Friday, August 31, 2012

Group Springs up to Protest L.A stadium plan


You knew this was inevitable. And to be perfectly honest, they aren't wrong for raising the question.

An activist group called "Play Fair at Farmer's Field" coalition has announced their intention to file a lawsuit against the state of California. Their beef: The state rubber stamped the plan and process which limits the time frame anybody can file suit challenging the project.

Oh...the group hasn't actually FILED the suit yet.

Senate Bill 292 says that any group who wants to file suit, has to go straight to the 2nd District Court of Appeals, not the city of Los Angeles.


ABC 7 in Los Angeles tries to explain RIGHT HERE

While it is certainly with the law for the state to do what they did, it just kind of looks bad. The impression is the rules are different for a gazillionaire such as Philip Anschutz if he's willing to spend half a gazillion to build a stadium and try to get an NFL team to play there.

Notice the keyword "Try"...

And while AEG is financing the majority of the project, it still comes at a price to taxpayers. One that some aren't totally enamored with.

But that is how it works with big boy sports. If you live in a city with an "Older" stadium or a city trying to "Draw" a team, you will be on the hook for a chunk of it. And remember these deals are being made by people who have enough money to pay for it themselves. But remember the old addage "Why spend my money if I can spend yours?" Well, that is how it works with Pro Sports and with Politicians these days.

Just something to remember this by.

Here's the TV story from KABC-TV:

Punting and Kicking in football: HS team says "Overrated"


You may have heard us mention Pulaski H.S in Arkansas before. They have a football team there with an attention getting M.O, and no, they probably don't have a special teams coach.

The reason: No punting and no kickoff's.

Pulaski's coach, Kevin Kelley, well, he says, his team doesn't need to do those things. He will sit there and quote you statistics that say, "Why bother?"

It must work for him. At least in Arkansas. Because his defending state champions have a rather large trophy to back that up.

And tonight (Friday), they step into the land of "Big Boy" football. They...or at least part of the team, is way out west. In Los Angeles to be exact, where they'll be playing Chaminade High School.

KABC-TV in L.A sent a reporter out to find out the secret to their success, it was kind of interesting:

TWTW Thursday: South Carolina, Vandy, UConn, UMass

Here's your Thursday recap...

South Carolina just got out of Vanderbilt alive 17-13
Here's the OBC talking about survival and Connor Shaw got out alive- although he gets a lot of bonus points for being a tough SOB...
((HT: ABCColumbia))
UConn welcomed UMass to Division I with a 37-0 shutout at Renschler Field. It was the first time the two schools played each other since 1999, when both schools were Division I-AA... it wasn't even close... ((HT: WTNH-TV))

UConn beats UMass 37-0 in renewal of rivalry

UNLV lost to Minnesota in three overtimes 30-27, the highlights are here fron 13 Action News/KTNV-TV
Other winners include Central Michigan (sorry, Wilkie), UCLA, and Utah
More fun tonight...

Investigation Ongoing In Reliant Stadium Death


A fan fell 15 feet to his death last night at Reliant Stadium in Houston during a Texans exhibition game. Local officials are trying to see if alcohol is a factor in the fall and death...

The escalator in question has been closed during the investigation and Houston Police are treating the incident as an accident until further notice.

Eyewitnesses are saying that the fall was a result of people horsing around on the escalator...

Here's Elissa Rivas...

When You're Bored, Oregon Takes On Korean Rap...

The HQ will let you vote...

Which one do you like better...???
The re-mix...???

Or PSY's original...

We vote "draw..."

Wazzou Loses To BYU In Mike Leach's Coaching Debut

Mike Leach’s debut as Washington State head coach did leave a milestone.  The Cougars didn’t score a touchdown in its season opener for the first time since 1971.
Washington State did put up some impressive offensive numbers totaling 229 yards passing.  Cougar quarterback Jeff Tuel completed 30 of 45 passes but two interceptions.

The run game, well that will get some attention this week in practice.  Wazzou -5 yards rushing.  Ouch.
BYU quarterback Riley Nelson torched the Wazzou defense.  Nelson completed 25 of 36 passes for 285 yards and two touchdowns.
"Riley [Nelson] is competitive and so tough," BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall said. "He has great leadership and that suits him really well. He demands respect, and when it's hurry up, he gets everyone to the line and pushes the ball forward."
Here’s the highlights.  (Thanks BYU Productions)


Thursday, August 30, 2012

If There's Something About Vin Scully... This Is It...

((HT: Molly Knight, ESPN The Magazine))

That is all...
Karma shines to those who we look up to...
And Vin Scully is no different...
The minute Vin Scully and his family walked on to the field a... on Twitpic

How cool is that...???

When Scully and his grandkids walked out onto the field at Dodger Stadium to throw out the first pitch, that happened...

Kent State Runs The Wrong Way

And that's the only thing to go wrong this evening in the game against Towson State...

This is what happens when you recover a fumble and it's bouncing around...

Right, Andre Parker...???
((HT: TSN/BSORobertLittal))

Where's Jim Marshall when you need him...???
At least Parker realized it at the :35 mark...

Glendale Asks Jamison For A Redo


Lisa Halverstadt reports that now since potential Phoenix Coyotes owner Greg Jamison claims he has the money to get ready for his US$324-million purchase of the team, the Glendale City Council wants to rework the lease since...

From the article:

"...the Arizona Court of Appeals ruled last week that a initiative with a goal of reversing a sales-tax hike expected to help Glendale cover its bills, including next year's budgeted $17 million arena-management fee to Jamison, should appear on the November ballot. The city has since asked the state Supreme Court to weigh in on the latter matter."

In a closed-door session, the City Council decided that until amendments are made to the proposal and Jamison actually does buy the team, that they won't sign the deal...

This was Jamison back in May...
((HT: NHLVideo/MyGlendale11))

If the high courts keep the sales tax vote on November's ballot and it gets voted down, then $20-million goes out the window...

And that won't go over well for the long-term success of the team in Arizona...

A-Rod To Retire After US Open

No, not that one...

