered the unit killed or wounded over 150 Taliban soldiers pushing the insurgents outside the outpost.

While in the middle of the fight Rodriquez received shrapnel wounds in his legs and neck and a bullet fragment through his shoulder.

Rodriquez  recovered and completed his one year tour of duty as well as receiving a Bronze Star for valor during the battle.

With a G.I. Bill in hand Rodriquez starts classes at Clemson Monday and after a few years away from football Daniel’s ready to get back at it and compete for a spot on the Tiger football team.

“I freaked out I was so excited.” Rodriquez told Friday. “But really, It will be just a cool feeling to run out on that field again and be a Clemson Tiger.”

We can’t wait either to see Daniel Rodriquez run down the hill at Death Valley.
Watch more of Daniel Rodriquez’s story from HD Net.

NFL Lays Down the Law for Potential L.A moves

((ht: latimes))
Proposed AEG Facility

So...the talk about some random team in the NFL just walking in one day and saying "The heck with it, we're leaving and going to Los Angeles, yeah, that ain't happening so fast.

The Jolly Roger (NFL Commish Roger Goodell) has laid down the law when it comes to potential franchise relocation.

And while the Jolly one didn't make it impossible to happen, he did lay out some specific guidelines that any potential team (Jax, San Diego, Minnesota, St. Louis or Oakland) looking to move to Los Angeles will have to get his papal seal of approval.

What does that mean?

According to a memo unearthed by Sam Farmer of the LA Times, the biggie is the "League" not the team will decide whether the move will happen.

Other biggies include: Negotiating a deal with an alternate site until a stadium can be put in place, apply in the first 45 days of 2013 an application to move, evaluate and work with the league to explore opportunities to stay where you are and show a stadium plan for LA that works for the league.


Read the whole story from the LA Times RIGHT HERE

This is interesting. Particularly if you live in any of the cities listed above. It doesn't rule out the potential for moving, but it also makes it much more difficult to use as a bargaining chip.

It still smacks of potential extortion however. You might ask "Why?" Simply put, it still puts a gun to a city currently hosting a team to give said team what they want or lose them. In any other part of life or business, you could argue that it is a form of blackmail (our opinion).

And spare me the whole "Well the team brings in money to the city in the form of tourists and visitors" line. Just stop using that.

While we get that people travel to town for things like Green Bay Packers games and stay the weekend and hotels and eat at restaurants, that is the exception rather than the rule. The vast majority of people at a given game live within 100 miles of the place.

Really, they do.

Back to the LA Story.

Yes, it opens up the opportunity for groups such as AEG and the "City of Opportunity" an extent.

It sounds an awful lot like they are going to have to actually build their stadium without a team to initially fill it. Or at least not start until they have a tenant. Which according to this law/rule means: You'll get a team, but only if WE say you'll get a team.

Buck Showalter Pranks Darren O'Day


And this one was pretty good...

The HQ would never be seen on one of those solo-wheels...

But we do wonder if @DODay56 told his better half, @ElizabethPrann, about this one...
Or, how long it took before he owned up to getting punked...

In Honor Of Kate And Tom...


The HQ figured we would appropriately honor one of the most well-known NASCAR drivers of the 1990's... Cole Trickle...

Whatever happened to that guy, anyway...???

DEVELOPING: Crowell Faces Suspension For Felony Arrest (UPDATED)

((HT: AJC/Towers))

Looks like the career of University of Georgia running back Isaiah Crowell has, probably, come to a crashing close...

Crowell, this morning, is in the Athens-Clarke County (GA) Jail (pictured, thanks County Sheriff's Department) on three weapons charges, two of them felonies.
Crowell is up on charges of possessing a concealed weapon, having a weapon in a school zone and having an altered ID mark on that weapon. His bond, originally set at $7,500, was raised to $9,500.

From Towers:

According to Athens-Clarke police spokesperson Hilda Sorrow, Crowell was arrested at a “vehicle check-point” — or road block — on East Campus Road at Green Street at 2:20 a.m. Friday. Officer Kristin Thornton reported smelling the odor of marijuana in Crowell’s 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis. Crowell gave consent to search the vehicle, himself and four other unnamed occupants. No marijuana was discovered but a 9-mm Luger handgun with an altered serial number was found under the driver’s seat. Crowell was immediately arrested and taken to jail and the car was impounded.

Last year, Crowell was suspended for the New Mexico State game for a "violation of team rules" - supposedly for failing a drug test...

He was listed as the Number One tailback in the country out of Carver-Columbus (GA) High School when he signed with the University of Georgia...

((HT: ESPNU/cffinsider))

We anticipate that Crowell will be heading to a place like Jacksonville State and play with Washaun Ealey- the Gamecocks seem to be a roster where Bulldogs go to die...

And how does someone get a Luger at the age of 19...???
Wait, the HQ doesn't want you to answer that...

1500 UPDATE:
According to the police report, four other Georgia football players were also in Crowell’s vehicle- outside linebacker Josh Harvey-Clemons, wide receiver Blake Tibbs, defensive back Sheldon Dawson, and defensive back Quintavius Harrow.

None of the four others were charged.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

DEVELOPING: Judge Upholds Glendale Vote On Yotes Sale

((HT: USAToday))

But all that really means that is that any legal recourse will have to come from the voters of Glendale themselves and not the Goldwater Institute...

Judge Dean Fink rejected Goldwater's argument- suing to invalidate the Glendale City Council's decision to approve the sale of the Phoenix Coyotes to Greg Jamison and paying him US$324-million over 20 years (US$90-million in the first four years). Goldwater maintained the Council didn't have the necessary votes and that the city failed to put an arena management contract up for bid- claiming it was an emergency status that would supersede any public referendum.

And that's where we are now...

Registered voters in Glendale are trying to come up with just over 1,800 signatures by early July to put the City Council decision to referendum in November.

