Sunday, November 20, 2011

Should Oke State Review Their Travel Policy...???


That's the question that Randy Ellis of NewsOk is raising since it's another plane crash involving Cowboys personnel in, just under, an 11-year period...

Here's the OSU presser after the deaths of Coaches Budke and Serna were announced to the team in Stillwater...

From Ellis:

The airplane that crashed Thursday killing four people near Perryville, Ark., was a single-engine Piper that would not meet the OSU team travel policy's minimum requirement for aircraft to be “powered by two or more turbine engines.”

Gary Shutt, OSU spokesman, said university officials assert the airplane wasn't required to meet that standard because it was a recruiting trip and no student athletes were on board.

“The team travel policy only applies to team travel,” Shutt said. “The coaches, if they're doing other types of travel, like recruiting, it does not fall under that policy.”

Weather has been ruled out in the crash that also took the lives of former Oklahoma state senator Olin Branstetter and his wife, Paula.

Here's KFOR-TV's coverage from Friday...

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