Andy Roddick hs announced that he will retire at the end of the tourney in Flushing Meadow...

The 30-year old star has won 32 titles in his career on the courts, but is probably known for two things- his wife and his 2009 appearance in the Wimbledon final against Roger Federer...

Evidence below...
((HT: AELTC/youtube))

The announcement came on his 30th birthday and he has one major to his credit- the US Open in 2003...

More when we know more...

Huguely Sentenced 23 Years In Love Death

According to the Charlottesville Newsplex:

A judge has formally sentenced George Huguely to 23 years in prison.

After closing arguments, Huguely addressed the court saying: "Mrs. Love and Lexie, I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope and pray you may find peace."

Three witnesses testified for the commonwealth in the sentencing process in determining the time that Huguely would serve in the murder of his former girlfriend, Yeardley Love, in May 2010.

Judge Edward Hogshire reduced the initial sentence for the former UVa lacrosse player from the 26 years that the jury recommended to 23 years on the 2nd degree murder charge and one year for larceny.

Those charges are to be served concurrently along with 3 years of supervised release...

Here's the story from the Newsplex when the Huguely family was denied a new trial a week ago...

Allen Pinkett Suspended For Navy Game For Comments (UPDATED: Pinkett Suspended For 3)

And that means Jeff Jeffers will move from downstairs to upstairs...

"Allen Pinkett made unacceptable comments this week about student athletes," Notre Dame broadcaster IMG said in a statement. "Notre Dame is taking on Navy at the Emerald Isle Classic in Dublin is an historic game showcasing the very best of American college sports. The event deserves to be free of distraction."

The Notre Dame color analyst went on 670AM in Chicago and was asked about the recent string of player suspensions leading up to the Navy game. He thought out loud that having a few "bad apples" wasn't necessarily a bad idea...

Here's the interview with Pinkett from the "McNeil and Spiegel Show"

Pinkett then quickly apologized in a prepared manner...

"In reviewing my remarks from a radio interview Wednesday, it's clear that I chose my words poorly and that an apology is in order for these inappropriate comments," Pinkett said in the statement. " My words do not reflect the strong pride and passion I have for the Notre Dame football program.

"I am deeply sorry and did not intend to take away the focus from the upcoming season opener. I especially would like to offer my sincere apology to the current members of Notre Dame’s football team, including Coach Kelly, the entire Notre Dame community, the IMG College Audio Network and the Ohio State football program. As a proud Notre Dame graduate, I wish nothing but the best for our football team and the University.

"I understand that there may be consequences to my actions and accept whatever discipline is imposed."

He's lucky he wasn't fired outright...

More when we know more...

2115 UPDATE: According to Chet Coppock, his sources are telling him that Pinkett has now been fired...

TUESDAY UPDATE: Notre Dame IMG has suspended Pinkett for three games...

Below are segments of the release from IMG College Radio and the University

"Allen has done a great job for the Notre Dame IMG Radio network over the past four years, has a supportive fan base, and most importantly, has expressed deep heartfelt remorse for his choice of words, which were not in the spirit of college athletics," Notre Dame IMG Radio Network said in a statement. "After careful deliberation and thorough discussion, we believe the right decision is to allow a truly repentant Allen Pinkett an opportunity to return to the booth beginning with the fourth game of the college football season."

"I love this school as much as I love my kids and would never want to compromise the ethics and morals of my alma mater, Notre Dame," Pinkett said in a statement. "I would again like to offer my most sincere and heartfelt apology to all those affected by my inappropriate comments, particularly the University, the school's hard-working and courageous student athletes, all Fighting Irish fans and team supporters, our friends at The Ohio State University, and my colleagues at IMG Notre Dame Radio Network.

"This offering of forgiveness is an extremely humbling life lesson. I will work very hard to make the most of this second chance in representing the high standards and proud tradition of Notre Dame football."

Here are highlights from the first game Pinkett missed...
((HT: NotreDameAthletics))

Mike Leach Will "Swing His Sword" Against Alma Mater BYU

Mike Leach makes his Washington State coaching debut Thursday night.  Leach’s Cougars travel to Provo, Utah to face BYU, which happens to be Leach’s alma mater.
Here’s Leach talking about the upcoming game. (Thanks KREM-TV, Spokane, WA)

Leach’s Washington State team will toss the football around the field.  Other than that Wazzou doesn’t have a whole lot.  There are concerns about the Cougar offensive line and the defense is just not up to par.
BYU is a veteran team and head coach Bronco Mendenhall likes how physical his team is. While BYU’s secondary will be tested by Wazzou’s receivers their trio of linebackers, Kyle Van Noy, Brandon Ogletree and Uona Kaveinga are pretty darn good.  Van Noy is the star of the group.

Bottom line Wazzou will do some good things but BYU will wear down the Washington State defense and should win this game rather easy. 

OSG predicted score: BYU 48, Wazzou 10

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

3 Arrested In Montee Ball Assault Case

((HT: WISC-TV Madison))

Police have arrested three suspects in the assault on Wisconsin running back Montee Ball. Ball sustained a concussion when he was attacked by several men near campus August 1st. All three are listed as Wisconsin students- Wendell J. Venerable, Deonte J. Wilson and Robert A. Wilks.

They were all arrested on charges of "party to the crime of substantial battery."

Ball has said he had nothing to do with the fight on the 1st.

On Wilson's Facebook page he had posted a status update, according to WISC-TV. It read, in part, "I have been non-violent for well over a year now, yet they are trying to crucify me because somebody has to take the blame..."

Here's the run-down with Sarah Carlson...

So Much For That... Greg Reid Injures Knee, Out For Season...

((HT: Valdosta Daily Times/Hooper))

Call it what you want... karma, bad luck, whatever...

But Greg Reid's career at Valdosta State didn't even get into its first game...

Last night at practice, Reid tore his ACL while returning a punt in the Blazers' Friday scrimmage.

"It is frustrating right now," Dean told the VDT's Ed Hooper. "He came into camp a little late and he gets injured. I know he is frustrated about it. It is was a non-contact deal."

