Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kurt Busch isn't a fan of Dr. Jerry Punch

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Okay. Then there is this.

It appears, at least on video that either Kurt Busch doesn't care for ESPN NASCAR pit reporter Dr. Jerry Punch...or he is agitated that he's having to wait for the director to call for their live interview during Sunday's broadcast of the Homestead race.

The original story from USA Today RIGHT HERE

In this video you can hear Busch asking someone to get this...#$%^! out of my face among other things.

It should be noted, Busch had just been forced out of the race with transmission issues.

It's not really safe for work, but interesting never the less and we might add, apparently, Punch walked away.

Here's the video from bakerskating88:

**UPDATE**--Per NASCAR.com. Busch's team released a statement today apologizing to Punch and others and stated that the matter is being reviewed internally.

They also announced that his crew chief Steve Addington is leaving the team effective immediately.

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  1. Kurt is only a fan of Kurt so why they were they being politically correct? Kurt in my opinion should take a long walk off the empire state building!