Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DEVELOPING: ManU Out Of Carling Cup

((HT: SkySports/youtube))

Crystal Palace proved that anything can happen any time, anywhere...


Knocking out Manchester United in the Carling Cup quarterfinals competition 2-1 at Old Trafford is the answer. Darren Ambrose surprised the hell out of everyone with this cracking shot to give the Palace the 1-0 lead. They survived the onslaught three-and-a-half minutes later for the equalizer.

They went to extra time and got the go-ahead goal for the 2-1 lead and had to hold on again... it's being regarded as one of the great results of the season to date...

Here's the Ambrose goal until it's pulled...

It's the second loss in the last 43 for ManU at Old Trafford...

BREAKING: Mike Leach to Washington State

Mike Leach
((ht: feldman))

Well, that was quick. The Carousel spins quickly this December.

According to reporter Bruce Feldman, Mike Leach has agreed to be the coach at Washington State just one day after the Cougars fired Paul Wulff. Washington State AD Bill Moos made no bones about wanting to hire Leach and apparently has succeeded.

Leach, who was let go by Texas Tech 2 seasons ago after the scandal surrounding his alleged placing of injured WR Adam James in a woodshed, takes over a program that has won 9 games in the past 4-years.

But he is considered somewhat of an offensive coaching genius and his style should fit in nicely in the offense heavy Pac-12.

Leach is 84-43 after 9 years coaching at Texas Tech.

Could it be? Tim Tebow...all he does is win

((ht: MiscTroll))

First a shout out to friend of the Online Sports Guys Tom Leonard for posting this and yes, its pretty funny.

For all the grief that Broncos QB Tim Tebow gets about winning ugly, the point is, the guy wins. It isn't textbook and it isn't the way everyone else in the NFL does it, but so what. So someone with some time on their hands and a good editing system decided to have a little fun with what he does.

Check out the video:

DEVELOPING: 1st Lawsuit filed against Sandusky

Jerry Sandusky

Well, it was just a matter of time.

The first civil lawsuit has been filed against former Penn State assistant coach and accused child molester Jerry Sandusky.

The suit was filed this morning in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania and accuses Sandusky of abusing a then 10-year-old boy hundreds of times over a four year period beginning in 1992 in locations at Penn State, the charity and on road trips with the team.

And no, this victim is not a part of the Grand Jury Indictment against Sandusky.

The suit also claims Penn State and Sandusky's charity, the Second Mile knew about what was happening and did nothing to stop it.

The attorney who filed the suit says his client never told anyone until he saw the allegations that have surfaced against Sandusky.

Read the entire story from the Morning Call RIGHT HERE

Expect more of these to emerge as potential victims come to the surface. This isn't an issue that most will discuss publicly and if there are other victims not named in the Grand Jury indictment, this is one way they can add to the evidence that continues to pile up.

The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: The "We are the Champions" edition

Well, I guess we should start with an apology for not posting a rivalry week version. Really, there isn't a good excuse other than I forgot to do it in the morning and then got really busy with family stuff in the afternoon.

Hope you'll forgive me and we'll try finishing here on a high note.

That being said, it's "Championship Week" in College Football and unfortunately it doesn't mean as much as it probably should due to the corrupt fraud known as the BCS.

Alabama already is one half of your "BCS Championship" game...and they aren't playing this week. And barring something crazy, LSU is in as well, whether they beat Georgia in the SEC Championship game or not.

Sorry, you can't convince me that is fair. There's no legitimate argument that could be made to support it. If you have one, I'd like to hear it...and shoot it down.

We end the season with the shocking conclusion...(Though we will be back with bowl game picks)

We won't dwell on our record for this season, mostly because we skipped last week. But it was similar to previous years, our picks are 75-85% accurate and have been for 3-years.

So that being what it is, let's have Casey bring us home:

The Dirty Dozen:

1) LSU 12-0. They've been the best far. And they've got to finish. The defense is stout and they just flat out seem to overpower everyone they play. The game this week will be a test, because believe it or not, Georgia matches up really well with them. Oh, we will be in attendance for this game too. This Week: SEC Championship vs. Georgia. Our Pick: LSU 23, Georgia 21.

2) Alabama 11-1. It doesn't seem fair they don't have to earn their way to a national championship berth. Sure they've been awfully tough, but they struggled with Ga. Southern and some other teams they shouldn't have. This Week: Season over until BCS Championship game in mid-January.

3) Virginia Tech 11-1. They've gotten better each week. A lot of that has to do with the growth of man-child Logan Thomas. When he's been good, they seem to be unstoppable. And David Wilson running for almost 1600 yds. isn't shabby. This Week: ACC Championship Game. Our Pick: Va.Tech 38, Clemson 27.

4) Oklahoma State 11-1. Sorry, we just aren't as enamored with this team as everyone else is. There isn't a good excuse for the el-foldo vs. Iowa State. All the pretty numbers in the world don't matter if you choke. And that loss was a choke. This Week: Bedlam vs. Oklahoma. Our Pick: Okie State 53, Oklahoma 48

5) Stanford 11-1. We liked them a lot...until Oregon exposed them. They are slow. Painfully so. They are essentially a Big 10 team. Which by they way, they'd be the best team there too. This Week: Season over until bowl game. 

6) Oregon 10-2. Sans the USC loss, they'd might have had a shot at usurping Alabama's spot. But they do get the shot at the 1st Pac-12 title and should win it because of who they play (UCLA). This Week: Pac-12 Championship. Our Pick: Oregon 56, UCLA 12

7) Boise State 10-1. Two years in a row they've been done in by a field goal kicker. Unfortunately for them, they have to perfect to have a seat at the table. Absolutely perfect. And they haven't been. They are what they are. And in this case a fringe BCS team. This Week: vs. New Mexico. Our Pick: Boise St. 48, New Mexico 12. 