The Blazers start their season at Saginaw Valley State this weekend...

Another Music Video From Mizzou's Fifth Down - SEC Bound

Our friends from Missouri Fifth Down have another song related to the Tigers entry into the SEC.  This one goes country.

Did you pick up the reference to Mizzou’s success against SEC teams from nearly 50 years ago.  I wonder if their fathers were alive when Missouri defeated Florida 20-18 in the 1966 Sugar Bowl.  By the way the head ball coach threw for 352 yards and 2 touchdowns in that one.
Then they refer to the Alabama – Missouri game at Faurot Field in Columbia in 1978.  Yes Mizzou “wasn’t that bad” but the Crimson Tide defeated the Tigers 38-20 en route to a national championship.
In fairness Mizzou wasn’t that bad in ’78.  That team finished 8-4 and featured Kellen Winslow, James Wilder and Phil Bradley and ended the season 15th ranked nationally.
The Crimson Tide return to Columbia October 13th.  Things will be different.
Those of us in the OSG HQ are digging Fifth Down’s music videos.  Keep’m coming.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Little Kris Medlen Ditty

Remember the Chipper Jones rap tune that we graced you with the other day...???

Ricky Mast is back with a quick tribute to Kris Medlen...

The HQ wonders who's next... Ben Sheets...???

DEVELOPING: Sac Kings Hearing From Va Beach...??? (UPDATED)


Here's one from left field for you...

In all the talks about the NBA's Sacramento Kings, the HQ has heard staying, moving to Anaheim and being bought by the Samueli family, and moving to either Seattle for the proposed arena there or going even further up the coast to Vancouver...

How about Virginia Beach...???

That's right... Virginia Beach...

Comcast-Spectacor is meeting with the city to discuss the idea of a new 18,000-seat building and a Facebook page has creeped up suggesting the idea of liking the idea of bringing the Kings to the Beach- a metropolitan area that holds more than 1.7-million people.

The Kings of Virginia Beach...??? Maybe...

"To sit back and tell you I don't want a professional sports team in Virginia Beach- I'd be lying. I really do," mayor Will Sessoms admitted. "I think it would be tremendously supported by Virginia Beach and our region."

But he doesn't want to do it on the backs of his taxpayers...

"Are they willing to put money into the project or are they willing to give up revenues generated from the project to pay for it? What can we do with the Commonwealth of Virginia - will they step up and pay for this project? Will the NBA, if they were to be a partner, step up and give money or whatever professional sports group there is?," Sessoms told WVEC.

From 13WVEC themselves.:

KXTV, the ABC station in Sacramento, tells 13News that Maloof/Kings spokesman Troy Hanson said the Maloof family "gets calls from cities all the time" but that there was nothing imminent with any city, including Virginia Beach.

Phillip Newswanger and Bill Cresenzo over at the Hampton Roads Business Journal report that last week the Maloofs met with Comcast-Spectacor and that the domain names vbkings and have been locked up as a matter of protocol...

But, of course, the Kings are denying anything is in place...

Here's Andy Fox's report on the latest...

Beach could be home to pro sports team

Thursday UPDATE: After the meeting, Comcast-Spectacor Peter Luukko was divulged to have been the one who spoke to the city- but, surprising no one, any mention of the Sacramento Kings didn't happen... Here's the "After..."

Kings not mentioned in proposal

Rappin' Version To "Mizzou Rah". Look Out SEC, "We Are Mizzou"

Here’s three white rappers from Columbia, Missouri calling themselves “Fifth Down” with a rap song for Mizzou fans to get ready for the SEC.

Yes it’s a basketball related rap song and while Mizzou has had more success in basketball than football Tiger fans are going to have to realize football rules the roost in the SEC.
You have to admit it’s a catchy tune.  Go ahead Mizzou, bust down the door of the SEC.  You just might get it done in basketball. 
Of course Kentucky might have a say with that.

Monday, August 27, 2012

A News Pundit Chases Leafs Coach For Redecorating

((HT: The Score via Sun News Network))

JT Bourne went after a news pundit who really had no business talking about the topic he talked about the other day...

And it's another reason as to why news needs to be news and sports stays with sports...unless you want to open yourself up to pot shots...

The HQ doesn't talk politics, for the most part, and we certainly don't talk about food (or something like that)...

David Menzies, the HQ will admit, has just as much a right to opine on what he wants to, even it's a poorly-found opinion- much like JT found when Menzies said in the Huffington Post that Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke needed to stop hiding behind the gay flag when it comes to bullying and have it only apply there and nowhere else...

No lie... he actually said that...

But in a hockey-crazed town like Toronto where the Leafs are life and life is the Leafs, everyone has their chance to call their shot...

And Menzies tried...

Boy, did he try... from left field... talking about how Carlyle's desire to change things up made him a bad coach...
Maybe if Ty Pennington or Paige Davis had made the accusation, it would have made more sense...

There... the Leafs problems have been solved...

Rappin' Jerry... A New Career Move...???

((HT: The Loomis Agency))

The HQ can't figure out of this is funny, or some other emotion that would send us cowering in a corner...

Watch and decide for yourself...

Is "Oh...Good...Lord..." enough of a start...???

LA Anchor Drops F-Bomb Instead Of Joke

((HT: KTLA-TV via Big League Stew))

Duk gave us this one...

And it was the early contender for "Gaffe of the Week"

The HQ has no words...
Just watch...

FOSG Gil Tyree claims she had her "Oh, Fill-in-the-blank" Moment...

Completely agree...

OSG Prem: ManCity Still Struggling At Anfield

((HT: FoxSports/Barclay's Premier League))

The defending champs, Manchester City, are trying to figure out how to make up for the lack of Sergio Aguero...

It's adding up to a little Tevez, a little Toure, a little Nasri, and a little everyone else...

The Citizens are having problens at Anfield, traditionally, and it continued on Sunday against Liverpool. But were it not for the best of Martin Skrtel and the worst of Martin Skrtel (coming out in the same 90 minute period), it would have been another day without points.