That would gum up any sale certainly...

"We are disappointed in today's decision but we are glad that Glendale taxpayers have taken matters into their own hands by working to refer the arena management deal to the ballot," Goldwater's Darcy Olsen said in a statement...

So, the HQ continues to see what is left... and see who isn't saying anything...
Are you listening Quebec City...???
Of course, you are...

Baletlli did it: Italy slides by Germany and heads to Euro finals

Mario Balotelli
Well, it certainly didn't lack for entertainment value. And it had more scoring than the other semi-final too.

Italy beat Germany 2-1 Thursday afternoon to reach the Euro 2012 Finals against Spain. Oh, the game will be played in Ukraine for those curious.

Your star of the game: Mario Balotelli with 2 goals for Italy. Quite honestly, the storyline started on his goal in the 20th minute and ended when he scored again 16 minutes later.

And the game was relatively controversy it had that going for it. Though Balotelli did create a bit of a stir after his second goal when he took off his shirt. That in soccer is cause for a Yellow Card.

It winds down, but doesn't finish what has been a highly entertaining couple of weeks. The soccer played in the tourney has been top-notch and thanks to ESPN, the games have been running in the afternoons and have drawn pretty good ratings.

It would be nice to see this kind of soccer take off here in the states, and it is showing signs of happening with the TV ratings improving and in fact exploding when Team USA plays.

We can only hope it is a precursor of things to come.

Here's the second goal, which broke Germany's back...
((HT: UEFA/youtube))

Big 12 Proves TV Money driving conference swaps


No, this isn't a shock. At least to us. We've been saying it for months, but we are a relatively small outlet and the big boys don't always pay attention to what we have to say. (They should)

To the surprise of few, a report in yesterdays Oklahoman Newspaper quotes an internal Big 12 expansion discussion. And among the highlights: The statement saying in essence "Our television partners agree the only partner that would enhance Big 12 value for television is Notre Dame."

Note--Those partners would be ESPN and FOX Sports.

Read the entire NewsOK story RIGHT HERE

Please note that the Big 12 is not set on expanding according to reports. Though we don't believe them.

And the fact they are looking at this as an option doesn't even outrage us.


The issue is the TV component of this. We've always thought and surmised they may be behind all the conference realignment, this is the first proof that it's true.

And if you are one of those people that say..."Deal with it", we tell you, your game isn't as pure as you'd like to believe. And arguably, the "Championship" series is a collaborative sham perpetrated on the most colleges, college students and the general public.

Since the NCAA has no control over the Bowls...or the playoffs (Did you know this?), we should just call this what it is. You can say its a "National Championship" game, but unless you attend one of a few select schools, you'll never play in it. You can say it's being done to have a "Clear Champion", but we would argue it's ESPN's champion.

In fact, we'd argue that College Football should stop PRETENDING to be an amateur sport. It isn't. Do any of you REALLY think all the changing conference alignments are being done for the benefit of anyone at your school of choice?

No, it's being done to line the pockets of the Executive's at ESPN. It's being done to line the pockets of conference commissioners. It's not being done because it's in your best interest.

It hasn't been like that for a very long time.

Can anyone disagree that ESPN runs Sports on both the Professional and College levels?

No, didn't think so.

Hope you enjoy life and your game as dictated by the 4-letter word/Evil Empire/SkyNet

ESPN's deal with Rose Bowl: Good luck other championship suitors

Their Championship Trophy
To the surprise of nobody, ESPN announcemed Thursday that they will continue televising the Rose Bowl for the next 11-years.

And the obvious, quick question is "Why should we care?"

The answer is the clause stating whatever the College Championship situation becomes, will not change ESPN broadcasting the game.

Or in simpler terms: They (ESPN) will be a part of the playoff broadcast system no matter what happens with the other games.

And yes, it also means the Emperor and the Empire probably will be your Championship Game Broadcaster.

Does it guarantee it?


But if you are CBS, NBC or FOX, your chances of getting a monopoly on the playoffs just ended.

You are probably asking yourself another question..."Why do I care about this?"

The answer is, unless you are in TV, you probably don't, but just no that this is the single biggest reason you are getting your playoff.


It's not about appeasing you the fan. That has nothing to do with it. The group formerly known as the BCS doesn't care what you think. All they care about is the money. And the money---it's pretty damn good.

While they made decent scratch on the BCS, the next deal promises we are guessing at least 4X what they are currently getting from ESPN. (Currently low $billions)

Will any of that money go to the athletes...or the students at a given school.


In fact HELL NO.

It will go to pay for the bloated athletic budgets and the insanely stupid salaries these power conference schools pay coaches. It will go towards travel and new facilities. It will go mostly to Athletic Directors and School Presidents, Conference Commissioners and the keepeers of the Big Bowl Games, mostly in the form of bonuses.

But it won't go to anyone that it should. And that includes the NCAA.

By the way, we move that this become the ESPN Theme song...what do you think?

Sandusky fallout: PA Rep wants Feds to investigate state investigation

Jerry Sandusky

We've mentioned many times that the conviction of former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was only the beginning.

There is going to be fallout on many levels, from the school, the school administrators and possibly more.

Now comes word that a Pennsylvania State Legislator wants to revisit legislation urging U.S Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate how the state handled the Sandusky affair.

The legislation, which is a resolution, has been stuck in committee since the end of 2011 and State Representative Brandon Neuman intends to bring the bill out of committee and up for a vote by the end of the week.

The question Neuman and others...many others have is why after allegations against Sandusky had been floating around since 1998 and yet nobody acted on it until 2011.

Essentially he is saying "Why didn't the Attorney General's office didn't do anything until they had to?"

Read the entire article RIGHT HERE

There had been some discussion and more than a few raised eyebrows that then state AG Tom Corbett (Now Gov. Corbett), didn't do more. And a few whispers that he had been aware of Sandusky long before the arrest.

