Monday, July 28, 2014

Melky Cabrera Exposes The Hazards Of Fenway


If a (predominantly right-handed) batter hits a ball over the Green Monster at Fenway, it can end up on Lansdowne Street, or in the parking deck that is across the street.

Example from 1999:

The Toronto Blue Jays Melky Cabrera had a 2 home run, 5 RBI night in a blowout of the Boston Red Sox. The second home run in the 14-1 win was one like the ones shown above...

The HQ has been where this home run ball landed

Just didn't have any damage done to the rental car when it was parked in the deck...
Remember- windows away from the fence when you park!

Try And Match This First Pitch Effort


The HQ doesn't think that there will be any first pitch effort that will match Japanese film/martial arts star Rina Takeda's from this past weekend.

Chiba Lotte Marines versus Seibu Lions and all we can say is:

"Well, all right then..."

She can be excused for a bit of a short hop after smashing her forehead

DEVELOPING: Judge Says Shelly Sterling Acted "Appropriately"

((HT: MyFoxLA))

Judge Michael Levanas has come down with the opinion/ruling that Shelly Sterling acted appropriately in the decision to challenge her estranged husband's mental state in the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Closing arguments the first of three pending Donald Sterling lawsuits were earlier in the day and Levanas ruled Shelly Sterling, tentatively, has the authority to act for the Sterling Family Trust.

Here's the preview before the decision from the judge
Los Angeles News | FOX 11 LA KTTV

The next deadline for the proposed sale to Steve Ballmer is August 15th- the date of the next NBA owner's meetings. But the sale is still tentative pending all other litigation (which sends us back to the other two Donald Sterling lawsuits).

"We are pleased that the court has affirmed Shelly Sterling’s right to sell the Los Angeles Clippers to Steve Ballmer," said NBA spokesman Mike Bass in a statement. "We look forward to the transaction closing as soon as possible."

Donald Sterling's lead attorney, Bobby Samini, says he was told by his client that he was to keep proceeding in other legal activites and "keep fighting on other fronts."

Peyton Manning: Biggest Dancing Nerd Ever


If you ever wanted proof that Denver Broncos and former University of Tennessee quarterback Peyton Manning is the king of the nerds, you have it.

Look what happened Monday morning at Broncos camp when while the team was doing stretching drills, the Vols fight song (Rocky Top) broke out on the speakers.

The rest...well, just watch.

And remember you cannot unsee this--

Thanks KUSA-TV:

Terry Fox Would Have Been 56 Today

((HT: ESPN))

Full disclosure...

The HQ is involved in the Terry Fox Foundation and its efforts to aid in cancer research and, hopefully, a cure somewhere down the road.

If you don't know his story and the impact he has had in his home country, then we would ask you watch this "30 for 30" project that Steve Nash was part in. Here's Part One of "Into The Wind":

FOSG James Cybulski did a story with then-Raptors coach Jay Triano a few years ago to talk about his relationship with Fox and someone Terry thought was someone very special.
((HT: TSN))

We don't encourage those who follow us on a daily basis to follow what we follow unless you want to do so.
We would just ask that if you have causes that matter to you to hang on to them and never give them up.

"Little Big League" Turns 20 With An FOSG Twist

((HT: WCCO-TV/Columbia Pictures))

The movie is twenty years old and really is making us feel old at the moment...

Timothy Busfield's-Paul Molitor character with the twinkle toes swing
Jonathan Silverman learning the value of pumping up the glove
The hidden ball trick fooling Ken Griffey, Junior
Having Randy Johnson to close a playoff game

And, of course, "Bite Me!"

The star of the movie was invited back in town to celebrate and there's even an FOSG twist at the end of the story

But, there's always math we have to deal with, isn't there...???

Lake County Parodies "Major League" For Promo

((HT: Lake County Captains their own selves/Josh Porter))

It's the 25th anniversary of one of the HQ's favorite movies, so this minor league team took it upon themselves to riff off one of the best American Express ads in the history of movies...

In order, the players who got to read off cue cards:

Eric Haase
Matt Whitehouse
Dace Kime
Nellie Rodriguez
Paul Hendrix
Mark Budzinski
Clint Frazier

And here's the original from MovieClips