8) Houston 12-0. Congrats to the Cougars for running the table. Case Keenum has been awesome and coach Kevin Sumlin is already linked to every job that opens up on the Carousel. But....this weeks championship game is NOT a gimme. This Week: Conference USA Championship. Our Pick: Southern Miss 37, Houston 34. UPSET!!

9) USC 10-2. We have to begrudgingly acknowledge the job that our old pal Kiffykins has done here. Sure, they aren't eligible for a bowl, but they are one of the hottest teams in the land. This Week: Season Over.

10) Arkansas 10-2. We now know Bobby Petrino lives in an alternate reality where he's never rubbed a score in an opponents face. Or lied to somebody. They are a very good team, but we don't think they are as good as everyone seems to think. Two big tests this year...they tanked them both. In a big way. This Week: Season over. Bowl game. 

11) Georgia 10-2. 10 wins in a row is impressive. They've gotten better each week though they still occasionally have mental lapses. And no, they've gotten no love in the polls. We were there in 2005 when D.J Shockley destroyed a much higher rated LSU team in the SEC Championships. And while Aaron Murray is awfully good, we just can't pick the upset...though it is tempting. This Week: See #1

12) Michigan St. 10-2. They've done what they needed to, though the loss to Notre Dame is really hard to explain. But they are a Big 10 team and Big 10 teams always lose games they shouldn't. It happens every year. We aren't on the Kirk Cousins bandwagon, but are hopeful they can take care of over-hyped Wisconsin. This Week: Big 10 Championship. Our Pick: Mich. St. 31, Wisconsin 21. 

The Bottom of the Barrel: (The final edition)

5) Kansas 2-10. They've already bid adieu to coach Turner Gill. And they've got a huge rebuilding project ahead. Sorry, you just are NOT GOOD if you give up nearly 44 points a game. Period. The question is...who takes over knowing the work ahead. We don't know the answer.

4) Akron 1-11. Thanks for playing, Rob Ianello. You did a pretty crappy job. This team isn't anything. And the rumors of Jim Tressel interested in the job here. PLEASE. Get over yourselves. Your a crappy program in cold, dreary Northern Ohio. You'll find either someone on the way down the ladder or an assistant looking for an opportunity...and you'll like it. 

3) Indiana 1-11. Kevin Wilson. Paging Kevin Wilson. Since he hasn't been fired...yet, we are guessing he has turned off his cellphone and gone into hiding. Good plan, if they can't find you, they can't fire you. There was nothing, nothing good to come of this season. And without a change, it isn't likely to change.

2) Memphis 2-10. We still laugh at the notion the Tigers want in with a BCS Conference. Until someone fixes this mess of a football team, that ain't happening. While we could see a Houston Nutt taking over for the fired Larry Porter, we would advise Hugh Freeze to stay away. You're an up-and-comer, you don't need to take a crappy job like this. Sorry Memphis....truth.

1) New Mexico 1-11. Oh you Bob Davie. We spent the past 3 seasons mocking Mike Locksley and instead of trying to replace him with an up-and-coming assistant, the Lobos hire an ESPN Football analyst who hasn't coached since 2001? Really? With all of your problems, you do this? Oh well, hey, at least you'll keep us laughing, so we've got that going for us.

**SPECIAL NOTE**--Florida Atlantic gets a pass because they finally got off the schnide by beating UAB last week. That win spares retiring coach Howard Schnellenberger the indignity of going out on an "O" for his last season. Congrats to the Owls.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

OSG High: GHSA Says Officials Were Wrong

((HT: WJBF-TV Augusta))

And by "officials" we mean apparently both zebras and school officials...

We told you a few weeks back at the HQ that there was a really weird situation in the early part of the playoffs where the officials on site told the attending media that they had to vacate the sidelines for the second half...

Our original story was hyah...

Apparently, we now have another round of blame going around locally where the Georgia High School Association has officially told the school not to do it again...

((Insert finger-wagging hyah))

Here's Buff with the stuff...

Intriguing... but not a surprise...

Bernie Fine case: Who knew what in Syracuse?

Bernie Fine

For those of you following the allegations made against now former Syracuse Assistant Basketball Coach Bernie Fine, one thing is clear: Nobody is sure what the truth is yet.

On the heels of Sunday's release of an Audio tape with accuser Bobby Davis and Fine's wife comes a flurry of accusations.

One was made today (Tuesday). Frank Fowler, the Chief of Police in Syracuse released a statement saying that his department was made aware of Mr. Davis's allegations in 2002. Fowler also said that a detective spoke to Mr. Davis's then girlfriend about them and decided not to pursue a case. Fowler went on to say that former Chief Dennis DuVal was made aware of the allegations and that a decision was made not to proceed in part due to the "Statue of Limitations" running out on the case.

An aside: How the heck can there be an 8-year "Statue of Limitations" on reports such as this in New York? That may very well be one of the nations most absurd laws. It would render almost every case levied against the Catholic Church irrelevant.

Sorry about the rant there.

Read a full description of today's revelations from RIGHT HERE

The other issue that is bubbling to the surface: ESPN. Yes, that's right. The 4-letter network themselves, who played excerpts from the Davis/Laurie Fine phone conversation Sunday on their Sports/News shows.

The outrage seems to be focused on ESPN not telling anyone they had the tape back in 2003, when Davis 1st brought his allegations to them. And yes, investigators are not happy about this.

ESPN has been quick to trot out its reporter, Mark Schwarz, who did the story that started this two weeks ago. Schwarz made the media rounds yesterday and was asked by CNN why the tape wasn't given to authorities.

His answer wasn't a good one, telling CNN, "Journalists aren't necessarily required or expected to hand over evidence that they did not obtain or create themselves to police." And while legally, Schwarz is probably correct, the morality is where the issues come in.