Neuman also wants the feds to look into what Penn State did...or didn't do. Again, something that most would agree with. And it may happen. But it won't until former FBI Director Louis Freeh's investigation is complete.

We don't have tons of faith in that either, since Freeh was hired by the school's board of trustees. And thus far, nobody with Penn State seems to have been totally forthcoming with what they did...or didn't know. Hopefully Freeh will be detailed and forthcoming with all that he learned.

We already have learned that former administrators Gary Schultz and Tom Curley had some sort of file or knowledge of Sandusky and reports indicate that a decision had been made to not "Humiliate" him with the specter of an investigation.

And that alone indicates there will be a LOT of fallout, it is just a matter of when...and where.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Global Entertainment's Decade Of Bad Business: Part 2 In A Series Visits Allen, Texas

Here's Part One of the Series on Global Entertainment...

Over the next editions here, OSG will recap Global’s business activities, expose the lessons each of their failed business elements, and try and determine where the future is with all involved.

Global Entertainment is a multi-layered business that seemingly focuses on consulting, building and then running arenas, mostly for smaller-to-medium size towns.

Their most recent foray into that business is consulting the folks in Glendale, Arizona.  The track record so far, is not very good.

They've left a virtual wasteland of failed management and cities with nearly empty and debt filled arenas.

Through interviews with city officials and scouring through documents, we learned how and where they've failed.

The first location is Allen, Texas- one of the places where the phrase “discovery phase” is currently in play...

They come to you with the idea of a shining star of a centerpiece- a mid-sized arena to help with a city's development- and Global would provide all the pieces to help with operation: connections to architecture, event planning once the arena is built, ticketing, food services, advertising, suite sales, and even anchor tenants since one of the vertical properties is the Central Hockey League.

But since 2003, Global has had their hands in the building of ten arenas- all of them have experienced some kind of failure with the company at the wheel.

The Allen Events Center (pictured right, thanks opened in November 2009 as the ninth of the ten arenas Global put on the landscape. The 7,500 seat building came on line at a cost somewhere between US$52-56-million.

The Central Hockey League agreed to put a franchise, the Allen Americans, in as an anchor tenant for a ten-year guarantee. Allen city officials visited three other Global arenas including the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, Colorado and Tim's Toyota Center in Prescott, Arizona since the appointed architect would do the proposed Allen building as they had done the others.

The Events Center would be operated at no cost to the city and Global would make up any deficits according to Allen City Manager Peter Vargas in a conversation with OSG Sports. The construction and raising of the building "went great" according to Vargas:

"In their original model,"
Vargas explained, "they (Global) said that since they operated five or six other arenas they could book an act into each venue. It looked like a really positive model. But not long after, it was clear that they didn't have the financial wherewithal to run the arena. While the hockey team was a great tenant and puts on a great product, the rest of the balance wasn't doing very well."

While Global was supposed to also receive a $175,000-a-year fee (WFAA-TV reported in August 2010 that the figure was just north of $200,000) to manage the arena, the city of Allen knew there was a problem when Global couldn't meet payroll expenses and asked the city to help out in that regard.

Allen seems to be the exception rather than the rule in Global's case. Global was removed by June of 2010 as operator in favor of the city running the building, and the city had signed eight separate contracts for all of their bill paying for the arena cost. The building is still having issues being profitable.

The city of Allen has filed a lawsuit against Global within the last eight months and the suit is in the discovery phase. Vargas anticipates it will take a couple of years before the case is heard in court, and that mediation might even be considered first before any of the Allen complaint is heard...

The lesson from Vargas: "Have a substantial reserve before you establish the facility and understand that it will take, at least, three years before a totally new building will be accepted within the artist's community. In the day-to-day management of the arena, they (Global) tried very hard, but it became pretty clear that they didn't know how to run an arena."

Next: More evidence that Global has anything but "The Midas Touch". 

Not a bad catch by Mike Trout (Wow!)

In case any of you baseball fans haven't seen or heard of Mike Trout of the LA Angels, you should get familiar with him.

The other "Young Gun" rookie this year is arguably better than the more hyped Bryce Harper of Washington.

Check out the 20-year old commit what only can be called "Baseball Robbery" against Baltimore's J.J Hardy.

Thanks for actually allowing us to embed a clip...

Haha! Carmelo Anthony scares fans at Wax Museum

Apparently New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony warrants a wax figure at the famous Madame Tussauds Museum in New York.


Anthony spent some time yesterday at the Museum...basically messing with fans as they walked by.

Without getting into the debate as to whether or not he is worthy of being immortalized (he's not), we give you the video, because really, it's kind of funny, though we might add 'Melo needs to work a bit on his timing.

Chris Berman to call NFL Game; Twitterverse nears implosion

Chris Berman
This quite honestly to anyone who is not a total Sports Geek, kind of funny. And yet we are telling the story.

ESPN has announced that Loud Guy and NFL Countdown host Chris Berman is going to do the 2nd game of their NFL Opening Weekend doubleheader on Sept. 10th.

Why is this a big deal you ask?

It isn't.

Yet, those who inhabit the world of Twitter Sports and the Blogosphere are terming this as nothing short of "Sacreligous".

And while no fan of the over-blown, under-performing believer in his own hype who hasn't come up with a creative way to write in many a year, we have no problem with this choice.

The guy, as laughable a shill for the NFL as anybody in the Sports world is doing a West-Coast game that will draw viewers, but not break records for Neilsen viewership.

No, we've never gone out of our way to say much positive about our friends at the 4-letter, mostly because we think they are kind of like the Empire in the Star Wars movies, but what does this hurt? If they cared what anybody really thought about their talent, Skip Bayless would never be on TV again ((we can only hope)).

