Friday, October 31, 2014

Videobomb Alert: Creepy Eyebrow Guy at FSU Game

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We just wanted to share this because it's perfect for Halloween.

Check out the post game Sam Ponder/Jimbo Fisher interview after Thursday nights Florida State win over Louisville.

You can't miss him. (Said with raised eyebrows)

Division II Cal U. Cancels Game After Players Arrested


California University, a Division II College Football team near Pittsburgh, PA cancelled their game this Saturday vs. Gannon University after 5 Cal players were arrested and charged after attacking a man at a bar.

Witnesses told TV station KDKA and police the players jumped the victim outside Spuds restaurant. They then allegedly beat the man so severely he's in a Pittsburgh, PA area hospital in Intensive Care with a severe brain injury.

All 5 players: Jonathan Barlow, D'Andre Dunkley, Corey Ford, Rodney Gillin and James Williamson were immediately suspended from the team and as of this posting (Fri morning) were in the Washington County (PA) jail with $500,000 bonds.

The school immediately moved to cancel the game and per KDKA TV in Pittsburgh, school president Geraldine Jones issues a statement about the decision:

“California University does not tolerate violent behavior, and the five student-athletes charged in connection with this incident will face University sanctions, along with any penalties imposed by law.
“The police investigation is continuing, and the rights of these accused students will be upheld. But in light of these allegations, I asked Coach Kellar to cancel Saturday’s game. Behavior has consequences, and all Cal U students, including student-athletes, must abide by our Student Code of Conduct if they wish to remain a part of our campus community.
“At the same time, it must be clearly understood that the actions of a small group of individuals are not representative of our entire student body, nor of all Cal U student-athletes. I ask our entire campus community to recommit to our University’s core values, and to demonstrate through their words and their actions the best that our University can be.
“Our hearts and our prayers go out to the victim, his family and his friends. All else pales in comparison"

KDKA's full story is RIGHT HERE

This is a bold statement by the school. And an impressive move. Ms. Jones is right in stating behavior has consequences.

That statement is at the crux of the multiple discipline issues in college football as we speak. The smaller schools such as Cal, are in a position to take a bold step.

The FCS schools of the world, that's a different issue. With the money involved (for everyone but the players), there is no chance any of the "Big Name" schools would ever do this.

Or even come close to it.

Nevertheless we applaud Cal U for making a strong statement of support and clearly sending a message to all that behavior such as this will not be tolerated.

Your TV story via KDKA:

Morning Wrap: FSU Gets Comeback W vs. Louisville


It wasn't pretty.

But pretty doesn't matter as long as you are undefeated and have nothing but teams you should beat left on your schedule.

The Florida State Seminoles overcame a 21 point deficit Thursday night at Louisville and came back to beat the Cards 42-31.

The game was somewhat of an offensive shootout, 1000 yards of offense between the two teams. FSU QB Jameis Winston threw for 401 yards...but also had three INT's. Louisville RB Michael Dyer ran for 134 yards and 3 TD's and Cardinals receiver DeVante Parker had 214 receiving yards.

But after sleepwalking through most of the first half, FSU got a touchdown just before the end of 2nd quarter and went into halftime down 21-7.

The win moves FSU to 8-0 on the season. They will be heavy favorites in their last 4 games, with only 1 road game, a visit to Miami in mid-November.

The Seminoles, love them or hate them, will be one of your 4 playoff teams this season. gives us the highlights:

Georgia Southern's Win Streak Is 6, But Who Will Coach Troy?

((HT: College Football Talk/The Coastal Source))

We discussed earlier in the week just how successful Georgia Southern has been in their first Sun Belt Conference-Division I season- doing it the right way in developing a football program.

They took care of Troy 42-10 last night and took their win streak to six.

CFT has the numbers on the win:

Georgia Southern, the top-ranked FBS rushing offense at a shade over 400 yards per game, has racked up 1,034 rushing yards in the past five days. They’ve punted twice in 22 combined possessions.

All that running limited Troy to just 44 offensive snaps.

Here's The Big Guy with the highlights

The larger question is: Who will replace Larry Blakeney as the new coach at Troy...?

Here's a name for you...

Rush Propst...

The current Colquitt County (GA) head coach has his Packers ranked top-five in the country and are the favorite to win the state title in the highest classification in the state. He has maintained in the past that he is the "best college coach in the country that no one has hired."

The situation makes sense. A program in trouble in need for renewal and rebuilding. It gives Propst the chance to go back to Alabama to coach and he can work his system to build it his way in a Division I football conference.

So there...

Propst needs seven more weeks worth of wins to go coast-to-coast and, then, it's on Troy... and up to Troy...

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Derek Boogaard's Dad Goes Public

((HT: Sportsnet))

There's a new book out on the troubled life of NHL enforcer Derek Boogaard- the HQ encourages picking it up...

The Boogey Man's dad, Len, went on "Prime Time Sports" for the first time to discuss what he thinks happened to his son through the eyes of the National Hockey League...

Bottom line- he thinks his son's problems, mounting as he continued to play, were left and not addressed in a timely fashion...
Brett Popplewell addressed Boogaard's last days in the premier edition of Sportnet Magazine back in 2011. John Branch wrote in his book on Boogaard as Sportsnet reports: "Within a year, Derek would have teeth knocked out and be prescribed vast amounts of painkillers by team doctors.In another year, he would be in substance abuse rehabilitation. In another year, he would be in New York, rich and miserable and alone. And in another year, he would be dead."
Boogaard was diagnosed, after his death, with CTE and his father went on to do his own investigation surrounding his son's passing.

Willie Fritz And Guerilla Marketing

((HT: Georgia Southern their own selves))

When Willie Fritz left San Houston State for Georgia Southern, some folks thought he was crazy...

They were right...

Out of the blocks, Fritz has them contending for a Sun Belt Conference title (which they can't claim) and has Brother Phil beside himself with Division I football glee...

Doing it the right way will do that when you're elevating your program from Division I-AA to Big Boy Football.

Fritz was looking for the biggest crowd in the history of the the newly-expanded Paulsen Stadium before Thursday night's game with Troy.

What do you do to drum up support...???

Invade Fraternity Row- specifically the Sigma Chi house...

The Reason: Coach Fritz Visits Sigma Chi from Georgia Southern Football on Vimeo.


Told you he knows his marketing...

New LA MLS Team Has 22 Owners

Yay! Los Angeles still has no NFL team, but in 2017, they'll have Major League Soccer.

And...if all of the owners attend a home game, they are guaranteed great attendance---ha!---just kidding.

Seriously though, the Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) really does have 22 owners. They range from Magic Johnson, who owns half of L.A to Mia Hamm and her husband Nomar. Tony Robbins (the motivational guys) is an owner and so is one of the guys who founded YouTube. Oh, and Vincent Tan a guy who owns Cardiff City in the Premier League and was called by USA Today "The Worst Owner in Sports".

But the group is led by a grouping including Henry Ngueyn, Peter Guber and Tom Penn

So there is that.

The LAFC has a website...but no stadium. They have owners, but no team. But if you look at the website, hey, they are lobbying for fans and corporate sponsors. The 2017 start date will coincide with new MLS franchise in Atlanta, giving the league 22 teams and the intention of adding 2 more by 2020.

Here's a live feed of the presser. Maybe they'll keep the video up at this link too?

KNX1070's Claudia Peschiutta was there as well...

The larger hope of the HQ is that Vincent Tan gets kept as far away as possible from the day-to-day operations...