But Suarez had a beautiful free kick to also get in the scoring book...
Evidence below...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Notre Dame suspends 2 more before season opener


You'd think Notre Dame was an SEC team with all the preseason suspensions. (Yeah...I said it)

The Fighting Irish announced today that starting RB Cierre Wood and DE Justin Utupo will be sitting out 2 games for the vaguely worded "Violation of team rules".

This comes as Notre Dame prepares to leave for Ireland to kick off their season vs. Navy.

Wood, led the team last season with 1,102 yards.

The story from RIGHT HERE

So...Brian Kelly has suspended 4 players to start the season. No, it probably won't have a huge impact vs. Navy, though it might after that when they play Purdue. One of the 4 sitting is last years starting QB Tommy Rees, though Rees may not have been able to win the starting job this season, even if he wasn't in trouble.

Enjoy your season kickoff College Football fan.

Here's how it went down in South Bend, thanks to our friends at WNDU-TV
WNDU Video on Demand -

Is Hawk Harrelson On A Short Leash...???

Back at the end of May, White Sox play-by-play guy Ken "Hawk" Harrelson decided to give the umps what-fer because of what he thought was a lack of a strike zone- since manager Robin Ventura had been ejected for arguing balls and strikes.

He was called to the carpet of the Commish and said his days of kvetching were over...

Well, not so much...
Ventura and catcher AJ Pierzynski were tossed last night in a game against the Seattle Mariners...

AJ said the discussion was on something different...
((HT: CSNChicago))

And Ventura thought that he wasn't all that mad about it...

So, Hawk said things like this last night about home plate ump Lance Barrett...

"I'll tell you this is absolutely ridiculous. This is absolutely ridiculous."

"Lance Barrett has been absolutely brutal. Brutal."

"Lance Barrett has just stunk the joint up is all he's done. That's all he's done."

"He's terrible."

So... whaddya think Hawk gets another call and has to make another apology...???

ICYMI: Tony Stewart was kinda pissed at Matt Kenseth

You might have missed this on Saturday night unless you are a "Die-Hard" NASCAR fan, and well, it was pretty funny.

During Saturday night's NASCAR race at the oval in Bristol, Tennessee, Tony Stewart and Matt Kenseth got tangled up late in the race.

And while we aren't exactly sure how Kenseth felt about the wreck, which on the surface, didn't look like it was anyone in particulars fault, Stewart was pretty mad.

So mad in fact that he threw his helmet at Kenseth after the 17 car got pieced back together and headed back out onto the track. Stewart wasn't so lucky, his night was over.

We might also add Stewart told the assembled media shortly afterward that "I'm going to run over him every chance I get for the rest of the year"....

So, take a look at the video from It shows the wreck and then the throwing of the helmet, including the in car view from Kenseth's perspective, it's pretty funny.

Clemens Debuts As A Skeeter

((HT: G4SportsNews))

At the age of 50, Roger Clemens was throwing in the high-80's in the independent Atlantic League's Sugar Land Skeeters...

He even struck out Joey Gathright...
Wait, what...???

OK, kids... do the search engine of your choice to figure it out...

But, for whatever it's worth, Clemens was more than happy to contribute to a crowd of 7,724 (standing room only)... and the Skeeters... well, we don't quite recall what the final score was...

And the Skeeters want it that way...

Here's a pitch or two and a soundbite...

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Auburn starting center suspended indefinitely (corrected)


Boys will be boys. Or something along those lines....

Auburn football coach Gene Chizik suspended starting center Reese Dismukes Saturday afternoon on the heels of Dismukes arrest early Saturday morning for Public Intoxication.

And unfortunately Auburn fan, Dismukes is only 19.

He was slated to be the starter and rock on the Tigers offensive line as a rising sophomore. In fact, he'd made it to this years Rimington Watch List.

Read the entire story from RIGHT HERE

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Whatever will Auburn do? Opening day is now less than a week away. (The Tigers face Clemson in Atlanta this coming Saturday)

We suspect indefinitely will be at least one, maybe 2 games. But that is probably it. And knowing we have an Auburn readership, no, we aren't demeaning you for this. That's pretty much standard for incidents like this in most schools.

It's just the timing that's unfortunate for you Auburn want all your starters ready to go when the opening bell rings.

It's Official: Dodgers go for broke with Monster trade (UPDATED w/Immediate Results)'s amazing what happens when a team having to scrape by on pennies for a couple of years all of a sudden is sold to a guy with gazillion's of dollars to spend.

That's what happened over the last 48 hours as the Los Angeles Dodgers completed a massive trade with the Boston Red Sox.

The end result, the Dodgers get Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford and Josh Beckett along with Nick Punto for James Loney and 4 minor leaguer's. Granted the minor league guys were all prospects, but still a strange trade.

The Dodgers take on some $250 million more in Salary and the Red Sox clear space for next year. The Dodgers are 3 back of San Francisco as we write this, the Red Sox, all but out of the playoff's.

Our Take: The Dodgers are going out on a limb. A BIG limb. Gonzalez hasn't been the same guy he was since leaving San Diego. Crawford is and has been hurt...and done nothing in Boston. Beckett has been pretty good, though he has sucked so far this year. And now, if this doesn't work out...there's nobody of note left in the minor league system to bail them out.

And the Sox, finally stop trying to be "The Yankees" north. They have the flexibility and depth in the system to get much younger, leaner and probably in the long run...better.

Sure, there are a lot of baseball people who said "Oh, crap, the Dodgers just bought the championship". To them we say "Settle Down".

They may win won someday, but anyone who follows baseball closely knows you don't win on paper. And while on "Paper" they have lots of big names, unless those names live up to their paychecks, this may be a decision the Dodgers regret for a long, long time.

SUNDAY UPDATE: So, Gonzalez hits a home run in his Dodgers debut- good enough for the 8-2 win...

He speaks...
((HT: PTDodgers))

Friday, August 24, 2012

Majerus Taking Season Off At St. Louis


St. Louis head coach Rick Majerus has announced that he's stepping aside for the 2012-13 season to take care of some health problems.

