Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sandusky fallout: PA Rep wants Feds to investigate state investigation

Jerry Sandusky

We've mentioned many times that the conviction of former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was only the beginning.

There is going to be fallout on many levels, from the school, the school administrators and possibly more.

Now comes word that a Pennsylvania State Legislator wants to revisit legislation urging U.S Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate how the state handled the Sandusky affair.

The legislation, which is a resolution, has been stuck in committee since the end of 2011 and State Representative Brandon Neuman intends to bring the bill out of committee and up for a vote by the end of the week.

The question Neuman and others...many others have is why after allegations against Sandusky had been floating around since 1998 and yet nobody acted on it until 2011.

Essentially he is saying "Why didn't the Attorney General's office didn't do anything until they had to?"

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There had been some discussion and more than a few raised eyebrows that then state AG Tom Corbett (Now Gov. Corbett), didn't do more. And a few whispers that he had been aware of Sandusky long before the arrest.

Neuman also wants the feds to look into what Penn State did...or didn't do. Again, something that most would agree with. And it may happen. But it won't until former FBI Director Louis Freeh's investigation is complete.

We don't have tons of faith in that either, since Freeh was hired by the school's board of trustees. And thus far, nobody with Penn State seems to have been totally forthcoming with what they did...or didn't know. Hopefully Freeh will be detailed and forthcoming with all that he learned.

We already have learned that former administrators Gary Schultz and Tom Curley had some sort of file or knowledge of Sandusky and reports indicate that a decision had been made to not "Humiliate" him with the specter of an investigation.

And that alone indicates there will be a LOT of fallout, it is just a matter of when...and where.

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