Since when has anyone made a decision on what game they watched based on the play-by-play guy? If it bothers you so much, turn off the TV volume and listen on the radio.

Yeah, there are plenty of reasons to be offended at ESPN shoving Berman down our collective throats. Mostly because he is a mockery of what he once was. It is more offensive, at least to us, to see him doing the U.S Open Golf hosting duties or the All-Star Home Run Derby. And yet they keep doing it.

((Author Note--The Home Run Derby is now COMPLETELY UNWATCHABLE and it is because of Berman with his circa 1986 cliche's and amazing ability to totally talk over the best and most dramatic of moments))

So, brace yourselves NFL Fan...and Twitter Sports geeks. ESPN made it official today. And they have no regrets. They know full well that you will tune in.

And ultimately, that's all they care about.

Spain wins on PK's, Ronaldo controversy begins

Yes, we are doing a soccer story.

Because if you are a fan of Sports, you should be watching the European Soccer Championships. It's some of the most entertaining, dramatic moments that you'll see.

And before some of you say's more exciting to watch then most baseball games if you know what you are watching.

The 1st of the Euro League semi-finals was played Wednesday afterooon (our time) and featured defending champion Spain vs. Portugal, featuring all-world star Christian Ronaldo.

The game ended regulation time in a draw. So much like hockey (appealing to American fans), the two teams chose sides and went to a Penalty Kick shootout.

And Spain won the shootout 4-2 after their goaltender Iker Casillas stopped the 1st shot and another Portugeses shot hit the crossbar.

However, it did not end without some controversy as Portugal did not have Ronaldo, their supposed best player, take any of their attempts.

Spain will face the winner of Thursday's Germany vs.Italy game. The finals will be on Sunday.

Ronaldo's omission would be roughly the equivalent of the Heat taking LeBron or Dwyane Wade out of the game in the final 2 minutes. Or Tom Brady on the bench during the Patriots last possession.

(Yes, I know we are dumbing this down. But it's shocking how many people don't get "Big-Time" Professional Soccer.)

We are efforting highlights. We'll post 'em when we find 'em...

Found 'em...hope they don't get pulled.

Atlanta and others plot strategy to get in on College Playoff orgy

The non-NCAA Football Championship Trophy

So...the players are lining up to pay tribute to the rich kids of college football.

On the heels of Tuesday's announcement that all 11 conference president representatives and Notre Dame have agreed to move College Football to a 4-team playoff, comes word of cities wanting a piece of the action.

The plan is for 6-Bowl games to rotate as hosts for the 2-semifinal games and a "New" game to be played at a yet to be determined site and city.

Oh...did we mention that "New" game will go to the highest bidder?

On the heels of that announcement that at least one potential site is interested in hosting either that "New" game or one of the semi-finals.

That city is Atlanta. Which to those who follow college football, should not come as a surprise.

The new game and system will be in place for the 2014 season. And several cities are expected to go for a piece of the pie.

Jacksonville has already said they are in. And the expectation is that Jerry Jones is preparing to offer up Jerry World for the game too.

We have no firsthand knowledge, but will wager a guess that Phoenix, Los Angeles and others will throw their names in the hat too.

You can read about Atlanta's plan RIGHT HERE

We think the game is all but a lock for Dallas and Jerry World. This would be the "Marquee" event that the Dallas Cowboys owner has been drooling for. And Jerry usually gets what Jerry wants.

Atlanta will be taken seriously...and should. They may make it to a semi-final if for no other reason than the Chick-fil a Bowl's ability to produce yearly sell-outs and make money.

Not to go on too much of a rant here, but we (me) aren't as big a fan of this "New" system as most Sports Writers seem to be. Yeah, sure, it is a step up over the crappy-ass cartel known as the BCS, but in reality, there is little different.

Everyone seems to forget they already held their version of a "Championship" game for the past umpteen years. But it was a bizarre combination of polls that chose those two teams. And it was often wrong.

Now we are just adding two more teams to the mix. Which doesn't really change much. It just adds two more opportunities for teams to complain.

Yeah, sure, we get that there isn't a perfect system to find the best team. But this folks, ain't it. You could convince me of an 8-team playoff. But

Your Boise States and pretty much any team that isn't in the ACC, Big East, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12 or SEC still has no chance of getting into this mix.

And we still think...until convinced otherwise that this was done ONLY...because the commissioners of those conferences realized just how much money could be made by created a totally new game.

Because this is what it is all about:

Stupid Youth Hockey Coach injures kid deliberately


Sometimes brilliance is captured in a statement. Sometimes it's captured in a quote. And sometimes you capture it on video.

We say brilliance with complete and utter sarcasm.

And we bring it up because of this.

Check out this video of a handshake lineup at the end of a Canadian Youth Hockey League game. The two teams shake hands on a line as is custom in the sport. The coaches are at the end of the line.

Watch what happens when UBC Hornets coach Martin Tremblay gets towards the end...he trips one of the kids. Look how his leg swings out.

The kid now has a broken wrist and Tremblay was briefly detained by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Tremblay claims he slipped on a wet spot on ice. Nobody is buying it.