Schwarz's boss, Vince Doria went further saying they didn't use the tape when they got it, because they couldn't verify if it was indeed Laurie Fine that Davis was speaking to. Doria said ESPN was later able to confirm this, but didn't specify when.

And while the Internets proclaim ESPN is staging this story for their benefit, we find that very hard to believe. Yes, you can argue that they were trying to compensate for getting blown off the News map covering the Jerry Sandusky story at Penn State, it is taking a big leap by accusing them of hyping the Bernie Fine story to make up for losing.

And oh, lest we forget, there is an increasing clamor that Jim Boeheim, the head coach at Syracuse, who initially came out in vehement support of Fine, be fired. Boeheim, who has been at the school pretty much since the dawn of time has apologized for what he said, but the question now is; "What did he know?" Many say since he was the man in charge, he should have known about the allegations and investigations, especially since they started nearly 10-years-ago.

As you know, Fine has already lost his job at Syracuse and the investigation has now been taken over by the Feds. It should be. Nobody is sure exactly where things go from here, only that it's gotten really messy and somebody when it is all said and done, has got a lot of 'Splainin' do.

In the meantime, listen...and watch this mashup of what ESPN is saying and/or doing about this story on YouTube from user shakeyoureptile:

DEVELOPING: Busy day in Jacksonville: Jaguars reportedly sold

((ht: espn))


On the heels of the Jacksonville Jaguars firing their head coach Jack Del Rio comes this. The Jaguars are reportedly going to be sold.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter report that employees were notified this morning the team will be operating under new ownership. Supposedly, the new owner, who is buying the team from Wayne Weaver, will keep the team in Jacksonville.

**UPDATE**--Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union reports that Shahid Khan, who was in line to buy the St. Louis Rams a couple of years ago is the buyer. There were questions then as to whether Khan had the finances to pull of that deal. It will be interesting to see what happens this time.

We are guessing more details will come out on this story when the team holds a press conference at Noon on Tuesday.

BREAKING: Jaguars fire Jack Del Rio

Jack Del Rio

It appears the Jack Del Rio era in Jacksonville has come to an end. And that end happens today (Tuesday).

According to a report by ESPN's Chris Mortensen, Del Rio has been relieved of his duties coaching the Jaguars and will not coach next weeks Monday night football game at home against the San Diego Chargers.

Friend of the OSG, Dan Hicken, Sports Director at WTLV-TV in Jacksonville confirms this report.

Del Rio, only the 2nd coach in the Jaguars 16-year history, finished his final season at 3-8. He was 68-70 overall, making the playoffs twice.

It sounds like Defensive Coordinator Mel Tucker will be the interim head coach, though no official announcement has been made...yet.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Developing: Neuheisel to be fired too



Give our pal Brooks credit, he seems to be well ahead of the curve when it comes to all things Carousel.

He's quoting multiple sources who say UCLA Head Coach Rick Neuheisel is done. The school is apparently going to announce later Monday afternoon that Neuheisel will coach the team in the Pac-12 Championship game against Oregon on Friday, and then he is a goner.

Rumors to this have been swirling as many are laughing at how a 6-6 UCLA team managed to make it to the conference championship (USC ineligible). Neuheisel is 24-28 in 4-years at his alma mater.

**UPDATE** It's official. Offensive Coordinator Mike Johnson will take over as the interim coach after the Pac-12 Championship game.

The school released a statement via their website RIGHT HERE and is holding a press conference Monday afternoon.

Developing: Paul Maurice: You're fired

Paul Maurice

Geez, it hasn't been a great Thanksgiving weekend to coaches in all fields this year. We just reported on the Washington Captials firing their head coach Bruce Bodreau, saying it was the first NHL firing of the year.

Just a couple of hours later comes word that the Carolina Panthers fired their coach, Paul Maurice. The team is expected to name Kirk Mueller, coach of the AHL's Milwaukee Admirals to replace him.

Maurice was in his second stint with the Hurricanes and was 8-13-4 this season including losing 11 of their past 15 games.

Maurice had been the head coach for the 'Canes since 2008-09 and haven't made the playoffs since that initial season.

Coaching Carousel begins: Multiple coaches fired

Ron Zook
It seems to start earlier and earlier each year. But in this case, it more or less begins at the end of the last regular season game.

Already, less than 2 days after that, we've got multiple coaching changes to report. And no, Urban Meyer is a separate story.

We start in Champaign, Illinois where to the surprise of very few people, the Zooker, Ron Zook was let go. He was let go in the midst of his team starting 6-0 and finishing the season 0-6.

Said Athletic Director Mike Thomas, "I assessed the entire program and felt that it was time for a change in leadership."

Thomas will discuss where the program is headed at 3:15, Zook, oddly enough will speak an hour later at the football stadium.

Read the full story from RIGHT HERE

In Kansas, the Turner Gill era has ended.

Turner Gill
Gill was hired two years ago and given a 5-year, $10 million contract. He didn't finish. Kansas will pay him $6 million to leave Lawrence so they can find a new coach.

Gill went 5-19 overall and 1-16 in the Big 12. And really, the Jayhawks haven't been competitive at any point during his tenure.

The next question of course, who will take over the moribund program.

The Kansas City Star gives us details and suggests a few names RIGHT HERE

Next please.

Larry Porter
To the surprise of nobody, Memphis has relieved Larry Porter of his job after 2 seasons and 3 career wins. The Tigers, who desperately want to move to a "BCS" conference are perceived as a great basketball school and "They play football too?".

Porter, a Memphis grad in his 1st head coaching job went 3-21 in his 2 seasons and the Tigers were a perennial visitor to our "Bottom of the Barrel".

Also, Memphis AD R.C Johnson is expected to retire as well.

