Saturday, June 30, 2012

More Sandusky E-Mails May Lead To Confirmed Cover-Up

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Not that the HQ is shocked or anything, but the report below is claiming that Penn State tried to figure out a more "humane" way to figure out a solution where the Jerry Sandusky case was concerned...

And it's something that had been hinted at during the trial and shortly after the verdict.

The 2001 incident involving Mike McQueary's stumbling in on an incident in the Penn State showers is the one where the alleged e-mails came forward involving then-President Graham Spanier, then-VP Gary Schultz, and then-AD Tim Curley who were trying to figure out what the best internal approach could be before notifying authorities...

In said e-mails, according to several reports, not only did Spanier, Curley and Schultz express concern over what was reported, but so did former head coach (now deceased), Joe Paterno.

An e-mail from Curley to Schultz and Spanier is truly damning. It describes conversation the former Athletic Director had with Paterno:  "After giving it more thought and talking it over with Joe yesterday, I am uncomfortable with what we agreed were the next steps. I am having trouble with going to everyone but the person involved. I would be more comfortable meeting with the person and tell them about the information we received and tell them we are aware of the first situation,"

Read more about the findings from YahooSports RIGHT HERE

Here's Soledad O'Brien subbing for AC on AC360

Not that the HQ is surprised by this new revelation-in-development, but the idea that the university has covered up the whole saga should reflect in the NCAA investigation somehow...

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