Here is your video courtesy: TheProvinceOnline and YouTube:

Here Comes College Football Playoff. Say Goodbye To Bowl Games

We now have a college football playoff to determine a national champion.  We have to wait two years but we have one.
The BCS Presidential Oversight Committee agreed to in their terms, “to launch a new four-team, seeded post-season playoff to determine the national collegiate champion.”
In a joint statement the 12 members of the committee said the new four team playoff  will make the college football season better, “..while protecting the regular season and bowl experience.”
The regular season is fine, bowl experience?
With the new playoff format the bowls have begun to die a slow and painful death.  Now the BBVA Compass  Bowl or the New Mexico Bowl have no meaning other than fill programming for ESPN. 
Heck the bowls might become college football’s version of the NIT or the CBI.  Can you tell me who won the CBI last year?
The playoff genie for major college football is out of the bottle.  Once it starts in two years it will doom the bowl system.
As college football’s final four gains popularity there will soon be cries for expanding the playoff to eight or possibly 16 teams. 
The NFL jumped on the popularity of their playoffs by adding Wild Card rounds.  College football will feel that pressure to.
That in turn will deem bowl games even more irrelevant than they are now, especially if the playoff format expands to all conference champions. 
Now there’s a concept worth exploring.
Of course with 11 conferences and independents (see Notre Dame & BYU) the term “at-large” berth will find itself in the college football vocabulary. 
In the meantime enjoy the corporate sponsored bowl games while the last. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nature Boy And Ms. Naitch Get In Another Fight

Ric Flair and his wife, Jacqueline, met in 2004 and were married six years later...

Since then, it seems, all they do is occasionally fight...

Last night was no different...

Wrestler Ric Flair and his wife were involved in an altercation at the couple's SouthPark condo Monday night, according to a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department report.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Police say last night Mrs. Flair assaulted Mr. Flair at their condo, but no one was arrested or went to hospital.

This isn't the first time she has been known to assault him. In February 2010, there was another domestic dispute at the biggest house on the biggest hill on the biggest side of town...

((HT: WWE/youtube))

Back then, police said Flair's wife punched him in the face. She was charged with assault, but those charges were dropped by the DA five months later due to a lack of evidence.

All the HQ can say is that this is really sad...

Number One White Sox Fan Pokes Red Sox Fans

((HT: NewsPoliticsNow)

This is what happens when a White Sox fan brings up a recent trade with the Red Sox...

The Prez is, probably, the only person allowed to poke the bear like that- in the town that the trade went down to necessitate Will Middlebrooks' every day third-basemanship...

Good luck on that, sir...

Whose Backside Is Getting Hotter In College Football

HT: Dennis Dodd/CBS
We are at the point where all the college football previews are coming out.  Those of us at the OSG HQ are working on ours.  It will be a good read.

While Internet surfing we came across this one from Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports.comDodd has his own unique system of rating the coach’s hot seat. Check out Dodd's hot seat ratings here.

Two coaches received 5.0 ratings which translates to “win or be fired”.  Both coaches who received that rating were from the SEC.
Here’s our take of some of the coaches whose backside is getting warmer.
Coaches With 5.0 Rating: (Win Now)
John L. Smith
John L. Smith – Arkansas: On the surface this appears to be a interim hire but as a BCS head coach told me a few months ago, “What if they (Arkansas) win 11 games and the SEC West?  You have to keep him.”  This was the year everything was lined up for Arkansas to win the SEC West especially with Alabama and LSU coming to Fayetteville.  Asking a new coach to do that his first year is unfair. 
Derek Dooley
Derek Dooley – Tennessee: Dooley had the misfortune to follow Lane Kiffin who raped UT in only year in Knoxville.  It is a make or break year for Dooley but what win total will satisfy the powers that be and Vol fans?  Nine, 10.
One thing that might work against Dooley is that current Tennessee athletic director Dave Hart didn’t hire Dooley.  Hart came from Florida State and knows a thing or two about successful football programs.  If Hart see significant progress with the UT football program then Dooley may survive. A good start is important for Dooley’s fate.
Coaches With 4.5 Rating (Better Win Now):
DeWayne Walker – New Mexico State: Walker is 9-29 in three season coaching the Aggies.  It is extremely difficult to win at New Mexico State and Walker is finding that out.  Walker probably gets another year to turn the program around.
Dan Enos – Central Michigan: Before Enos took over the Chippawas had won three Mid-American Conferences titles in 4 years.  In two years as head coach Enos has lead Central Michigan to consectutive 3-9 seasons.  The natives in Mt. Pleasant are restless.  Enos needs to win at least six games to cool off his butt. 
Coaches With 4.0 Rating:(It Would Help Your Fate To Win Now)
Frank Spaziani – Boston College:  This is our leading candidate as the head coach to be fired when the Eagles lose their seventh game in October or November.  The program is in a state of decline.  Coach Spaz is a hell of a defensive coach but on offense, The Eagles can’t get off the ground.  Spaziani will be a hot commodity as the defensive coordinator though so he would land on his feet.
Jeff Quinn – Buffalo: After Turner Gill put the paddles and revived the Bulls program it’s been downhill since Quinn took over.  In two years Quinn is 5-19.  Better win six games this year.
Robb Akey – Idaho: Akey has had a roller coaster ride as the Vandals head coach starting out with three wins his first two seasons followed by a rise to mediocrity.  Now the Vandals have declined after going 2-10 in Akey’s fifth year.  Better show progress this year.
Randy Edsall – Maryland: Randy Edsall won two games his first season at Maryland, ran off players who didn’t fit in his system including a quarterback that was ACC Rookie of the Year and his best offensive lineman plus according to OSG sources those who write the big checks to the program didn’t take to kindly to Edsall’s act.  Edsall isn’t going anywhere because this was a big hire for Maryland athletic director Kevin Anderson and won’t pull the trigger.
Kevin Bailiff – Rice: It’s extremely hard to win at Rice.  Bailiff ‘s 23-38 record in his five years with the Owls should be enough to stay for a while.  That’s actually not a bad record for a Rice head coach. 
Bobby Houck – UNLV: Houck’s contract runs through 2014 and though his record in two years is only 4-21 the Rebels were the lowest of the low when he took over.  Houck has time to turn it around and will stay put for a while.
That's our take.  We welcome yours.

Monday, June 25, 2012

MLB Outfielder Byrd suspended for P.E.D usage

Marlon Byrd

Believe it or not, Marlon Byrd, up until recently an outfielder with the Boston Red Sox was the primary client of former BALCO czar Victor Conte.