Read about the departures from RIGHT HERE

Dennis Erickson
And in Tempe, Arizona it appears Dennis Erickson's tenure at Arizona State has come to an end. The departure has been widely reported and is expected to be made official sometime Monday.

Erickson was 31-30 in his 5-years, including a 6-6 record this season. He's taken the Sun Devils to bowl games, but has struggled living up to the expectations out there in the desert. gives us the latest RIGHT HERE

In Birmingham, UAB coach Neil Callaway was relieved of his duties as the Blazers football coach.

Callaway walked into a program in disarray and essentially ignored in the state of Alabama and couldn't do much with it. He went 18-42 in 5 long seasons as one of the lowest paid coaches in Division 1 football. His best season was a 5-7 slate in 2008. gives us a recap of Callaway's tenure RIGHT HERE

And finally (for now), Paul Wulff hasn't been fired...yet at Washington State. The Cougars are 9-40 in Wulff's 4 seasons in Pullman and there have been hints that Athletic Director Bill Moos is ready to pull the trigger and find a new coach.

Washington State finished 4-8 this season, which was an improvement as the team has steadily won one more game each year than the past.

The Seattle Times says this is a done deal. Read the story RIGHT HERE

And yes, Washington State has a serious hard-on for former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach. Considering the jobs available, that may be a bit of a pipe-dream.

Expect more to come, we will try our best to keep you updated as the Carousel picks up speed before it runs out of steam sometime in mid to late January.

Much like the classic movie Logan's Run, we welcome Carousel:

1st NHL casualty this season: Bruce Boudreau in Washington

Bruce Boudreau

And we have our first coaching change in the NHL to report.

The Washington Capitals have sacked Bruce Boudreau after 22 games and replaced him with Dale Hunter.

The Caps, who have been one of the best teams in Hockey during the regular season under Boudreau have struggled when it comes to closing it out. Despite featuring Alexander Ovechkin among others, they've been unable to take home Lord Stanley's Cup.

This season, the Caps were 12-9-1, tied for 8th best in the East. Boudreau has been at the helm since Thanksgiving in 2007.

Their next game is Tuesday night at home against St. Louis.

All this after a less than stellar performance against the Buffalo Sabres...
Just ask Alan May...
((HT: CSNWashington))

BREAKING: Urban Meyer to Ohio State

Urban Meyer

Pillar of honesty and straight talker Urban Meyer is "Officially" going to be back on a college football sideline. is reporting that Meyer has accepted the job at Ohio State, per his agent.

You'll recall, Meyer vehemently denied being "Interviewed" for the job over the past week. However, OSG Sports, along with multiple other blogs reported that he had been negotiating privately for the gig.

Today verifies that report, the only question is; will he be introduced at tomorrow nights basketball game like the plan that we've all been told.

And yes, you can hear the hissing from Gainesville even as we write this.

Update--Despite Urban's agent Trace Armstrong (former UF player) telling that the announcement is "Pre-mature"...the school has scheduled at 5:15 eastern press conference to "Announce it's 'New' head football coach".

Oh well...we kind of liked the idea of the introduction at the basketball game...

Sunday, November 27, 2011

BREAKING: Syracuse's Fine Not So Fine... Now Fine Is Fired (UPDATED with Boeheim and Cantor statements)

((HT: WSYR-TV Syracuse))

Syracuse University assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine has been fired by the university amid allegations that he sexually molested boys over several years.

A statement released Sunday night from the university's senior vice president for public affairs, Kevin Quinn, says, "At the direction of Chancellor Cantor, Bernie Fine’s employment with Syracuse University has been terminated, effective immediately."

Here's the latest from WSYR-TV on when Bobby Davis audiotaped a conversation with Fine's wife in 2002 discussing the alleged abuse...

One of the key quotes from Laurie Fine:
"I know everything that went on with him...Bernie has issues, maybe that he's not aware of, but he has issues... and you trusted someone you shouldn't have."

More when we know more...

2100 UPDATE: Head Coach Jim Boeheim released a statement through the school's Facebook page:

“The allegations that have come forth today are disturbing and deeply troubling. I am personally very shocked because I have never witnessed any of the activities that have been alleged. I believe the university took the appropriate step tonight. What is most important is that this matter be fully investigated and that anyone with information be supported to come forward so that the truth can be found. I deeply regret any statements I made that might have inhibited that from occurring or been insensitive to victims of abuse.”

The full statement from Chancellor Nancy Cantor can be found hyah...

OSG NAIA: Down To The Final 4

((HT: KFBB-TV Helena))

Carroll College is turning into a regular tenant of Rome, Georgia for the NAIA National title game. They might be there again this year with their win over Azusa Pacific...

Here's how that happened...

Carroll hosts Georgetown (KY) who won 26-14 against St. Francis
The highlights are at the end of the sportscast...
((HT: WKYT-TV Lexington))

Top-ranked Marian ((IN)), a five-year-old program in Indianapolis, gets St. Xavier-Chicago in a rematch from earlier this season in the other semi.

OSG D3 Wrap: Heavyweights Keep Winning (Like Mount Union)

((HT: 254Sports/KWTX-TV Waco))

The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor broke open a tight game with a 21-point fourth quarter on the way to a 49-20 win over McMurry University in an NCAA Second Round playoff game. UMHB improves to 12-0 on the season and advances to the quarterfinals of the NCAA Division III National Championships for the seventh time in the last nine seasons with the victory.

Here's how UMHB advanced...

UMHB will now host Wesley College in the quarterfinals next Saturday. Wesley is ranked seventh in the country and has an 11-1.

Mount Union took care of Centre in round 2 with a 30-10 win...
FOSG Joe Tait has the Purple Raiders play-by-play
((HT: MountUnionCollege))

Wabash, Salisbury-Kansas, St. John Fisher, Wisconsin-Whitewater,and St. Thomas (MN) also move forward...

