Monday, November 14, 2011

CEO of charity started by Sandusky resigns, everyone lawyers up

The Second Mile

And it continues.

The CEO of the Second Mile charity, started by accused child molester Jerry Sandusky in Pennsylvania has resigned his position.

Jack Raykovitz stepped down after 28-years of running the charity. Raykovitz isn't charged with anything, nor has the charity. But the Second Mile is embroiled in the Sandusky charges because his alleged victims were from the charity.

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The charity has lawyered up as has embattled Penn State football assistant Mike McQueary and former head coach Joe Paterno.

The general consensus is that civil suits will soon be filed against the school and the various people involved with Sandusky as the implication is everyone knew and didn't do enough to stop it.

We will keep following this story and continue updating things as they progress.

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