He took time off on three separate occasions in the past, but he's never done it at the start of the season. Assistant coach Jim Crews starts as the interim head coach immediately.

Here's how Frank Cusumano delivered the breaking news...
"Rick is in a California hospital undergoing evaluation and treatment for an ongoing heart condition," SLU AD Chris May said in a statement. "His health is the most important issue right now, and our hope is for full and complete recovery." Majerus went 26-8 last year and took the Billikens to their first NCAA tournament bid since 1998, and the team won its first tournament game since 1994. And here's the KTVI-TV version of events...

Mark Grace Busted For DUI, Takes Leave From D'Backs

((HT: ABC15 Phoenix))

Arizona Diamondbacks TV analyst Mark Grace was arrested for DUI and released pending a complaint filing for Aggravated DUI, an expired registration plate, lacking a required interlocking device, and driving on a suspended license from a previous DUI in May of 2011...

The arrest was announced as a news release stated Grace is taking an indefinite leave of absence from his job as television color analyst for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Grace "has requested an indefinite leave of absence to seek personal assistance. Due to the nature of Grace’s request, the team will have no further comment on the matter at this time" according to a press release from the Arizona Diamondbacks

Sadly, it's malaprops like the one below that Gracie is known for these days more than anything... we just hope he gets the help he needs...
((HT: FSArizona/youtube))

Report: NCAA investigating Miss St. (Strange Doings)


This is interesting on several levels.

According to the Dispatch in Starkville, Mississippi, it appears the NCAA may be investigating Mississippi State over the purchase of a car for incoming freshman DB Will Redmond.

Redmond, who is from the Memphis area, allegedly got a Ford Mustang from a Memphis area used car dealership before he signed with Miss. St. in February.

The investigation forced the sudden resignation of Bulldog assistant Angelo Mirando who supposedly was only involved in the recruitment of one player.

Redmond was recently replaced by former Minnesota Head Coach Tim Brewster.

Read more from the Dispatch RIGHT HERE

The school and coach Dan Mullen haven't said much. They just say they've been cooperating with the NCAA in investigating a potential recruiting irregularity.

There are a couple of things that standout here. One, if Mirando suddenly resigned like this just before the season, something was wrong. Two, where there's smoke there is almost always fire. We get the school going on media lockdown, but things are leaking out.

One other thing to note, a separate report in the Memphis Commercial Appeal mentions the head coach of Redmond's 7 on 7 team has been questioned by the NCAA as well. And you can draw the line yourself, but that same team also featured Auburn running back Jovon Robinson. Robinson's recruitment is also under investigation by the NCAA.

Is Roger Clemens coming back with the Astros?


Well, the thought of Roger Clemens coming back to pitch for the Houston Astros has at least been discussed.

We know this because Astros owner Jim Crane admitted as much to Fox 26 TV in Houston on Thursday.

Crane says he and his staff are preparing for the possibility the multiple Cy Young winning 50-year old shows up on the mound at Minute Maid Park. Though Crane says he'll "Have extensive discussions with Major League Baseball" before he pulls the trigger.

Oh, he also made it a point to say "This isn't a Publicity Stunt".

Yeah...sure it isn't.

Read the entire story from RIGHT HERE

Clemens will pitch for the Sugar Land Skeeters on Saturday and no, he isn't denying the talk. He thinks if it goes well, it "Could lead to bigger things", things he says he'll discuss later. 

Crane just basically confirmed the speculation by opening his pie hole. And since his Astros are by a LARGE margin the worst team in baseball and closing in on worst team in history territory, they've got nothing to lose. It sure sounds like he's planning on doing this...unless Clemens looks terrible on Saturday.

Why not trot out a 50-year old legend who can still throw in the mid 80's and see if he can put some butts in seats? Crane says most of the money will go to local charities which is nice, but it is still all about getting attention. Attention for his woebegone franchise and more importantly, a chance to provide Clemens an opportunity to rehab his image. (Unless he gets shelled)

Stay tuned, we're guessing this story will be around awhile.

Here's a story on Clemens's re-emergence from CBS News (because Fox doesn't believe in video on their websites)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Armstrong Gives Up USADA Challenge, TdF Wins To Be Stripped

((HT: KXAN-TV Austin))

And, in the process, USADA chief executive Travis Tygart is going to suspend Lance Armstrong for life from the sport of cycling and strip him of is seven Tours de France...

USADA claims they have the authority to take the Tour wins away from him, but Armstrong claims they can't...

Armstrong stripped of his 7 tour wins

Here's the statement released by Armstrong... “Today I turn the page. I will no longer address this issue, regardless of the circumstances. I will commit myself to the work I began before ever winning a single Tour de France title: serving people and families affected by cancer, especially those in underserved communities. This October, my Foundation will celebrate 15 years of service to cancer survivors and the milestone of raising nearly $500 million. We have a lot of work to do and I'm looking forward to an end to this pointless distraction. I have a responsibility to all those who have stepped forward to devote their time and energy to the cancer cause. I will not stop fighting for that mission.”
Think what you want of the acts by both USADA and Armstrong, but none of this surprises the HQ at all...

OSG High: FB Coach Comes Under Fire For Prayer

((HT: WDEF-TV Chattanooga))

It's commonplace as a lot of other things one associates with football in the south- sports in the south, really...

There's a fair amount of prayer and thanksgiving and making a point to whatever your God may believe in your future...

Unless, of course, you're a member of something called the FFRF- the Freedom From Religion Foundation- a Wisconsin-based think tank that believes that all that could be holy during high school football games is a violation of the separation of church and state...

Ridgeland (GA) High School coach Mark Mariakis is now catching it from the FFRF for taking his seemingly multi-denominational tour of support to different churches and having his players pray at games.

Here's the rundown on that idea...

Yep, really...

Apparently, the FFRF believes in wasting everyone's time and have never attended any kind of event in the south at all...