For those wondering, Conte and BALCO were at the forefront of baseball's steroid investigations over the past several years.

Conte used Byrd as spokesperson for his new business...a spin-off of BALCO that allegedly sold supplements. And Byrd gleefully proclaimed that as a client, "He's been clean"

Guess what, Byrd's name turned up Monday afternoon as a positive tester for Performance Enhancing Drugs.

What's even better, the drug of choice: Tamoxifen, a drug used to treat Breast Cancer. The primary issue in play here.

Byrd doesn't have Breast Cancer at least not that we or anybody else has been made aware of. The Major League Baseball Players association says Byrd is taking the drug for "An Undisclosed Condition". tells us more about this strange alliance RIGHT HERE

We aren't sure if this could be classified as a case of "The Blind Leading the Blind", "Just plain stupidity" or "Trying to pull one over"? Really, it's hard to come up with a good way to describe this.

Other than just plain funny.

So Byrd, who's had a modestly successful career in the Major Leagues, but hasn't done much of late. We're guessing that whatever WAS left of his career, is now probably gone.

You Stay Classy LSU fan

The shirt in question

Really LSU fans? You actually thought this was funny? But, hey, maybe it was a marketer rather than a fan that came up with the idea for the shirt pictured to the right here.


Nobody in their right mind would think this is a good idea.

Would they?

For those who can't says "I'd rather take a shower at Penn State then support Alabama."

And yeah...they got people's attention with the shirt...but would you want this to be your calling card?

Didn't think so...

Friends Of Glendale's Money Consultant Has History Of Bad Business Deals: Part 1 In A Series

What if a company and/or businessman with a proven track record of failed business plans for arenas all over the country approached you and said: "Let us help you come up with a plan for an arena that we can make profitable for you...?"

OSG Sports found just such an arrangement/deal in place in of all places--Glendale, Arizona- where as many of you know, the city is in dire straits trying to cover the cost of an arena for a hockey team that can't afford to be there... and has spent, what some will easily call, good money after bad...

With the current referendum ideas on the tale in Glendale, Arizona, OSG Sports decided to look at the depth of the city’s proposed arena deal with Greg Jamison and see if the decisions that need to be figured out by early July could be the next step in a dangerous process with a potential partner down the line... Global Entertainment...

The plan that Global Entertainment lays out for prospective cities is fairly brilliant in its vertical integration. The company, based in Glendale itself, claims it can handle the burgeoning market for mid-sized arenas and all aspects of operation with their subsidiaries:

The Central Hockey League provides an anchor tenant
International Coliseums will build the place
Global Entertainment Marketing Systems will market the arena to clients
GetTix.Net is their version of Ticketmaster
Global Properties and Encore Facility Management run the place and
GEC Food Service will give ticketholders something to eat while they’re there…

As a business-sized taxpayer for the city, the two issues that are in the process of being settled by an economically-strapped city affect them twice- and in a third manner that they are in the process of creating with their friends.

Other business leaders in the city are in the process of gathering signatures to suspend at temporary .07-percent sales tax hike. Their deadline is July 5th. Business leaders maintain that it would add more unnecessary dollars that they are responsible for in their bottom line as the city is trying to find a way to pay Greg Jamison US$324-million over the next 20 years to run arena.

US$90-million of that would be paid to Jamison in the first four years of the proposed deal as the city of Glendale is trying to juggle city deficits, job cuts, and services being eliminated for taxpayers.

Civic leaders are looking at the deal as misplaced priorities and the Glendale City Council is looking at it as trying to keep the idea of an “arena as an oasis” above water.

But one of the parties giving advice to the City of Glendale in all of this political machination is TL Hocking and Associates. Hocking gave Glendale advice in the appraisal process as the city wondered aloud what the financial shortfalls would be without an anchor tenant in the Phoenix Coyotes NHL franchise. Hocking is also a co-defendant in a lawsuit with Global and its subsidiaries just up the road in the Prescott Valley, yet Glendale took their advice (at present) as economic gospel.

And continues to... until further notice...…

This activity lends itself to the thought that Hocking, and possibly Global, are looking to step their game up to the big leagues in the shadow of an activity that is still legally questionable. If Glendale’s voters come forward to revoke the city’s ideas to raise revenue and keep the city and its arena afloat in the coming weeks, then Global and its partners could be in the position to step in as a savior- with all its baggage and poor history of arena management.

Global Entertainment and their arena issues are nothing new as OSG Sports and others have investigated and disclosed in numerous venues.

OSG Sports has spent months trying to detail Global and Hocking's track record of failure over the past decade. This is the first of several reports on that. We'll take you to smaller and medium-sized markets all over the country where they are now saddled with millions of debt on arenas that were promised tenants and business that never actually were delivered. And Global was either asked to leave or left, and each city is still trying to figure out just how much damage has been done...

Allen, Texas is one of those cities. And after getting in bed with Global, they are heading towards a showdown.

That showdown is going to take court.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Donnan Settles Ponzi Scheme

((HT: CFT/AP))

We've talked about the alleged Ponzi scheme that former college football analyst Jim Donnan has been embroiled in since July of 2011...

As seen here from the state of Ohio, the settlement in the state of Ohio, and how it seemed to travel (or trickle) down to the state of Georgia.

Donnan, the former UGA coach, has agreed to a bankruptcy settlement with GLC Limited- which used to be known as GLC Entertprises wehn this whole thing started.

If the deal is signed off on, Donnan repays a little over US$7-million to GLC, which says it’s owed almost twice that. Donnan has agreed to repay 80 percent of the losses of investors he recruited for GLC- which included coaches, both current and retired like Barry Switzer, Dennis Franchione, Frank Beamer and Tommy Tuberville. Investors, both known and unknown claim Donnan owed them about $27 million.

A hearing is scheduled for July 19th to see if all parties and a judge will sign off on all of this.