OSG D2 Wrap: Number One CSU-Pueblo Gone

((HT: NorthlandsNewsCenter)

The defending champ, Minnesota-Duluth, knocked off top-ranked CSU-Pueblo in the first round of the D2 playoffs...

Here's the highlights of that one...

The Bulldogs will now host a quarterfinal game against Wayne State (MI) next Saturday at Malosky Stadium in Duluth.

And the HQ says a Mel Allen-based "Howboutthat?" to North Greenville. A new program that has taken its lumps, they knocked off Mars Hill in a shootout.

They set school records for wins and consecutive wins and get Delta State...

New Haven, Winston Salem, and Pittsburgh State also move forward...

OSG I-AA: Another Round Down- ODU, Madison, Stony Brook, Central Ark

The HQ covered Old Dominion QB Taylor Heinecke at Collins Hill High School outside Atlanta. He had a big day as a true freshman in the I-AA playoffs in their win over Norfolk State...

Cameron Starke kicked a 35-yard field goal as time expired to lift James Madison to a 20-17 win over Eastern Kentucky in the first round of the I-AA playoffs.

James Madison (8-4) rallied from a 17-10 deficit in the fourth
quarter. The Dukes, who have won three straight games, will face North
Dakota State in the second round...

Here's the highlights, thanks to our friends at WHSV-TV

Stony Brook and Central Arkansas also advance...

DEVEOPING: Zook, Porter, and Calloway Fired- Silly Season Begins (UPDATED WITH Gill)

Not that any of the three leaving are a surprise...

Illinois has dispensed of Coach Redacted after a good start and a 6-6 finish. There was even talk that Illinois would end up in a pre-Christmas bowl game playing TLB's squad in New Orleans.

The HQ points an extended index finger and laughs...

Seven seasons and going 34-51 will do that...

Larry Porter has been fired at Memphis after two seasons and going 3-21.

"We want to thank Coach Porter for his efforts as our football coach, but believe that it is in the best interest of our program to make a change at this point," said Memphis Athletic Director R.C. Johnson.

Here's Porter after the 44-0 loss to Southern Miss yesterday...
((HT: SIDMemphis))

And Mark Schlabach, through his Twitter feed, reveals no surprise as Neal Calloway was let go by UAB...

Here's Calloway's signature win from 2011- the upset of UCF...
((HT: UABAthletics))

The HQ anticipates RC Johnson spending bad money after good and hiring Houston Nutt to be the new head coach. Nutt will, then in turn, bring in Calloway and Ted Roof as part of his staff.

1800 UPDATE: Add Kansas head coach Turner Gill to that list...

Turner Gill has been fired as the head football coach for the University of Kansas after two season and a 5-19 record, 10 of those in a row...

In a statement released on, Kansas Athletic Director Sheahon Zenger said “After a thorough evaluation of our football program, I have concluded that new leadership is necessary to place us on the path toward competing for championships in the Big 12 Conference. I come to this conclusion reluctantly, because I have the utmost respect for Turner Gill as a quality individual who wants only the best for the young men he coaches.”

According to, he is still owed $6 million of his contract, which he will receive in the next 90 days. Recruiting coordinator Reggie Mitchell has been named the interim head coach.

CFL Fight: And It's Old Guys...

This is Grey Cup Sunday for those of you not readily fans of the Canadian Football League...

The HQ has covered the event twice- in Calgary and Edmonton- and it's a week long celebration of the sport. People come from the home towns of all the franchises- dead or alive- to party... the game is an excuse to invade, in this year's case, Vancouver.

But not all of it is, apparently, fun and games...
((HT: CP/blackknight101066))

CFL legends Angelo Mosca and Joe Kapp went at it- led by Mosca's cane as Kapp tried to give an olive branch for their past run-ins...

Specifically, from Hamilton's 21-10 win over B.C. in the 1963 Grey Cup. In that game, Mosca delivered a controversial hit on Lions running back Willie Fleming, knocking Fleming out of the game.

And that was almost 50 years ago...

TWTW Late Shift Part Two: La-Laf and Notre Dame

((HT: KVOA-TV Tucson))

The HQ figured we'd show this one because of TLB and her probable probability that her Ragin Cajuns are in the first New Orleans bowl game this year.

We never thought we'd say this but: Arizona survived La-Laf yesterday as Nick Foles threw for over 350 yards in a shootout...

Here's George Savaricus with the look...

As a transition, can the HQ say again just how much Rick Neuheisel is so fired it's not even funny...???

Notre Dame isn't that good, and Stanford proved it in their 28-14 win last night. Andrew Luck threw for 231 yards and a handful of scores. The HQ wonders how much of Brian Kelly's divided team is responsible...

The jury is still out on those Cardinal-flavored unis...

TWTW Late Shift Part One: Alabama, VT, Sakerlina, NCState

Some highlights from the late shift...

Alabama's Trent Richardson ran for 203 yards (who knew, right?) as Alabama blew out Auburn 42-14...

That gave the fans who commuted from Tuscaloosa the chance to do this...

Don't bet on either Gus Malzahn or Ted Roof hanging around next year...
One's a head coach and the other's looking for work. And see if Tracy Rocker will come home for a promotion...

Charlottesville fans thought, as did a lot of us, that the game with Vatech would be competitive...

Boy, were we all wrong... 38-0 VaTech...
And UVa fans were not happy about it...

Connor Shaw had a good game for Sakerlina as they beat Clemson- whose season started well, and is circling the drain rather quickly...

Is Randy Edsall that bad a head coach, or is Maryland that bad a football team to begin with...???

Could be some combination, but well leave the assessment to Brother Wilkie... Down 41-14 to win 56-41...


The Wolfpack scored 35 points in the fourth quarter as part of a rally surpassed in an ACC game only by Clemson's comeback from a 28-point deficit to beat Virginia 29-28 in 1992.