The Mutherf*@$!'n truth: Samuel L. Jackson at UGA Practice

Courtesy: @WeRunThisState
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Well, well, well. It appears the University of Georgia had a visitor at practice this week in Sanford Stadium. That visitor appears, at least by the photo, to be none other than Samuel L. Jackson his-ownself.

We think the picture, provided by @WeRunThisState (UGA Football's official Twitter account) on Twitter was taken at Wednesday's scrimmage, but thus far, we've seen no report to confirm this. That's Bulldog head coach Mark Richt with his back to you.

And really, there isn't any special reason we mention this other than we think Samuel L. Jackson epitomizes "Cool" and we are guessing his appearance probably went over pretty well out there in Athens.

We're guessing this wasn't part of his pep talk to the team: (but how cool would it be if it was)

This Is What Happens When You Get Swept...

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New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi had to face his media scrutiny after another loss to the Chicago White Sox at Comiskey...

But, because of where the sponsored Yankees post-game curtain was located, it gave White Sox fans the opportunity to have their say...

With which Girardi wasn't too keen...

Girardi hasn't been one to take any guff from anyone, and since they're leading the division- it's still pedal to the floor...

Postgame included...

Burglar steals Ichiro jersey's from Mariner's store

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Haha! Sort of.

A burglar in Seattle is being questioned today for his lack of judgement. And no, it has nothing to do with attempting a robbery.

Rather, it's why he took the time to break into the Seattle Mariner's team store to steal a bunch of Ichiro jersey's.

Mostly because the jersey's were 50% off and Ichiro doesn't play for Seattle anymore.

But, hey, maybe a discount was enough. The $240 jersey's at half off would still fetch a decent price we suppose.

Either way, the guy was caught on video breaking into the store. And Seattle Police are apparently hot on his trail.

Read the Seattle Times story RIGHT HERE

Well, it sucks that the guy was so desperate that he felt the need to commit a crime. But it is kind of funny that he supposedly scouted, then stole those particular jersey's only.

We're guessing Police won't have too hard a time trying to track him down, those aren't something that you can easily turn around and sell without drawing at least a little attention.

For what it's worth, here's video of the guy breaking in and then leaving:

More reasons to hate ESPN: Skip Bayless (aka Ass Clown)


This is a little bit of a rant and goes somewhat counter to what we want to say here because we know that any acknowledgement of the existence of Pond Scum like Skip Bayless just makes ESPN more eager to keep him on TV.

The latest reason that the man has no business on TV or arguably reporting period is this: He makes a random comment about New York Yankees Shortstop Derrick Jeter on his show that nobody watches saying;  “How could I not wonder is he using something? If you’re Derek Jeter, would you think about using HGH right now because I would. How would you not? Would you not think about it?”


Was that necessary?

Yeah, sure, we fully understand that Bayless's role is to play "The Heel" sports guy. He tries incredibly hard to take the negative or unpopular viewpoint on EVERYTHING. It's what he's being paid to do.

But when you make comments like that in a place like oh, say New York, then you get a swarm of reporters who feel they have to report on it.

Which is exactly what the AP did. They did a full length story on it and asked Jeter point blank. And all of a sudden, Jeter has to defend himself as to why he's having a good season at age 38 after struggling last year. Mind you nobody has EVER insinuated that he might be associated with anything any time.

You can read the AP story RIGHT HERE

There are quite a few in the Sports Community who are pissed off at the AP for reporting this. And they should be. We shouldn't be giving low-life's like Skip Bayless the time of day. But yet we do. And inevitably someone thinks they should ask the same question.

And what is worse: ESPN feeds off of it. The more the Internet community and Sports community in general acknowledge this guy's existence, the more they try shoving him down our collective throats. Because that is what ESPN is slowly becoming. Not an organization that takes pride in high-quality journalism, which they do on occasion, but rather one that takes ANY publicity as good publicity and then repeats the cycle over...and over again. (See Tim Tebow's birthday)

Reports: Da'Rick Rogers suspended from UT for season


Reports are streaming out of Knoxville, Tennessee Thursday morning that University of Tennessee wide receiver Da'Rick Rogers has been suspended indefinitely for what is being termed a "Violation of Team Policies".

No, we don't know what that means and the school has yet to comment on the report by, a Rivals website that cover UT Football.

The site says Rogers, who was the team's leading returning receiver, an all-SEC and all-American candidate is NOT listed on the team's depth chart heading into the first game of the season in a little over a week.

Rogers made some headlines earlier this summer when he claimed he was looking to possibly transfer closer to home. He's been a lightning rod for some occasional "Odd" behavior during his time on Rocky Top and losing him doesn't bode well for UT.

There should be some sort of coment from Vol coach Derrick Dooley after Thursday's practice. We're guessing Dooley is hoping the team bonds together and overcomes, because unfortunately if they don't have a stellar 2012 season, he's likely to find himself unemployed come December.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pat Dye Goes Stumping In Alabama Mayor Race...

((HT: Gordon Stone))

Full disclosure...

The HQ knew this was coming down the pipeline and this is only a part of the interview that was done for the campaign involving the town of Pike Road, Alabama (just outside Montgomery) and the Mayoral race...

Gordon Stone is the incumbent and was an Auburn football player in the 1980's and he enlisted the presence of his old football coach for his latest round of's in the middle of the ad...

We can't wait for the stuff from the cutting room floor to make it out alive...

The election is coming soon... and if more Coach Dye makes it out, we'll see if it can be turned...


Bay Area Blues: First Melky, Now Colon Busted For PED

((HT: KGO-TV))

First it was the Melky Cabrera saga over on the Bay... which is still ongoing... and now inland, it's Bartolo Colon and his suspension for 50 games for testing positive for testosterone levels above the norm.

"I apologize to the fans, to my teammates and to the Oakland A's," Colon said in a statement released by the MLBPA. "I accept responsibility for my actions and I will serve my suspension as required by the joint drug program."

Here's what the fans think...

The suspension is for the last 40 games of the regular season and the next 10 games- wherever they are (post-season or next season)...

Colon is out almost $470,000, but he would have earned another $250,000 if he started in his turn in the A's rotation Thursday.

