Monday, November 21, 2011

Urban Meyer: Haven't interviewed at Ohio St. but if offered a decision looms--*UPDATED*

Urban Meyer

**Update** 2:54pm.--According to SportsbyBrooks is reporting Meyer was pulled from his role as analyst for this weeks Ohio State/Michigan game.

--Clay Travis of Outkick the Coverage says the plan has been to introduce Meyer at the 11/29 Ohio State/Duke basketball game.

Hmmmm...the plot thickens and it sounds like the cat is almost all the way out of the bag.

Original story:

Well, Urban Meyer just made the day of countless people in the state of Ohio and managed to confirm what multiple outlets reported over the weekend at the same time.

The former Florida Gators coach, who stepped away last season after 2 National Titles and reams of success in North Central Florida told Pat Dooley of the Gainesville Sun in an interview that "He has not interviewed for the Ohio State job.". He goes on to tell Dooley that "If something happens with Ohio State than I will have a decision to make."

You can read the entire interview/story from RIGHT HERE

Again, we told you on Saturday about the multiple reports stating that Meyer has "Not" interviewed for the job, BUT, there is an agreement in principle between his representatives and the school. That agreement, 1st reported on and said that nothing would be formally announced and it is not binding at this time. Rather, the plan is to announce it at the end of the season and/or when the school has some idea of the sanctions they will be facing.
That gives Meyer an out should he change his mind, which is a possibility, but if you read Dooley's interview, it sure sounds like he's thinking hard about it. Considering his talk of family and the fact that his family ties run all over the state of Ohio, we suspect it is only a matter of time before this is done.

Probation, sanctions or otherwise, Ohio State is still the "Plum" job that would attract a coach like Meyer. We think it will be done before the year is out.

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