"It's the greatest thing I've ever been a part of," tight end George Bryan said.

Here's Tom O'Brien... Still Mister Excitement...

Which Team Is Heading To The Pac-12 Championship Game? The One Who Was Shutout By 50.

The UCLA Bruins are heading to the Pac-12 Championship Game after a pathetic performance against USC Saturday. The Trojans clobbered the Bruins 50-0 and so UCLA will be playing for a BCS bid.

Such is the BCS this season.

Here's the highlights from L.A. (Thanks Fox Sports)

<a href='' target='_new' title='Highlights: USC tramples UCLA 50-0'>Video: Highlights: USC tramples UCLA 50-0</a>

"We can't feel sorry for ourselves." UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel said after the game. "We've got to get up and get back to work and see if we can play a much better game in the conference championship game."

They better as to not embarrass the Pac-12. It would shock no one in the OSG HQ if Neuheisel is fired by UCLA following next weeks Pac-12 championship game.

If they were eligible USC might have been in the BCS title game mix. A USC/LSU BCS Championship Game would be appointment TV.

By the way, Trojan quarterback Matt Barkley was brilliant Saturday night against the Bruins. Barkley threw for 423 yards and six touchdowns in what might be his final game at USC.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Max Pacioretty Rearranges Kris Letang's Face

((HT: CBC Sports/HockeyVault))

The Montreal Canadiens' Max Pacioretty is in the news again- this time for giving and not receiving...

Here's the hit from Max on the Pittsburgh Penguins Kris Letang...

Arpon Basu of actually reported that "Letang broke his nose on that hit, had a pin put in, came out and won the game."

It gets better, though, as Letang got the game winner on Carey Price of the Habs. It'll be interesting to see if, on a call that got no penalty call itself, if the league office gives any more discipline to Pacioretty.

DEVELOPING: RG3 Leaves Baylor Game After Head Shot

((HT: FoxSports))

Texas Tech was playing their last game of the regular season and, simultaneously, was trying to get bowl eligible at 6-6 with a win over 18th-ranked Baylor at JerryWorld.

But the Bears had to finish the game without Heisman hopeful Robert Griffin III at quarterback...

Here's the hit to explain why...

Nick Florence had to take over for Griffin and was performing admirably- completing 9 of his first 11 for two scores. By the time the game hit the 59-42 score in the 4th quarter, both teams combined for over 1,000 yards in offense...

More when we know more...

State Trooper Tackles Yellow Jacket


It looks like even Georgia state troopers had their way with the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets offense- just as much as the Georgia Bulldogs defense did in their 31-17 win Saturday.

Just ask Stephen Hill...

If Hill wasn't stopped, he would have hit the brick wall faster...
Always there to protect and serve...

TWTW: Michigan Breaks tOSU Skid, Boise, Oregon Also Win Again

((HT: WXYZ-TV Detroit))

Denard Robinson accounted for five touchdowns helping Michigan beat Ohio State 40-34 and snap a school-record seven-game losing streak in the rivalry.

The Wolverines are now 10-2/6-2 and the Buckeyes are 6-6/3-5
Here's Brady Hoke's postgame...

Can Boise get any love now that they're number seven in the Bee-Cee-Ess...???

Kellen Moore threw three touchdown passes, including a last-ditch 46-yarder on the final play of the first half, and Doug Martin rushed for two scores for Boise State's 36-14 victory over Wyoming on Saturday

Here's the full game story from our friends at KTVB-TV...

Oregon took care of Oregon State in The 115th Civil War game, but now have to monitor the health of LaMichael James' elbow. He was hurt on a third-quarter hit in their 49-21 win.

Oregon now hosts UCLA for the first Pac-1 title game Friday night...

Here's the first half's what we call, in TV terms, "raw video."

Cowgirls Win First Game Back Since Crash

In Stillwater, Oklahoma the Oklahoma State women's basketball team won their first game played since the plane crash that took the lives of head coach Kurt Budke and assistant Miranda Serna...

It was a 59-35 final over Coppin State...

“It's OK to smile. It's OK to laugh out there. It's OK to show positive emotion,” interim coach Jim Littell said this week. “That is not disrespectful.

“That's the way Coach Serna and Coach Budke really wanted it.”

Jenni Carlson of was there...

And here's the story from News9 in Oklahoma City...

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Man Named Suh... Is He Dirty Now...???

((HT: FoxSports/NFL))

The HQ thinks that the Lions lineman-extraordinaire won't get to shake that label now after the wrestle, emphasis, and stomping of Packers offensive lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith in the 27-15 loss Thursday.

Here's the play that got him tossed...

And his response in the presser...
((HT: NFLNetwork/youtube))

Suh texter and self-acknowledged boy Dat Dude discusses... and agrees with the rest of us...
((HT: ESPN))

There is no dispute that Suh is ridiculously talented, but unles he can control the anger on the edge of the genius he holds in Detroit... "dirty" will be the only adjective that comes t mind in the short-term...

Wild Sign 51-Year-Old Backup Goalie For A Night...

Sometimes it pays to know the former assistant coach...

It's not every day that a 51-year-old casual, goaltender ((and friend of Mike Ramsey)) gets signed in an emergency situation. Minnesota Wild goal Niklas Backstrom's wife went into labor, so he had to leave.

That meant that an emergency call-up, Matt Hackett, had to travel all the way from Houston and try and get to the game on time... there was, about, a 30-minute window of clearance...

Here's how Paul Deutsch made his debut on practice ice...
((HT: MyFoxTwinCities))

Wild Sign 51-Year-Old Emergency Backup Goalie:

Josh Harding got the start and the 3-2 win over Nashville...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Maryland To Cut 8 Sports

And the answer is...