Nerlens Noel Getting More Looks From NCAA


Two NCAA enforcement officials visited Kentucky freshman Nerlens Noel's New Hampshire prep school to ask about his recruitment process.

Pete Thamel over at SI is revealing that the NCAA is investigating the how and the who around Noel and how his unofficial visits were paid for. Noel is regarded as the number one recruit in the country and, probably, the top pick in next year's NBA draft.

FOSG MJ Perino has the True Blue details...

Noel is enrolled as a freshman and the University anticipates that all freshmen will be eligible when the season starts...

Barry Zito's just a bit....short

We won't go into a lengthy description here other than to say "This is pretty funny".

San Francisco Giants pitcher Barry Zito had a bit of a slippage problem while pitching last night against the San Diego Padres.

In the second inning, he goes into the windup...and...well, watch the video. And no, it wasn't "Just a bit outside"...

Graham Spanier (former Penn St prez) goes on the Offensive

Well, it certainly took awhile.

A mere 2 months after the scathing Freeh Report from Penn State that vilified former school President Graham Spanier, Spanier finally is responding.

Wednesday morning one of his lawyers held a Press Conference in Philadelphia saying that the Freeh Report on how the Jerry Sandusky scandal was handled was "Nothing short of absurd" and that there was nothing in it that incriminated his client.

And...he's right, his client isn't charged with anything other than ignoring warnings of a sexual predator in his midst on the premise of "Protecting the Penn State Way". Which for some strange reason seems to be everyone's defense of this. Now, yes, we are aware the Grand Jury in Centre County may be investigating him, but thus far, no charges are forthcoming. gives us the laughable details of the presser RIGHT HERE

Oh...did we mention that Spanier was interviewed by Josh Elliot of ABC and the interview "Coincidentally" will be airing Wednesday night?

ABC is trumpeting the "Get" with a press release which you can read RIGHT HERE


First thought: This is an attempt to try and salvage Spanier's career in academia. And it's already too late. Does anyone not think this is the pleading of a desperate man? If Spanier is so "Innocent" why was there not an "Immediate" retort? Could we have possibly been plotting a way to respond while not trying to sound as guilty as he does in the Freeh Report?

We kind of hate to publicize stuff like this, but it's all over the mainstream media now. And we'll get a full day of breathless ABC teases saying things like "Graham Spanier, what did he know about Jerry Sandusky? He speaks to our Josh Elliot, that story LIVE at 6:30"

And yeah, if we weren't on vacation, we'd probably watch...

Here's the WHP-TV version...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Michael Strahan: From NFL Star to Morning Show Host

Michael Strahan
((ht: nydailynews))

How many hardcore sports people saw this coming? Yeah, I know, The Lovely Bride wasn't surprised at all, but she actually watches shows like "Live with Kelly and formerly Regis". But we don't.

According to Broadcasting and Cable magazine, that show will now be called "Live with Kelly and Michael". That's because former New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan will take over the job left open by Regis Philbin on the morning talker.

No, we really never pictured Strahan as a all-purpose yuckster who relates well to women, but then again, we don't really know him that well.

Oh, apparently Strahan will keep his gig on FOX's NFL Studio show on Sunday's.

Here's a rather lengthy story from the New York Daily News RIGHT HERE

Alrighty then. Sure, we know Strahan isn't the first football player to make a jump like this. Heck, defensive meanie Alex Karras is better known as Webster's dad then as an all-pro defensive lineman for the Detroit Lions. So yeah, it does happen.

And sure, we've seen Strahan in his Subway commercials, he's sort of funny. In fact he's been rather successful as a commercial "Go-To" guy, maybe that's the reason he gets to now sit next to the perennially perky Kelly Ripa?

For those wondering, here's a clip from the Regis and Kelly version...

Minnesota State head coach (Not Hayden Fox) busted for Child Porn

((ht: deadspin))
Todd Hoffner

It appears Minnesota State head football coach Todd Hoffner is in a LOT of trouble. Hoffner was escorted from the school's practice field this past Friday and booked in the Blue Earth County Jail earlier today.

The reason he was booked: Allegations of Child Pornography charges.

Yes, that is what the report says.

Minnesota State has placed Hoffner on administrative leave...for now.

Read the Mankato Free Press report on the incident RIGHT HERE

No, Hoffner is not indicted on these charges, but the fact he was booked indicates the Blue Earth County Sheriff certainly thinks there is something to it.

No word yet on who's taken over the D-II Mavericks, but it appears, at least on the surface, Hoffner isn't going to be on the sidelines anytime soon.

Well, we were going to post video from the TV Show "Coach", but those videos aren't embeddable.

Jacksonville Jags Playing Home Game In London For Next 4 Years

((HT: FirstCoastNews))

This might be the first step in the Jacksonville Jaguars moving to Los Angeles, or it just might be the first step in anyone else moving to Los Angeles...

The St. Louis Rams thought they were going to be the team playing in London in 2013 and 2014, but they backed out and that left Jacksonville- unless the Glazer family (owners of the Tampa Bay Bucs and Manchester United) decide they're going to be London's team...

Which they might...

But, in the interim, the Jags are jumping overseas...

Here's the Jolly Roger...
Owner Shad Khan wrote a letter to season ticket holders explaining the why behind it all... In short: "My ambition is to make the Jaguars one of the signature franchises in the NFL and to see Jacksonville realize its full potential as a destination for commerce, tourism and living. "An annual home game in London over four years, supported by initiatives in Jacksonville and throughout the United Kingdom to further develop our following, will help us achieve these goals and much more."
This should get interesting... quoting Ol' JR...

"Business is about to pick up..."

OSG Sports previews the SEC West because we did the East too

SEC West

Yes, this is where the power currently sits. The top 3 here more than likely would win the East, but they aren't in the they can't.

1) LSU  12-0, 8-0 in the conference

Overview: This is the best team in the SEC, even without the Honey Badger. And the deepest. They need Zack Mettenberger to be better than Jordan Jefferson was, which shouldn't be difficult. If that happens, nobody will stop them. 