Here's a refresher from Joyce Oscar and the Southern Free Press...

You Hit A Homer, I Cut You A Check...


Jonathan Papelbon told his entire dugout that he would instantly cut a $5,000 check to anyone that would hit a game-winning homer and give him a win after he blew his first save of the season...

Pinch-hitter extraordinaire Jim Thome obliged with his record-setting 13th game-winning home run as the Phillies beat the Rays. Thome says no money exchanged hands, but the HQ feels certain that a charity of Thome's choice became quite the richer...

Amy Fadool recaps a busy day in Philly that not only included the Thome history-making homer, but a big trade involving JVR and the Leafs...

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sandusky Verdict: Done but Penn St not out of the woods

Welcome to your new home Jerry
By now if you have a TV or listen to the radio, you know that former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was convicted of multiple crimes against children and will spend the rest of his...and several other lives incarcerated.

And many of you have seen "Summary" stories on your local newscast about it. And they had reaction from the community with people saying "I'm glad this is over" "We can move on now". It ain't over yet.

While Sandusky's part in all this is, Penn State's is only beginning to come to the forefront. One of the big reasons this happened was the school and many of the administrators reluctance to do anything about him when provided evidence of a problem.

And for the school, it could make things a whole lot worse.

It's already cost former President Graham Spanier his job and former coach Joe Paterno his. Former AD Tim Curley and former VP Gary Schultz are facing charges for not reporting potential abuse. And former FBI Director Louis Freeh is wrapping up a Board of Trustees investigation into how the school handled this.

If some of the evidence that came to light in Sandusky's case carries over, it could get ugly. Reports have already been broadcast that Spanier, Schultz and Curley along with others kept a file on Sandusky. And it included the Mike McQueary incident. According to the report Spanier and Schultz decided it wouldn't be "Humane" to subject Sandusky to an investigation at that time.

Which begs a "HUGE" question: "If they knew about this, how does he keep his access to the school and the school continue to support him and his charity?"

And yes, the NCAA is sniffing around the school too. The common refrain is they are going to look for "Lack of Institutional Control". Yes, we think the school should be punished...and punished hard for this, but ultimately, the NCAA will do nothing. This is a criminal investigation, something not really in their sphere of influence.

Oh...for good measure, there are more victims coming to light. Many of you asked about why Matt Sandusky's revalation at the end of the case wasn't part of the trial. The answer is simple: It didn't need to be.

And yes, investigators are talking to other victims. Really, the only question there is: Is there a need for another trial. The answer is: Probably not. 

So, to keep this relatively short dear reader; just know that there are many more layers left in this. There will be much to report and a lot to talk about. We will do our best to try to ask the questions and offer opinions those in the local media can't.

Report: Boise St. not out of MWC yet; dealine looms


Well, nothing like waiting to the last minute.

The clock is ticking on Boise State's intended move to the Big East conference. The Broncos have stated their intent to move for the 2013-14 season.

One problem: They haven't moved out of the Mountain West Conference yet. And if they don't do it by July 1st, the cost of moving goes up...exponentially.

The other problem and probable hold up: Finding a home for their other sports.

You see, Boise wants to make the move so they can be an "Automatic Qualifier" for a national championship. So they moved to the Big East, which despite its lack of competitiveness for such a title, is an "AQ" conference.

But....Boise doesn't want to move the rest of their sports east...which would be extremely "Cost Prohibitive". They want to relocate them in the neutered Western Athletic Conference...which at the current time consists of only 5 teams.

So there within lies the dilemma.'s Brett McMurphy gives the detailed explainer RIGHT HERE

If you ever want a "Poster Child" for Galactic Realignment for the sake of money...this is it. While we get Boise's want to be an "AQ" school and realize they've had a pretty good argument the past couple years for inclusion on their own, this is a bad idea.

In fact, we think it is such a colossally bad idea that we'll go out on a limb and say it will never happen. We'll go even further and say this: "Don't be surprised if Boise gets a look from the Big 12 who are 10." It makes more sense on pretty much every level. And they don't have to split the Sports. The travel makes sense and the "AQ" status along with the money works too.

There of course is only one catch: Do they want to take 2nd or even 3rd billing to Texas and Oklahoma. Because even if UT and OU suck, they still are the top priority for the conference. Everyone else as we've seen time and time on their own.

Because we can...and it fits:

Friday, June 22, 2012

BREAKING: Sandusky found guilty of sexual abuse

Jerry Sandusky (photo credit John de Nugent)

BELLEFONTE, Pa -- Former Penn State University football coach Jerry Sandusky's trial is officially over.

A Centre County jury has found Sandusky guilty of 45 of the 48 counts of child sexual abuse of which he was accused.

A jury of seven women and five men deliberated for the bulk of two days before reaching a verdict Friday night. The jury started going over testimony by former Penn State assistant coach Mike McQueary around 9am this morning.

Sandusky now faces a maximum sentence of 442 years in prison.
Jeremy Schaap and Roger Cossack were outside the courtroom...
((HT: ESPN))

Here's Sandusky being led out of the courtroom...
((HT: CNN))

And the thoughts of CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin- which are somewhat common amongst other folks...

Here's part of the statement from Penn State University itself...

Now that the jury has spoken, the University wants to continue that dialogue and do its part to help victims continue their path forward. To that end, the University plans to invite victims of Mr. Sandusky’s abuse to participate in a program to facilitate the resolution of claims against the University arising out of Mr. Sandusky's conduct. The purpose of the program is simple – the University wants to provide a forum where the University can privately, expeditiously and fairly address the victims' concerns and compensate them for claims relating to the University. Counsel to the University plan to reach out to counsel to the victims of Mr. Sandusky’s abuse in the near future with additional details.

The Paterno family weighs in briefly...