All three men’s track teams, men’s swimming and diving, men’s tennis, women’s water polo, and women’s acrobatics and tumbling...

27 now becomes 18 by June... and 166 athletes and 12 coaches are affected...

Wisdom Martin tries to impart some on the situation...
((HT: MyFoxDC))

Athletic Programs Cut at University of Maryland:

An ACC school that has 27 sports in the first place seems kinds far-reaching, and the HQ can see it both ways...

Sucks... no doubt about it...
The school has said it will honor the scholarships of the athletes affected should they choose to stay on campus...

Tempers "Flare" In Champions League Play

((HT: UEFA/youtube))

The HQ is well aware that the European version of football is, about, eleventy-billion times worse when it comes to fan misbehavior during a contest...

Football fans here may get in fights in the stands and there is the rare instance of pulling a weapon. But never do American fans set arenas on fire...

The fans in St. Petersburg did that twice in their UEFA match against Apoel Nicosia. Once per half was a nice average...

Here's how everything broke down in the 56h minute...

The officials took the players off the pitch, and the game eventually resumed with the game ending in a scoreless tie. That result assures Nicosia makes it to the next round...

Well done, Russia...

Power Struggle At Penn State...??? Not Really...

Much like we all think, JoePa wanted everything to go through him when it came to on-campus discipline and notifying the media that everything was fine...

When it really may not have been...

Nothing to see here...

KDKA's Harold Hayes tells the story of Vicky Triponey and her e-mails back and forth from Student Affairs to Athletics and the PSU administration...

Even more revealing was an interview Triponey did with Bob Ley on ESPN's "Outside The Lines" program...
((HT: ESPN))

After the interview with Ley, Triponey was listed as being on "vacation" when it came to her availability to follow up on the statements...

Not Enough Info For Hawai'i Point-Shaving Investigation


Right now...

University of Hawai'i President MRC Greenwood alerted all of us that on November 3rd, the office of admissions received an anonymous letter alleging "point shaving" by unnamed football players.

The statement said "recognizing the seriousness of these allegations, UH leadership acted promptly and responsibly by immediately alerting the HPD and providing the letter to them."

Rob DeMello stands off to the side with details...

But, after their initial digging around on campus, they haven't found anything to warrant any further digging at present...

On his show on the four-letter this morning, Colin Cowherd said he contacted some of his sources in Las Vegas. They admitted on three occasions this season that there was significant line movement that benefitted some heavy-hitters, but there was no mass betting that helped out a lot of bettors...

Maybe there is smoke after all...

Reports: Urban Meyer agrees to deal with Ohio State

((ht: wkmg/
Urban Meyer

We pass this story on with the caveat that the source (WKMG-TV) has been very wrong about such things before...but this does make some sense.

WKMG sports reports that the agreement in principle that was first reported this past Friday by and is for a pretty big contract.

The TV stations sports director, Dave Pingalore says its 7-years, $40 million.

Read the entire story RIGHT HERE 

By the way, Eleven Warriors is reporting that a guy named Bill Greene of says it is also a done deal too.

What does this all mean? It means Urban Meyer will be in Columbus next season. It means that Urban Meyer took a year off because he wanted his dream job. He's got it. The folks in Gainesville aren't real happy, but they'll get over it.

All reports say that Meyer will be announced early next week and will retain interim coach Luke Fickell as his top assistant.

SportsbyBrooks also says Meyer is making the rounds, reaching out to former tOSU football players and telling them he's taking the job and looking for input on possible assistants.

Congratulations Ohio State, you got your man. Despite the potential of a "USC"-like penalty coming from the NCAA, you've got someone that will make you better and make you more competitive with the SEC teams.

You can celebrate now.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Syracuse Apparently Not Cooperating With DA Office

((HT: WSYR-TV Syracuse))

Onondaga County ((NY)) DA William Fitzpatrick says Syracuse University police are not helping the DA's office's in their investigation of Syracuse assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine.

Fitzpatrick said he had to get a court subpoena Monday ordering police to turn over records. Fitzpatrick also admitted when the subpoena was served to the deputy chief at the University, it was greeted with colorful metaphors.

Classy... allegedly...

"I've never seen this happen in my history with the DA's office," Fitzpatrick told the Syracuse Post-Standard.

Here's Boeheim addressing all the allegations on their 9.2 channel simulcast of local sports talk radio...

Bear Down Rich Rod, You Now Lead The Arizona Wildcats

Rich Rodriguez was officially introduced Tuesday as the new head coach of the Arizona Wildcat.

Here's the presser from Tucson. (Thanks KVOA-TV)

Sandusky case: New investigations and judges recusal

Jerry Sandusky
((ht: ap/

Though the story may have been somewhat quiet over the past few days, more details and potential issues continue surfacing in the case of former Penn State assistant Jerry Sandusky.

Sandusky's premilinary hearing is scheduled for December 13th.

In today's developments, several things have happened.

One: Harrisburg Patriot-News reporter Sara Ganim reports that two more possible allegations against Sandusky have surfaced. Ganim reports both investigations by the state's Department of Child Services have been opened within the past 60 days and both victims are alleged to be under 18.

Read Ganim's report from RIGHT HERE

Two: Sandusky's attorney, Joe Amendola tells ABC News several things. Among them that his client was a "Tough" mentor and that the accusations were "Retaliation" for that. He also says the victim told prosecutors and investigators what they wanted to hear because they "Pampered" him.

Amendola also admitted to ABC that the possibility exists for more charges to be leveled against his client. That comment would substantiate the report in the Patriot-News.

Watch the ABC story right here:

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

And finally, a late developing story from the Associated Press in Pennsylvania:

All Centre County judges have recused themselves from hearing the Sandusky case. The state's administrative court announced that out-of-county judges will hear anything involving the case from here on in.