Offense: QB Mettenberger is a classic, drop back thrower. He's not fast, but doesn't have to be. With a 4-deep set of running backs and a slew of receivers, as long as the blocking is good, this will be a much, much better unit than in 2011

Defense: Losing Tyrnann Mathieu will hurt, but it seems like they just keep trotting out amazing athletes to play on defense. And as long as Barkevious Mingo is there to take a bite out of people, the D-Line is going to be really good. 

Our Thoughts: The only potential stumbling block is the Alabama game...and that is going to be played in Death Valley. Probably in Prime Time. They will be, shall we say, motivated for that one. Seriously, unless Mettenberger gets hurt, nobody is beating them this season.

2) Alabama 11-1, 7-1 in conference

Overview: The only challenge will be the nighttime game in Baton Rouge the first weekend of November... the HQ figures that, by the way we've structured things, you can determine who we think will win...

Offense: QB A.J McCarron figures to get better if they can find a wide receiver. Eddy Lacy becomes the man and the line is deep. Really deep and experienced. Don't expect them to get in many shootouts, because while the offense is pretty good, they aren't great.

Defense: Nick Saban's calling card. But they lost 7 starters after the season and need a LOT of guys without experience to step up. There's a lot of youth. But LB Nico Johnson, S Robert Lester and CB Dee Milliner are pretty much it.

Our Thoughts: They'll be very, very good, but the inexperience on defense will hurt them. They should win everything except the LSU game, though they are going to be exposed. We wouldn't be surprised if someone upsets them early.

3) Arkansas 10-2, 6-2 in the conference

Overview: It will be really interesting to see how they handle the transition from Petrino to the slightly less stable John L. Smith. As long as Tyler Wilson and Knile Davis stay healthy though, they have a chance to beat anyone they play.

Offense: QB Wilson is arguably the SEC's best. Assuming he isn't sulking from Petrino's departure, he'll keep them in most games. They do need a WR to step up though, there are no Joe Adams or Greg Childs to rescue them. The running backs and line are solid and will supplement the passing game.

Defense: Well, they lost their 4 best players and their coordinator. But aside from that, well, they aren't the two teams ahead of them. Thankfully they are good enough to outscore most people. Perhaps the two biggest names are Tank Wright and Alonzo Highsmith Jr, both Linebackers.

Our thoughts: They'll be pretty good, and quite honestly should win every game but the LSU and Bama games. Much like Alabama there are a TON of questions on defense. As long as John L. doesn't cost them a game or two with bizarre coaching 101, they'll be fine.

Now, to Group Two... you can, pretty much, put a blanket over the three of these guys... they'll all be in the hunt for other early bowls and should cancel out each other's attempts at getting closer to the top of the division...

4) Auburn 7-5, 4-4 in the conference

Overview: The team has tried to find its identity at quarterback with any of four different guys taking snaps behind center last season. The defense has kept the Tigers in games and kept them out of games. Graduation took out another chunk of the squad that was very young last year...

Offense: Is it Kiehl Frazier, Moseley, or Trotter with some CJ Uzomah thrown in like last year, or will they settle on one guy...??? Whoever it is will have all-world H-Back Phillip Lutzkenkirchen to throw to along with Emory Blake. But losing two seniors on the line doesn't help...

Defense: Only two seniors leave, and most Auburn fans are happy Neiko Thorpe is one of them. The young get a year older, and that's important...

Our Thoughts: They aren't on the "Elite" level the teams ahead of them are.  The offense will have to find its identity and the defense will have to carry the team early on... if it can't, The Chiz will have a long year...

5) Miss State 7-5.4-4 in the conference

Overview: Dan Mullen is getting his stamp put on the Starkville program and his identity is defined by tough defense and an electric offense- we're seeing both now...

Offense: Tyler Russell and Jameon Lewis are the one-two to pay attention to for the Bulldogs and they should put up a lot of numbers... Mullen is confident that this is his deepest backfield since he started at the school...

Defense: Johnathan Banks will be getting a lot of attention in the secondary, and not just for being in the secondary. He'll get a lot of play everywhere Mullen will let him. But, when everyone throws away from him, how will the rest of the guys help out...???

Outlook: The early, soft schedule gets them to a good start (5-2 or 6-1), but it's all downhill from there...

6) Texas A&M 6-6, 2-6 in the conference.

Overview: Gentlemen, we give you...the deep end of the pool. Please commence swimming. We like this program and think Kevin Sumlin is a good coach, but he has some holes to fix.

Offense: A&M fans are going to miss Ryan Tannehill whether they realize it yet or no. Redshirt freshman Johnny Manziel is the starting quarterback... Really...??? Really...??? But he will have O-Lineman Luke Joeckel (a pre-season Outland watch-list nominee) protecting part of his backside.

Defense: Damontre Moore is one of the better players on that side of the ball, but they're moving him to defensive end from linebacker... and interesting transition, for sure...

Outlook: Year One will be an adventure... the HQ thinks the Aggies won't be swimming too well this year, but give them some time.

7) Ole Miss 4-8, 2-6 in the conference

Overview: What happens when you're in a situation that wasn't your doing and you get to try and fix it...??? Just ask Hugh Freeze... that's his new job in Oxford...

Offense: The HQ has seen Freeze ever since his Lambuth days, so we know what he does. He finds the tallest, most athletic guys he can find, outs them on the edge and gets a quarterback who can play out of the shotgun and throw his arm off getting it to the receivers.

A lot of yards, a lot of points, a lot of mistakes...

Defense: The problem with the above category is that you will need guys who can stay out on the field for a long time if football's version of pong has more negative than positive. That will happen here... "too tired" will be a phrase uttered by a lot of pundits in fourth quarters this year...

Outlook: Recruits will fall in love with new head coach Hugh Freeze's offense, but Colonel Reb will have a lot of catching up to do to compete in the conference.

Division MVP: Barkevious Mingo, LSU

Best Offensive Player: Tyler Wilson, Arkansas

Best Defensive Player: Nico Johnson, Alabama