Although we understand the task of healing is just beginning, today's verdict is an important milestone. The community owes a measure of gratitude to the jurors for their diligent service. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the victims and their families.

The lawyers for Matt Sandusky, Victim 3, and Victim 7...

Today a jury did what so many other people and institutions failed to do -- they held Jerry Sandusky accountable for sexually abusing children. This jury broke years of silence about Sandusky’s systematic targeting, grooming and abuse of children and finally delivered justice.

The verdict is a direct result of the victims’ inspiring courage. The victims’ provided heart-wrenching accounts of abuse, manipulation and betrayal by one of the most powerful and protected members of this community.

We believe this case represents a turning point on the issue of childhood sexual abuse in this community and in the nation. Because of these brave men, the public now knows much more about the horrors of childhood sexual abuse, better understands the challenges survivors face, and more fully appreciates the importance of holding child sexual abuse offenders and all those who protect them accountable.

Our clients are relieved about the outcome of this trial and are grateful for the support they have received from their families, and from the nation, as they continue on their path to healing.

Here's the rundown of the case charge-by-charge, thanks to our friends at WHP-TV... the HQ would agree that 45-out-of-48 is a good save percentage...

Naturally, Sandusky attorney Joe Amendola plans to appeal on the grounds of questionable legal decisions in and by the court during trial...

"If you win on one of the appeal issues, everything probably falls," attorney Joe Amendola said. "So all we have to do is convince an appellate court that one of the issues that we will raise is worthy of a reversal. ... It doesn't matter, it could be 100 counts, and it would still all come back if an appeal is granted."

The jury deliberated 21 hours over two days and Jerry Sandusky is now on suicide watch.

The next questions will fall with former Penn State vice president Gary Schultz and former Athletic Director Tim Curley for perjury and failing to report the abuse. Will the NCAA continue their investigation and to what extent...???

The "lack of institutional control" charge looms huge here...

Sandusky Trial: Strange comments by the Defense Attorney

Very little surrounding the trial of former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky has been normal. Jury deliberation is gone 24-hours now and according to reports, will continue into the weekend.

From the depth and length of charges to the testimony, the trial has been somewhat fascinating to monitor.

Which makes comments spoken today by Sandusky's attorney Joe Amendola all the more bizarre.

Amendola, slightly violating Judge John Cleland's gag order told several assembled reporters this afternoon that if his client is acquitted of all 48 remaining charges, "I'd probably die of a heart attack".

He also added "Do you know the odds are of walking on 52 charges? The likelihood is strong that he'll (Sandusky) be convicted of something".

And he went further, telling reporters his client  "Is an overgrown child. Kids tend to be na├»ve & not really appreciate the seriousness of what they are facing."

We might add that he was immediately called into Judge Cleland's office after this, we're guessing the conversation was not positive.

The general consensus right now is the jury is being very deliberate and careful about what they decide. That is why it is taking some time.

And while we, like most believe this case is a slam dunk, we find it utterly amazing that a defense attorney would say what Amendola did.

But then again, considering everything else that's been brought out in this case, it probably shouldn't come as so much of a surprise.

FSU Tailback Wilder jailed for probation violation

Add caption

Apparently Florida State rising sophomore tailback James Wilder Jr. now has more brushes with the law then TD's.

We say this after Wilder turned himself in for failing a breathalyzer test during his stint at a Leon County Work Camp. Wilder was participating in the camp as part of his punishment for an April arrest on charges of resisting an officer.

That misdemeanor offense cost him 9 days at the camp and 6 months of probation.

Read more from the Tallahassee Democrat RIGHT HERE

It sounds like young Mr. Wilder needs to learn a bit of responsibility. While his attorney sloughs the whole thing off, the behavior doesn't really speak too well for his client.

Wilder was modestly successful last year for the Seminoles and may be counted on more this season.

Schilling: Baseball Money "Probably All Gone"

((HT: MyFoxBoston))

Curt Schilling broke his silence on the collapse of his video game business, 38 Studios, on WEEI-AM's "Dennis and Callahan" show this morning...

And it wasn't pretty from Schilling...

Schilling also said that he thinks that Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee's comments when all this hit the fan last month harmed 38 Studios as it tried to stay in business.

38 Studios filed for bankruptcy protection on June 7th. It had been lured to Rhode Island from Massachusetts in 2010 after Rhode Island offered a $75 million loan guarantee. Schilling laid off 300 employees in the two offices in Rhode Island and Baltimore and has taken a leave of absence from his work at ESPN. 38 Studios finances are currently being investigated by the Feds and Citizens Bank is looking to get back a loan of over $2-million from him.

The HQ knows this is far from over...

When Your Hurt, Momma Is Always There. Just Ask Kevin Durant

After the Oklahoma City Thunder lost game five of the NBA Finals to the Miami Heat Kevin Durant poured out his emotions in the arms of his mother.

Losing his first NBA Finals was tough for OKC's franchise player to swallow. 

“It's going to hurt a little bit.” Kevin Durant said after Game 5.  “We've got to move past it.”

In Case You Missed It: LeBron Gets His Ring, Heat NBA Champions

The world is a much better place today, LeBron James finally has his NBA Championship.  I hope you are enjoying the 4-letter’s gavel-to-gavel coverage of this truly great moment in NBA history according to them.

Now with a championship ring the greatness of LeBron James can’t be debated.  Five more rings and he matches Michael Jordan, greatness for my generation.  Good luck matching Bill Russell’s 11 rings
Pardon the sarcastic tone but as much as we appreciate LeBron James’ game the fact that he was anointed the “chosen one” from the time he was in high school with his accomplishments and failures magnified to the n’th degree since turning pro has been nauseating. 
Such is life in the hyper media age.
Here’s Dwayne Wade and LeBron James talking to the assembled press after winning the NBA title. (Thanks Fox Sports Florida)