You'll recall some controversy arose when the magistrate court judge hearing Sandusky's bail hearing was questioned after a perceived lenient bond and concerns because she was a volunteer and donor to Sandusky's Second Mile charity.

Haha! K-State brags about being Texas Champs

'nuff said...
((ht: matt hayes/sporting news))

This is making the rounds on Twitter today and we just felt like we should share it.

Kansas State football has had a pretty good season so far. 9-2 and in fact, they've won not 1, not 2, or 3, but 4 games in the state of Texas. Something they or at least some fans who make t-shirts decided to remind the world about.

All that is missing is the title belt.

Kurt Busch isn't a fan of Dr. Jerry Punch

((ht: usatoday))


Okay. Then there is this.

It appears, at least on video that either Kurt Busch doesn't care for ESPN NASCAR pit reporter Dr. Jerry Punch...or he is agitated that he's having to wait for the director to call for their live interview during Sunday's broadcast of the Homestead race.

The original story from USA Today RIGHT HERE

In this video you can hear Busch asking someone to get this...#$%^! out of my face among other things.

It should be noted, Busch had just been forced out of the race with transmission issues.

It's not really safe for work, but interesting never the less and we might add, apparently, Punch walked away.

Here's the video from bakerskating88:

**UPDATE**--Per Busch's team released a statement today apologizing to Punch and others and stated that the matter is being reviewed internally.

They also announced that his crew chief Steve Addington is leaving the team effective immediately.

He's Back. Sid The Kid Awesome In Return

If its a big moment in hockey Sidney Crosby is there. He scored the overtime goal in the first Winter Classic game in Buffalo. Crosby lifted the Stanley Cup as the Pittsburgh Penquins captain a few years ago then he scored the golden goal in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver that gave Canada an Olympic Gold Medal.

Now back after a 10 month layoff from concussion like symptoms, Sid the kid was well very Crosby like.

Two goals and 2 assists in his return as the Pens crushed the New York Islanders 5-0. All is well now in the hockey world.

Here's the highlights from the Pens/Islanders game. (Thanks Root Sports Pittsburgh)

Here's Sidney Crosby's post game presser. (PensTV Online)

Tebowing: The Ryan Parker Songs Edition


Haha! Ryan Parker is at it again.

This time he pens a ditty about ESPN's favorite topic of conversation (and north central Florida's too), one Mr. Tim Tebow.

In this adventure, Parker goes the gentle refrain of Tom Petty's "Free-Fallin".


Monday, November 21, 2011

Stillwater Remembers Budke, Serna, and the Branstetters


Gallagher-Iba Arena was the place for the memorial service on the OSU campus to remember the victims of the plane crash that took the lives of the four in the Arkansas plane crash from last week.

Classes were cancelled so students could attend if they so chose...

Adam Mertz was in Stillwater for the service...

And here's coverage from with Jenni Carlson and FOSG Berry Tramel...

REPORT: Return of Rich Rodriguez: Heading to Arizona

Rodriguez family with Arizona AD Greg Byrne


It appears the University of Arizona may have found the successor to Mike Stoops.

Multiple reports, including CBSSports insider Bruce Feldman say Rich Rodriguez will be named the head coach in Tuscon sometime in the next 48 hours.

Rodriguez has been working at CBS Sports Net after being fired last season from the University of Michigan.

More when we know more.

**Was unable to post this last night**---Arizona AD Greg Byrne took an almost unprecedented approach in announcing the hire...he posted it on Twitter.

That post said: "And the new Arizona football coach and his family is...." and he posted a photo...of him with the Rodriguez family wearing Arizona hats.

Bravo Greg Byrne

D-3 Player goes for 89 in opener (With Video)


By now the story of Griffin Lentsch has become the stuff of legend.

Lentsch, who plays for the Grinell Pioneers in Iowa started off his season with a bang, scoring 89 points (yes, 89) in the teams opening game Saturday versus Principia.

He dropped 15 3-pointers and 20 out of 22 free-throws leading the Pioneers to the win, 145-89. He had 40 points at the half.

If you are interested, here is video of the herculean feat: (thanks GrinellBasketball1)

Urban Meyer: Haven't interviewed at Ohio St. but if offered a decision looms--*UPDATED*

Urban Meyer

**Update** 2:54pm.--According to SportsbyBrooks is reporting Meyer was pulled from his role as analyst for this weeks Ohio State/Michigan game.

--Clay Travis of Outkick the Coverage says the plan has been to introduce Meyer at the 11/29 Ohio State/Duke basketball game.

Hmmmm...the plot thickens and it sounds like the cat is almost all the way out of the bag.

Original story:

Well, Urban Meyer just made the day of countless people in the state of Ohio and managed to confirm what multiple outlets reported over the weekend at the same time.

The former Florida Gators coach, who stepped away last season after 2 National Titles and reams of success in North Central Florida told Pat Dooley of the Gainesville Sun in an interview that "He has not interviewed for the Ohio State job.". He goes on to tell Dooley that "If something happens with Ohio State than I will have a decision to make."

You can read the entire interview/story from RIGHT HERE

Again, we told you on Saturday about the multiple reports stating that Meyer has "Not" interviewed for the job, BUT, there is an agreement in principle between his representatives and the school. That agreement, 1st reported on and said that nothing would be formally announced and it is not binding at this time. Rather, the plan is to announce it at the end of the season and/or when the school has some idea of the sanctions they will be facing.
That gives Meyer an out should he change his mind, which is a possibility, but if you read Dooley's interview, it sure sounds like he's thinking hard about it. Considering his talk of family and the fact that his family ties run all over the state of Ohio, we suspect it is only a matter of time before this is done.

Probation, sanctions or otherwise, Ohio State is still the "Plum" job that would attract a coach like Meyer. We think it will be done before the year is out.