Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: The "We are the Champions" edition

Well, I guess we should start with an apology for not posting a rivalry week version. Really, there isn't a good excuse other than I forgot to do it in the morning and then got really busy with family stuff in the afternoon.

Hope you'll forgive me and we'll try finishing here on a high note.

That being said, it's "Championship Week" in College Football and unfortunately it doesn't mean as much as it probably should due to the corrupt fraud known as the BCS.

Alabama already is one half of your "BCS Championship" game...and they aren't playing this week. And barring something crazy, LSU is in as well, whether they beat Georgia in the SEC Championship game or not.

Sorry, you can't convince me that is fair. There's no legitimate argument that could be made to support it. If you have one, I'd like to hear it...and shoot it down.

We end the season with the shocking conclusion...(Though we will be back with bowl game picks)

We won't dwell on our record for this season, mostly because we skipped last week. But it was similar to previous years, our picks are 75-85% accurate and have been for 3-years.

So that being what it is, let's have Casey bring us home:

The Dirty Dozen:

1) LSU 12-0. They've been the best far. And they've got to finish. The defense is stout and they just flat out seem to overpower everyone they play. The game this week will be a test, because believe it or not, Georgia matches up really well with them. Oh, we will be in attendance for this game too. This Week: SEC Championship vs. Georgia. Our Pick: LSU 23, Georgia 21.

2) Alabama 11-1. It doesn't seem fair they don't have to earn their way to a national championship berth. Sure they've been awfully tough, but they struggled with Ga. Southern and some other teams they shouldn't have. This Week: Season over until BCS Championship game in mid-January.

3) Virginia Tech 11-1. They've gotten better each week. A lot of that has to do with the growth of man-child Logan Thomas. When he's been good, they seem to be unstoppable. And David Wilson running for almost 1600 yds. isn't shabby. This Week: ACC Championship Game. Our Pick: Va.Tech 38, Clemson 27.

4) Oklahoma State 11-1. Sorry, we just aren't as enamored with this team as everyone else is. There isn't a good excuse for the el-foldo vs. Iowa State. All the pretty numbers in the world don't matter if you choke. And that loss was a choke. This Week: Bedlam vs. Oklahoma. Our Pick: Okie State 53, Oklahoma 48

5) Stanford 11-1. We liked them a lot...until Oregon exposed them. They are slow. Painfully so. They are essentially a Big 10 team. Which by they way, they'd be the best team there too. This Week: Season over until bowl game. 

6) Oregon 10-2. Sans the USC loss, they'd might have had a shot at usurping Alabama's spot. But they do get the shot at the 1st Pac-12 title and should win it because of who they play (UCLA). This Week: Pac-12 Championship. Our Pick: Oregon 56, UCLA 12

7) Boise State 10-1. Two years in a row they've been done in by a field goal kicker. Unfortunately for them, they have to perfect to have a seat at the table. Absolutely perfect. And they haven't been. They are what they are. And in this case a fringe BCS team. This Week: vs. New Mexico. Our Pick: Boise St. 48, New Mexico 12. 

8) Houston 12-0. Congrats to the Cougars for running the table. Case Keenum has been awesome and coach Kevin Sumlin is already linked to every job that opens up on the Carousel. But....this weeks championship game is NOT a gimme. This Week: Conference USA Championship. Our Pick: Southern Miss 37, Houston 34. UPSET!!

9) USC 10-2. We have to begrudgingly acknowledge the job that our old pal Kiffykins has done here. Sure, they aren't eligible for a bowl, but they are one of the hottest teams in the land. This Week: Season Over.

10) Arkansas 10-2. We now know Bobby Petrino lives in an alternate reality where he's never rubbed a score in an opponents face. Or lied to somebody. They are a very good team, but we don't think they are as good as everyone seems to think. Two big tests this year...they tanked them both. In a big way. This Week: Season over. Bowl game. 

11) Georgia 10-2. 10 wins in a row is impressive. They've gotten better each week though they still occasionally have mental lapses. And no, they've gotten no love in the polls. We were there in 2005 when D.J Shockley destroyed a much higher rated LSU team in the SEC Championships. And while Aaron Murray is awfully good, we just can't pick the upset...though it is tempting. This Week: See #1

12) Michigan St. 10-2. They've done what they needed to, though the loss to Notre Dame is really hard to explain. But they are a Big 10 team and Big 10 teams always lose games they shouldn't. It happens every year. We aren't on the Kirk Cousins bandwagon, but are hopeful they can take care of over-hyped Wisconsin. This Week: Big 10 Championship. Our Pick: Mich. St. 31, Wisconsin 21. 

The Bottom of the Barrel: (The final edition)

5) Kansas 2-10. They've already bid adieu to coach Turner Gill. And they've got a huge rebuilding project ahead. Sorry, you just are NOT GOOD if you give up nearly 44 points a game. Period. The question is...who takes over knowing the work ahead. We don't know the answer.

4) Akron 1-11. Thanks for playing, Rob Ianello. You did a pretty crappy job. This team isn't anything. And the rumors of Jim Tressel interested in the job here. PLEASE. Get over yourselves. Your a crappy program in cold, dreary Northern Ohio. You'll find either someone on the way down the ladder or an assistant looking for an opportunity...and you'll like it. 

3) Indiana 1-11. Kevin Wilson. Paging Kevin Wilson. Since he hasn't been fired...yet, we are guessing he has turned off his cellphone and gone into hiding. Good plan, if they can't find you, they can't fire you. There was nothing, nothing good to come of this season. And without a change, it isn't likely to change.

2) Memphis 2-10. We still laugh at the notion the Tigers want in with a BCS Conference. Until someone fixes this mess of a football team, that ain't happening. While we could see a Houston Nutt taking over for the fired Larry Porter, we would advise Hugh Freeze to stay away. You're an up-and-comer, you don't need to take a crappy job like this. Sorry Memphis....truth.

1) New Mexico 1-11. Oh you Bob Davie. We spent the past 3 seasons mocking Mike Locksley and instead of trying to replace him with an up-and-coming assistant, the Lobos hire an ESPN Football analyst who hasn't coached since 2001? Really? With all of your problems, you do this? Oh well, hey, at least you'll keep us laughing, so we've got that going for us.

**SPECIAL NOTE**--Florida Atlantic gets a pass because they finally got off the schnide by beating UAB last week. That win spares retiring coach Howard Schnellenberger the indignity of going out on an "O" for his last season. Congrats to the Owls.

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