Wednesday, August 29, 2012

3 Arrested In Montee Ball Assault Case

((HT: WISC-TV Madison))

Police have arrested three suspects in the assault on Wisconsin running back Montee Ball. Ball sustained a concussion when he was attacked by several men near campus August 1st. All three are listed as Wisconsin students- Wendell J. Venerable, Deonte J. Wilson and Robert A. Wilks.

They were all arrested on charges of "party to the crime of substantial battery."

Ball has said he had nothing to do with the fight on the 1st.

On Wilson's Facebook page he had posted a status update, according to WISC-TV. It read, in part, "I have been non-violent for well over a year now, yet they are trying to crucify me because somebody has to take the blame..."

Here's the run-down with Sarah Carlson...

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